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He said that Xue Yao couldn’t sit still and said: “That is too expensive? Lu Zixin, I still don’t want it.”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “It doesn’t matter, you take it. What are you sending out, are you coming back?”

Xue Yao was still unwilling to go, she did not expect this smart glasses to be so magical. After a few excuses, Lu Zixin was impatient, she said: “Okay, I will accept it. I am also a debt.”

Situ Yan and others looked at her enviously, and if someone sent them something like that, how good it would be!

Next, in the process of KTV, they are still rushing to experience this smart glasses. Xue Yao herself is also very fond of it, full of joy.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, a small birthday celebration is over, Lu Zixin and Xue Yao say goodbye.

On the side of the road, under the dim streetlight, Xue Yao looked at Lu Zixin, a pair of bright and sincere eyes watching him, gratefully said: “Thank you.”

“So deep affection, I don’t know what you thought was filming!” Lu Zixin said jokingly.

“Cut.” Xue Yao glanced at him and said: “Then I will not send you, go back.”

“Well, you are going back soon, your roommate is still waiting for you.” Lu Zixin said.

However, Xue Yao was still hesitating in the same place and did not look back. Lu Zixin was curious. She suddenly stepped forward and hugged Lu Zixin and said, “A hug of friendship, goodbye.”

When she finished, she turned and left, not look back at all.

On the other side of the road, wait for Xue Yao to come back. Situ Yan said: “Hey, Yaoyao, are you too timid? We bought it in this melon, you just hugged it!”

Xue Yao said: “I said it earlier, don’t think too much, he has a girlfriend.”

“That is to say that you like him?” Situ Yan suddenly said this sentence, let Xue Yao face flashed a bit unnatural, said: “Nothing, simple friends.”

“Hehe, the ghost believes!” Situ Yan did not believe, said: “Big sister, now what age, I like it.”

“Is there something for a girlfriend? Come over! Look at you, such a good figure, such a beautiful face, who doesn’t like it?”

“This topic ends here, OK?” Xue Yao said, pulling his face.

“You have so many movies!” Zhang Yue said. “I won’t go back tonight, bye.”

Said, her boyfriend took her away with her, today’s shopping bags, not bought in white.

“I don’t go back, Yaoyao, don’t think too much about me at night.” Situ Yan also walked with her boyfriend. Xue Yao showed a bitter smile, and her heart was awkward.


After Lu Zixin went back, he took out a set of smart glasses and came out to study. I have to say that this is very convenient in many cases.

Before going to bed at night, you can also wear this glasses directly to go online, watch movies and videos.

It is a pity that there is no artificial intelligence to match smart glasses, so the function of the glasses can be maximized.

“From Red Letter, I can develop it myself, and there is still a long way to go!” Lu Zixin thought to himself that if he wanted to develop artificial intelligence, he would have to have a supercomputer.

To make a supercomputer, you have to have super-precise equipment to create more powerful hardware, and then complex intelligent programming, which is possible.

There are too many factors involved in materials, technology, industry, etc., which can be completed in a month or two.

In the next few days, Lu Zixin was busy with the company.

The R&D team led by Professor Luo Hanshan is still improving the lithium-air battery. Their current goal is to continue to increase the energy density of lithium-air batteries while maintaining safety.

When the lithium-ion battery technology of mobile phones is mature, it can be further improved into batteries for other mobile electronic devices.

The Red Letter mobile phone system is also being improved. The Red Core II processor is also more powerful than the first generation in addition to the sample.

Now almost everything is ready, just owe the wind!

What is lacking in the red letter is productivity! The HX2 mobile phone will be launched one day earlier by manufacturing a commercial lithium-air battery product one day earlier.

Lu Zixin believes that HX2 will be the hallmark of Red Letter’s journey to Black Science and Technology. If HX1 is just a smart phone with a mobile game, then HX2 is the top mobile phone with top performance, smooth operation and diversified functions!

Inside the Red Letter company, the HX2 concept machine display video has been created.

Lu Zixin was the first to watch the HX2 concept machine video, along with him, as well as HX2’s R&D team members, as well as Tang Gang, Su Zhirong, Yao Li, Dai Liang and others.

In the picture, a red smart phone appeared, and the body was just able to be grasped by the hand, exquisite and fine. The sound next to the video began to sound, and everyone listened quietly.

“The new HX2 will adopt a full-view curved screen design, so that what you see is not limited by the border! Every detail has been repeatedly carved, only for the square inch, let you see more, more immersive. All this, just hold it with one hand and you will be able to understand it.”

“Full-pixel dual-core 1200 megapixel camera that autofocuses and records every moment.”

On the camera, HX2 does not have any breakthrough, because the screen, the body, the camera are all the technical products of the partners.

After the introduction of functions such as dustproof, waterproof, facial recognition, etc., it is the most unique feature of the Red Letter mobile phone.

“The new red core second-generation processor, more performance, faster speed, let you experience the same feeling!”

On the screen, whether watching video or playing mobile games, HX2 is instantly processed, instantly turned on, no need to wait!

“The Red Letter Software Development Company independently developed the new Red Letter Mobile System. This time, it is more abundant and safer than Super Android System!”

“Red Letter Mobile System, there is a red letter independent mobile phone ecological chain. APP store, music, video, games… APP download, switch, run multiple APP at the same time… Similarly, Red Letter mobile system is also more secure, blocking malware, privacy protection, mobile phone location and more.”

“Red Letter Mobile System comes with the ‘Red Tie’ function. With this function, users can freely download and use the software on Android System and IOS System to break the mobile system limitation!”

“HX2 will also use the new lithium-air battery technology to open the revolution in the battery industry, more power, four times battery life, fast charging. Also, it is safer. The new safety structure design makes the battery danger never come back!”

“Using HX2, even if it’s ‘firepower is full’, playing games, watching videos, listening to songs, can also make you worry-free, cool all day!”


After watching the video, Tang Gang said: “This HX2 will be more than five times stronger than our HX1 mobile game. Whether it is a processor, a Red Letter mobile phone system or a lithium-air battery, it is enough to make it beyond Similar products on the market!”

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