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In the sky, Ulquiorra and Soi Fon came to an empty place, the two stood opposite each other and hovered in the sky.

“Is that person who arranges you to deal with me, does it mean that they think you will kill me?”

Ulquiorra asked curiously.

Soi Fon shook his head and said: “It is not Kyouraku Shunsui that arranges the battle list, but Xia Yan.”

“Is that brat playing against Aizen?”

Ulquiorra has some surprises.


Soi Fon smiled and said: “And, he doesn’t mean let me kill you, but beat you and let you go back to Hueco Mundo.”


Ulquiorra frowned and looked puzzled.

Soi Fon shrugged and said: “After the battle is over, you will return to Hueco Mundo. Pull out your sword. ”


Ulquiorra slowly pulled out the long sword at the waist. At the moment he pulled out the sword, Soi Fon’s figure disappeared instantly and appeared next to Ulquiorra, and her Zanpakuto pulled out.

“Speed ​​is fast.”

Ulquiorra leaned over and slashed with his sword, trying to block Soi Fon’s Slash.

But Soi Fon suddenly disappeared and went to the left side of Ulquiorra to cut a wound.


Ulquiorra’s left arm slashed, leaving a blood mark.

Then Soi Fon opened the distance and stood in the distance and said, “You can’t keep up with my speed. Maybe the fastest Espada #7 in Espada can catch up with me on speed.”

“No, you are faster than Zommari.” Ulquiorra said softly.

Zommari Rureaux speed, which is not comparable to Kuchiki Byakuya, is naturally not comparable to Soi Fon.

Soi Fon’s Shunpo is extremely fast, and it is ranked first in Shunpo on Seireitei.

More importantly, Soi Fon is the one who spent sixty years in Dangai with Xia Yan.

Abarai Renji did not do it, Shiba Kaien did not do it, only Soi Fon, 60 years, has been accompanied Xia Yan, together training with him, together to use magnetic field to temper the body, and reached eighth-class Reiatsu, super Captain level Reiatsu.

Soi Fon raised an eyebrow and asked: “Since you know that my speed is very fast, why not

“It’s very simple, because my speed is not slower than Zommari.”

Along with Ulquiorra’s words, he was glittering and appeared beside Soi Fon, and he broke out.


Soi Fon lifted her Zanpakuto to resist, but the Ulquiorra figure disappeared and appeared behind Soi Fon and cut it out.


Zanpakuto crossed the body of Soi Fon, but the body of Soi Fon turned into a dress.


Shunpo’s high level application skills.

Soi Fon appeared not far away, her eyes lit up and said: “Your speed is not slow, but not enough.”

With Soi Fon word’s, Her figure suddenly became several, from ten to 20, surrounded Ulquiorra.

“This is my move specially developed against Aizen’s, but it can be used against you.”

Soi Fon’s figure came from far, but Ulquiorra suddenly slashed and ran through Soi Fon, but the goal was gone.


Ulquiorra’s back shot a bloody flower, Ulquiorra turned back and stabbed, and the long sword passed through Soi Fon, but it turned into a bubble.

And the next moment, a blood mark appeared on Ulquiorra back.

Soi Fon stood not far away, looking at him and said, “Go back.”

Ulquiorra heard her words, nodded and shouted: “Enclose, Murciélago.”

Accompanied by his words, his back gave birth to two black wings, and the long sword disappeared without a trace, becoming a spear formed by Reishi.

“Reiatsu has changed.”

Soi Fon eyes a glimpse, but the next moment, Ulquiorra appeared in front of Soi Fon, a stab.

Soi Fon ducked sideways, but long spear wiped her waist and left a blood mark.

“So fast.”

Soi Fon opened the distance, looks at Ulquiorra, and his face became thick.

Ulquiorra was surprised, saying: “Your skin is very tough, like steel.”

When Soi Fon and Xia Yan training together, the two exercised the body with a magnetic field. Xia Yan’s steel skin was completely finished, not inferior to Espada, and Soi Fon’s steel skin also reached Arrancar level.

Soi Fon smiled and said: “It’s still far worse than your steel body.”

“Use Zanpakuto.”

Ulquiorra said: “Shinigami’s strength comes from Zanpakuto, I have already use Resurrección, and you need to play your own Strength.”

“Zanpakuto? My Zanpakuto is too easy to kill you, and my aim is to beat you, so I can’t use my Zapnakuto. ”

Along with Soi Fon words, behind her, blue light appeared, and the whole person disappeared again.


Soi Fon’s right hand hit Ulquiorra’s abdomen and make him flew out directly, slamming him on the distant mountain body.

Thunder Shunko.

Yoruichi can use Thunder Shunko and use the armor to break second form of Aizen. After Soi Fon training for sixty years, it is more formidable than the Yoruichi at that time.

There is no steel armor, and the destructive power is weak.

“Very formidable Strength.”

Ulquiorra slowly flew from a distance, a wound appeared in the abdomen, but slowly heal.


Soi Fon’s eyebrows were picked, and She didn’t expect her punch didn’t cause a substantial damage to the opposite side.


Ulquiorra flew to Soi Fon, the spear in his hand stabbed, Soi Fon right hand Zanpakuto horizontally everything, his left hand hit Ulquiorra front.


Soi Fon’s fist was blocked by Ulquiorra, but Soi Fon leg kicked and kicked heavily on Ulquiorra’s abdomen, which again make him flew out and plunged into the mountain body.

“Should I not solve him?”

Soi Fon knows that she has just kicked a boulder, but it is not enough to hurt the opposite side.


A figure burst out and the spear in his hand stabbed Soi Fon’s front.

Soi Fon stunned and came to the back of Ulquiorra, and Zapnakuto pulled out.


Soi Fon’s Zapnakuto left a blood mark on Ulquiorra back.

Ulquiorra turned his spear out, but Soi Fon easily escaped, looking at the opposite side and saying, “You can’t catch up with me.”

“I really can’t catch you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hurt you.”

Ulquiorra took the spear in his hand and threw it at Soi Fon.

Luz de la Luna.

Ulquiorra first form skill.

Soi Fon subconsciously dodged, but the spear fell on the land behind Soi Fon, bursting into the air, and created shock wave.

Soi Fon curled up the body in time, and the back was filled with lightning to fight the shock wave.


Soi Fon was shot and the body was out of balance. Ulquiorra appeared beside Soi Fon and his right hand grabbed Soi Fon’s neck.

Seeing to be caught, Soi Fon’s back Kido bursting direction suddenly changed, the body suddenly spun, at the same time avoiding Ulquiorra’s paws, one foot pulled out.


Ulquiorra was pumped out and squatted on the distant mountain body again.

Soi Fon rushed straight past and hit it back when Ulquiorra tried to rush out of the mountain body.

Boom, bang, bang, bang.

Soi Fon punched Ulquiorra with a punch, the huge mountain body was directly penetrated, and Ulquiorra flew out from the other side of mountain body.

Soi Fon punched with her hand and the blood dripped from the back of her hand. Even if Soi Fon had a steel skin, she had eighth-class Reiatsu, with the attack of Ulquiorra, and she injured her hand because she beat the opposite side.

“It’s a terrible Monster.”

Soi Fon shook her head, leapt to the mountain body, and came to Ulquiorra, but what she saw was the unclean Ulquiorra.


Soi Fon saw this scene, and the eyes showed an unbelievable look.

“My wings have defensive power that cannot be destroyed.”

Ulquiorra’s back wings flapped, causing the body to fly.

Ulquiorra’s wings have formidable defensive power, and Kurosaki ichigo Bankai with blur, is blocked by Ulquiorra’s wings.

“You are a Monster.”

Soi Fon bit her teeth, rubbed her arm and splashed the blood on the ground next to her.

Ulquiorra looks at Soi Fon and says, “But I can’t Attack at the defensive state, so you can’t hurt me, and I can’t hurt you.”

Soi Fon looks at opposite side and asks: “So are you going to leave?”

Ulquiorra shook his head and said, “No, I can’t beat you for a while, but I not only Resurrección once.”

Accompanied by Ulquiorra’s words, his figure suddenly changed. The head gave birth to two corners, and a long tail appeared on the back. The clothes disappeared without a trace. The lower body was covered with black appearance and a large hole appeared in the chest.

“This is my true form.”

Ulquiorra looks at Soi Fon, said softly.

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