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She deliberately looked at Lu Zixin, but Lu Zixin didn’t care.

Zhang Yue saw Lu Zixin, surprisedly said: “This is Yao Yao’s boyfriend?”

“No, it’s a friend, don’t talk about it.” Xue Yao explained quickly, but Zhang Yue looked at the untrusted expression.

After a while, they began to congratulate Xue Yao on her birthday.

Situ Yan first said: “As a good girlfriend of Yaoyao, I am the first to come!”

“Yaoyao, one year has passed, and you are still a single dog, I am very sad!”

“Do you congratulate or come to give me a poisoned chicken soup?” Xue Yao gave her a look.

Situ Yan said with a smile: “Okay, no kidding. Happy birthday, give you a small gift.”

She said, she took out a lipstick and said: “The last time we were fancy, this is the color system you like.”

“Thank you Xiao Yan!” Xue Yao hugged her and kissed her face.

Zhang Yue then congratulated her on her happy birthday, and then sent her a small bracelet. This little bracelet was just small gift from the merchant was just sent by her from buying shopping bag with her boyfriend.

Both of them finished, and they all looked at Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin said: “Xue Yao, I wish you a happy birthday, more and more beautiful.”

Xue Yao smiled and said: “Thank you!”

“Is this finished?” Zhang Yue said, “is it too simple?”

Situ Yan also said: “You guy, you are not doing this. We Yaoyao specially invited you a boy to attend the birthday party, you know.”

“Xiao Yan, don’t worry!” Xue Yao glanced at her and said, “I talked to Lu Zixin today, and invited him by the way. And he didn’t know that today is my birthday.”

“This way, I said!” Situ Yan was not too embarrassed Lu Zixin, said: “That is all this time. Prepare, cut the cake!”

“Wait a minute, I actually prepared a small gift.” Lu Zixin said.

“Ah?” Xue Yao was a little surprised. Before Lu Zixin didn’t know her birthday, how could he prepare a gift? Is it when xhe goes out to buy food, what is he prepared?

Situ Yan also said with a smile: “I said it early, you still play mysterious, fast, I can’t wait.”

Her boyfriend, He Wei, said: “It is not for you, you can’t wait for anything.”

“I am happy!” Situ Yan immediately went back.

Lu Zixin took out a small box from his pocket, which was white and pure, and seemed to contain something unspeakable.

Zhang Yue was surprised: “Is it a necklace? Scorpio, too romantic!”

Xue Yao did not speak, looked at the box, and was puzzled and curious.

Lu Zixin said: “This gift is now unique in the world and you will be its first owner!”

When he finished, everyone closed their breath and stared at the box. Lu Zixin opened the box and saw a transparent, compact design with glasses that were structurally and beautifully placed in the box.

“No words, waste my feelings!” Zhang Yue suddenly lost interest, “I thought it was jewelry, it turned out to be a pair of glasses.”

Situ Yan was also speechless and said: “Give glasses, handsome guy, this gift is also wonderful enough. It was the first time I saw someone at a birthday party to send glasses.”

However, Xue Yao was very happy and said: “Thank you, this glasses is very beautiful.”

Lu Zixin said: “I accidentally dropped your lens, so use this to compensate you.”

Zhang Yue boyfriend Gao Qingyuan spoke out: “brother, are you talking about myopia glasses? Do you go directly to buy a pair of glasses, are there no quotas?”

Lu Zixin said: “It does have the function of myopia.”

He said this, the scene suddenly collapsed, Lu Zixin did not let Xue Yao conduct vision inspection, he bought a pair of glasses. This is too speechless, he never thought that if the glasses are not applicable?

“However, it is mainly a pair of smart glasses, and anti-myopia is only a small part of it,” Lu Zixin continued.

“Just this? Smart glasses?” Zhang Yue said with some disdain, said: “Now everything on the Internet is fired into smart glasses. In fact, there is no function, hundreds of things.”

Gao Qingyuan nodded: “This stuff is not reliable. And this smart glasses are completely transparent, and I have not seen anything high in Science and Technology.”

He Wei came to some interest and asked: “What brand? I look.”

He looked up and down and said, “What brand is this? I have never seen it. And it is so small, even the supporting equipment is not. Lu Zixin, are you buying it on Taobao, being pitted?”

“I can’t even find the button for this smart glasses! It feels like a glass model!”

Xue Yao saw them say this and quickly helped Lu Zixin to say: “Don’t you think it looks good? I like this style of glasses from the first time.”

Lu Zixin said: “Don’t worry, I will help you start. Next, it is the moment to witness the miracle!”

“It’s still a miracle… good middle two!” Zhang Yue spit out, no expectation.

Lu Zixin asked Xue Yao to put on the G-551 smart glasses and let her touch the touch sensor on the frame.

Starting with a clear electronic sound, in English: “Smart glasses G-551 is starting.”

Lu Zixin shouted: “Use Chinese.”

“Speech recognition is successful, and Simplified Chinese is converted.” The sound of electronic sound has become Chinese.

“Do you open iris binding?”

“Open.” Lu Zixin answered for Xue Yao.

“Imagine is being scanned, information is being entered, the user is bound!” The prompt of the electronic tone sounds in the box.

Now that the smart glasses have just been turned on, the intelligence they show has already stunned everyone in the box.

“Can you still have a voice conversation?” Zhang Yue said with amazement. “Are you who opened the sound from your mobile phone?”

“No, it’s the sound on the glasses!” Situ Yan looked surprised. “It feels so powerful! I didn’t expect it to be a toy, it’s really smart glasses!”

He Wei said: “Iris recognition? Intelligent voice communication? Just this glasses?”

However, it was not finished yet. After the smart glasses were bound to Xue Yao, they began to scan her eyes.

“The user has slight myopia and starts to adjust the light.”

“It’s so clear!” Xue Yao said with emotion. “Suddenly the world is clearly doubled!”

“Don’t tease me? Can self-adjust light, isn’t it possible to wear it no matter how many degrees of myopia?” He Wei was even more surprised. “I have never heard of such smart glasses!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “Xue Yao, this smart glasses can also connect your smart devices, mobile phones, laptops, etc., using the program to set the function.”

“Really?” Xue Yao felt incredible, and the function of this smart glasses was too unexpected.

“Fast, take the phone out and have a look!” Situ Yan on the side can’t wait, she wants to know, what exactly does this smart glasses function have.

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