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Legend of Jōten [Heaven] has nine floors, and the ninth floor is where Kami [God] located.

God  of heaven is the cardinal of yin and yang, and it is the foundation of all things. Therefore, there is no thunder, so there is no way to slaughter the Three Realms.

In the nine heavens, Jiutian Yingyuan Leisheng Puhua Tianzun lived in this level 1 of Shenxiao jade castle, commanding all the thunder generals.

Therefore, Xia Yan’s previous Bankai, Ten no kaminari no Kyuten should be the thunder from god of thunder, and it is only one of the strongest gods.

But Xia Yan’s Bankai is god itself.

Along with Xia Yan’s cry, the surrounding Space changed. He saw a huge thunder pool appearing within a radius of ten miles. The thunder Pond was filled with plasma, and the thunder flashed in it. A thunderbolt wandered among them, and there was a thunder formed birds flying.

Xia Yan stood on the thunder pool, and Zanpakuto disappeared without a trace. He wore a royal coat and draped over him.

This is the god.

“This is your Bankai, and the power is amazing.”

Aizen’s face has smiles, but his face is ugly.

Xia Yan reached out and waved. A Thunder Dragon emerged from the thunder pool and flew toward Aizen.


The Thunder Dragon crushed Aizen’s body, and then Aizen appeared on the other side.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan shook his head, extended his right hand, and shouted gently: “Meet of Thunder.”

He saw that the plasma of thunder energy was filled up a little bit, forming a kind of lightning, shooting from the bottom up, forming a dense lightning, instantly covering all the Space.

Aizen’s figure was wiped out, and above the sky, a figure flew back.

“You want to run away?”

Xia Yan looks at the figure and asked with a smile.

Aizen suspended above the thunder pool and his face became very ugly.

He saw the edge of thunder pool as the boundary, forming a Level 1 circular shield, which covered Aizen and Xia Yan. This shield was filled with lightning, only a thin Level 1, but if someone tried to leave, all The Thunder will gather there, causing a great damage to the enemy in an instant.

This trick is called Thunder of Heavens.

“You can’t escape, Bankai is useless, you can’t beat me.”

Xia Yan said, his body flashed, and he immediately came to the back of Aizen, his right hand pulled forward and a sharp blade shot.

Aizen turned back and lifted his Zanpakuto. He slammed, the thunder blade burst, and Aizen was blown out.

Aizen hasn’t stood up yet, and Xia Yan appears again behind Aizen, waving his arms.


Aizen’s left arm was cut off directly, but just after leaving the body, there was a thunder that destroyed it.

“God damn it!”

Aizen fast retreat and pulls the distance away.

Xia Yan, wearing thunder clothes, with the thunder energy that is constantly flowing in thunder pool, has a speed that exceeds the blur and double thunder wing, and is only a little slower than the state of Thunder Shunko.

Xia Yan looks at Aizen and said: “Aizen, you are not my opponent, you will die here.”

“Do I?”

Aizen said: “So how easy can you maintain the complexity of this Bankai?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “It is enough to kill you.”

Accompanied by this sentence, Xia Yan figure disappeared, appeared behind Aizen, a thunder long sword appeared in his right hand, and slashed out to Aizen.

Aizen tried to block, but at the next moment, Aizen’s one leg disappeared, and Xia Yan appeared behind Aizen and said, “Give up, you are not my opponent.”

Xia Yan said softly, but at this moment, Aizen smiled and said: “Yes? Do you really think you have beaten me?”

Aizen’s words ended, Aizen reached out and a mask appeared on Aizen’s cheek, covering like Hollow, revealing only a boost eyes.

“This is?”

Xia Yan looks at Aizen and said: “You have used Hollowfication.”

Aizen nodded and said, “Yes, although I didn’t get Kisuke Urahara’s Hōgyoku, I developed the perfect Hōgyoku. But my Hōgyoku is enough for me to break the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollow, let me master Hollow Ability.”

“So what? You have lost one leg and lost one hand. How can you play with me?”

Xia Yan coldly asked.

Aizen chuckled and said, “Is it? Resurrección, Vanessa.”

Along with his words, the Aizen body was wrapped in white matter, the eyes became black balls, two tentacles appeared on the head, and the both legs became limbs.

Behind Aizen, bulged two drum kits, which burst into a pair of butterfly wings.

On the butterfly’s wings, there are four skeletons.

With the birth of this form, his arms and legs all grow.


Xia Yan saw this scene, and some accidents, this form of Aizen, gathered the shape of the butterfly blue and indigo in the future.

But it’s just Resurrección, some like hollow form of Tōsen Kaname.

“With just the imperfect Hōgyoku, how did you completely break the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollow?” Xia Yan frowned.

Tōsen Kaname’s Resurrección, higher than hollowfication Level 1 evolution, completely broke the Shinigami and Hollow boundary, let Shinigami have hollow ability.

This requires perfect Hōgyoku to do it. Why does Aizen do this?

Aizen smiled and said: “I didn’t completely break Shinigami and Hollow boundary, just let myself master the hollow ability in the process of blurring, and then erase the Hollow self with the help of the broken Hōgyoku, so I have the strength of Hollow.”

“It turned out to be the case.”

If Xia Yan is thoughtful, everyone needs to overcome the inner hollow when mastering blur, and at the same time, the outside world needs people to help suppress them.

In this process, the outside world will constantly shift towards hollow side.

The longer the delay, the outside world is more like hollow, until it becomes Hollow completely.

That is to say, Aizen did not stop, letting himself become Hollow completely, and also use the incomplete Hōgyoku to erase the Hollow consciousness.

“So it is.”

Xia Yan’s thunder gun in the hand take a shot and hit Aizen. The violent explosion sounded and the thunder was filled.

When the thunder disappeared, Aizen was covered by the butterfly wings behind it, and he was unharmed.

“Formidable defensive power.”

Xia Yan reached out and waved, and a dragon flew from thunder pool and flew toward Aizen.

But Aizen held Zanpakuto in his right hand and slashed out the Thunder Dragon.

A sword pressure flew out, directly smashing Thunder Dragon, and then the knife light flashed, and all the Thunder Dragon disappeared without a trace.

“Formidable Strength.”

Xia Yan body thundered and trembled. He came to the back of Aizen, wrapped his Lightning in his right hand and stabbed it toward Aizen vest.


Aizen turned back and punched out, the two fists collided. Xia Yan’s body appeared for a moment of stagnation.

 Boom, bang, bang.

The two men immediately made a hundred moves, leaving only a shadow in the air, and the two separated.

Aizen’s left face was broken, but it was repaired as soon as possible. He said: “Now, I am only a little slower than you, I can’t beat you, but how long can your Bankai last?”

Xia Yan heard this, his face was ugly, Aizen complete hollow form, Strength improved a grade, speed and defensive power, Strength and resilience were greatly improved.

And Xia Yan’s Bankai, which lasts for half a minute, will exhaust its own Reiatsu.

How should I do it?

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