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Xue Yao took out her mobile phone and asked, “How do you get it?”

“Turn on the phone wireless signal.” Lu Zixin pointed out, “Look at the G-551 connection above and choose to agree.”

Xue Yao did what he said, and then the phone automatically downloaded a software from G-551 smart glasses. Open the software, which is a variety of functional areas.

Several menu came together and stared at Xue Yao’s mobile phone screen.

“Appearance setting?” Xue Yao first tried to point out one of the functions, which is a variety of eye color matching style.

She clicked on the starry sky, and the smart glasses suddenly gave off a slight blue light. In the transparent frame, a little bit of sparks were extinguished, as if it were a starry background.

“Wow, it’s beautiful!” Situ Yan immediately exclaimed, “It turns out that it can be discolored, it’s amazing!”

Xue Yao changed a few colors, and the transparent frame immediately became a corresponding form, which made several people feel amazed.

Lu Zixin said: “If you are familiar with these functions, you can directly change the smart glasses with a voice dialogue, which is more convenient than using a mobile phone.”

“Come, try other features!” Situ Yan can’t wait.

“Augmented reality? How do you play this? AR?” Xue Yao added another feature, and some scene options appeared on the phone, such as office, forest, street and the like.

She clicked on the street and the smart glasses directly projected the scene pattern onto her eyes. Suddenly, Xue Yao screamed, and the pretty face showed an incredible expression.

“Scorpio, I saw a whole street! It feels real.”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “You can also adjust the transparency and range of the projection so that it does not affect the real view.”

This augmented reality projection is still a bit worse than the virtual projection bead, but as a smart glasses, it has been very good for this function.

“Really? Let me see?” Situ Yan’s curiosity was hooked up by her. Xue Yao put the glasses on her, and she immediately screamed.

“Wow! This is too real? It’s amazing!” Situ Yan was excited. “It’s more real than the VR games I played before!”

As an electronic fan, He Wei’s curiosity has been completely squirmed, and he quickly shouted: “Let me see!”

He also looked down and suddenly became fascinated: “This glasses are too forked! So light, the projection is 10,000 times clearer than the equipment I bought!”

Zhang Yue and Gao Qingyuan also want to experience, and He Wei was reluctant to take down the smart glasses.

Xue Yao turned over on the mobile phone and said: “In addition to this, there are real-time communication, photo taking, information collection, analysis, navigation and other functions, isn’t that the same as the mobile phone?”

Lu Zixin said: “It does have a functional overlap with smartphones.”

He still has no words to say, the people who can use this G-551 smart glasses, the smart phones used are also products of the era of Science and Technology, and the functions are definitely more than these. Even a smart phone is not needed at all, wearing a smart watch, using a virtual projection technology that can interact with people, is faster than a smart phone.

Xue Yao couldn’t help but experience other functions again. First, take a picture. When she puts on her glasses, she can take pictures of the scene she sees and then send it to her mobile phone.

There is also communication, Situ Yan called her on the spot, she used smart glasses to receive mobile phone signals, and can talk directly with glasses.

Even the text messages or pictures sent by the other party can appear directly in front of you, and you can see them clearly!

The function of information collection and analysis is more complicated, and these are best equipped with artificial intelligence to make the most convenient use. In the current environment, this feature of smart glasses can only be said to be a relatively fast encyclopedia dictionary.

But even so, Xue Yao and others are still shocked. Such a smart glasses is simply unheard of, can only be seen in science fiction movies, and now appears in front of them!

Situ Yan is simply envious of this smart glasses. She said: “Before, He Wei liked these things. I didn’t catch a cold. I didn’t think it was so cool until I saw it today!”

“Lu Zixin, I really have you, this kind of gift is the best gift I have ever seen!”

“Yao Yao, I envy you! I want to have one!”

Said, she looked at He Wei with a resentment and said: “You don’t understand it very well? You don’t even tell me that there is such a good thing!”

He Wei eyes have been staring at the smart glasses, and they are reluctant to move away. His heart is also extremely shocking. As an electronic fan, he has experienced most of the smart devices. Even the concept products, he also learned.

But as far as he knows, there is no such product sales on the market! Otherwise he bought it already!

“Where do I know!” He said, “I have never seen this smart glasses, and the function is too strong!”

“You just didn’t say that this was bought on Taobao?” Situ Yan spit.

“I said it casually. If there is such a thing on Taobao, I can eat this table!” He said, and looked at Lu Zixin eagerly, asking: “brother, can you disclose it? Where is the smart glasses bought? I want to buy them too!”

Lu Zixin shook his head and said: “Now there is no sale on the market. This is something that comes out of the lab. There is no sale. I got it by relationship.”

After he finished, He Wei looked at him involuntarily, and said with emotion: “I didn’t expect that there is such a black Science and Technology now! Can’t you get a simple relationship?”

This is the reaction of everyone, this Lu Zixin, the background may not be simple!

Although Zhang Yue is also very hot on this smart glasses, but the heart is still a little small and not convinced. She asked: “This kind of smart glasses, if it is sold, should be similar to the mobile phone? Seven or eight thousand?”

She only showed off before, Gao Qingyuan bought her more than 10,000 LV bags. Gao Qingyuan also said: “This performance is so powerful, it is estimated to be more than 10,000. If there is a sale, I will buy it for you right away.”

“Thank you husband!” Zhang Yue said with a smile.

“More than 10,000? Are you teasing me?” When it comes to his “professional field”, He Wei can’t sit still.

He immediately retorted: “Smart and technology smart glasses with a little higher can sell more than 10,000. In the holographic smart glasses that Microsoft used before, its function is less than 10% of this smart glasses, the price It is already 49999.”

“I dare say that this smart glasses is selling 100,000, 200,000 people who will have a big ticket to buy!”

Zhang Yue doesn’t believe it. “So exaggerated?”

“It’s not exaggerating at all. If you play this one, who is missing this 200,000?” He said vowedly.

This made Zhang Yue and Gao Qingyuan stunned. It turned out that this smart glasses is so cow! Zhang Yue is simply envious of jealousy. Compared to her, she can’t really show off her show.

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