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“Uh……” standing in the windowsill in front of a sun, Jiang Hai stretched his lazy waist, though the weather outside is chilly, but it’s still warm in the house, Jiang Hai room, no, it’s better to said all Jiang Hai rooms have separate support equipment, compared to the northeast country in the winter, here coal pollution are not the same.
 In the US, water and electricity is not the same, after all, in some places rich in water resources is cheap, or are some place such as California, or Phoenix, there are deserts, natural water is expensive.
As for the electricity is basically the same, there are places on the cheap electricity, and place where the electricity is expensive.
Jiang Hai is located in Boston, although some resources are expensive, but to tell you the truth, water and electricity are not expensive.
After all, is very rich in freshwater resources, although there are no major rivers, but there are too many stream, water is extremely rich, so water is cheap, according to the algorithm, as $0.013 per cubic foot, measured into tons is probably about $50 per ton, it is not expensive.
The electricity is cheaper, with a total of 117 nuclear power plants in the United States, including in the Boston area, there are more than two.
Every cubic foot, just $0.6, slightly more expensive in the summer, but no more than $2 per cubic foot, looking back, the prices of these things here, it is very cheap.
When Jiang Hai had rebuilt his house, replaced all gas heating, by geothermal, after all this geothermal energy is more safe, if deflation of gas, it would have been really flat, which was slightly more expensive, but security in the first place, and secondly, no smell, three is also more environmentally friendly, but then again, this electricity is cheap, this is the most important.
His entire house use 24-hour electric geothermal, probably only consumes around 200 kWh of electricity per day during winter, even if it is three months, 100 days, then just 20,000 kWh of electricity, is $1600, so really not expensive.
If the cottage next to him, were Robbins lives in, in winter is about a $2000.
But is very comfortable, walking barefoot on the floor, Jiang Hai yawned. “Rumble!” Jiang Hai looked at the doorway, and there lying in front is Small Yellow, and White.
Jiang Hai see has a eye they urgent of straight spin of like, can’t help but took has took forehead, yesterday night some cold, he was going to sleep so he wanted to these guy is early wants to toilet has, but since drink had Jiang Hai blood, well, said with how so awkward does, this two dog are very smart, so with only said one, they known the room of the toilet has, so they can urinate.
“Then let’s go!” Simply put on a coat and shoes, Jiang Hai opened the door, the door opened, and two dogs ran out suddenly, and Jiang Hai along with them went out, to get breakfast.
But only went to the door, Jiang Hai see Bell was driving a car, pulling a cart in the back, going toward the bullpen.
Since Jiang Hai stay here, he was only go to the bullpen five or six times, each time is to fight back the smell there, and he really can work with that smell, but fortunately he is also more assured that the recent manor’s lawn, has basically been improved by him, whether it is fresh grass, or dried hay good, and the energy inside, are quite good.
The cows meat is not only better, but also more intelligent, although not as smart as it is directly absorb the blood, but at least not too much noise, is not easy to scamper, but Robbins was a bit speechless.
This is almost like a pregnancy, and to have children, the family told you that the child can be trouble, and basically sleep less than three hours a day, always crying, which makes you ready to do a two hundred percent.
You can wait until after the baby is born, only to find that children almost never cry, accurate time to eat is normal, they never sick, not disgruntled, it makes you prepare from the beginning was just a buzz.
But anyway, cows are so easy, so they are very happy now, ready for another two days so we are ready to start cattle.
Although it was winter, but Jiang Hai on the Meadow, the grass is green, you can also put there a few days.
Wait until the snow, the winter feed is already ready.
“Boss, as early as always!” Seeing Jiang Hai, Bell cannot help but smile and waved at Jiang Hai.
“Hey? Bell wait……” seeing Bell happy look, Jiang Hai could not help but stopped him.
“What’s the matter, Boss?” hear what Jiang Hai say, Bell stopped the car with a strange look.
“Bell, you were not a former Delta Force? can you teach me fight?” Looking at Bell, Jiang Hai said quickly, they are busy now so he doesn’t want to bother.
“Oh, OK, now is too busy, so after lunch at noon, I come to teach you.” Jiang Hai heard the words, Bell did not hesitate, almost heard nodded consent.
Jiang Hai thought he need to spend money, also went out, he knew, of course, in the US, everything is about money, although Bell did not mention, but he still needs to be ready for it.
“OK, what do I need to prepare for it? ” Hear Bell agreed, and Jiang Hai is also happy.
“Don’t eat too much food just half, oh best just one third…, and wearing a Tracksuits is fine.“ On second thought, Bell said, laughing to Jiang Hai, hearing Bell, Jiang Hai nodded.
“Then I go first!” Seeing Jiang Hai understand, Bell drive out the car.
After he left, Jiang Hai went back to washing, after everything is ready, he will just get something to eat at home, and a set of clothes, compared with other rich people, Jiang Hai clothes are much more simple.
His bones, after all, are just an ordinary person so, buying brand stuff, he is not interested, such as casual wear and suits, Jiang Hai don’t like it too much, just the normal.
That thing creates a sense of success, well for him, there is no such feeling.
So even his has money to buy a lot of clothes, but his clothes are only three, one is at home to wear, athletic wear, he not dares buy Nike or something like that, because it’s too expensive.
UA is also good, but the UA are too small, he is not like it very much.
In addition to these two kinds of clothes, he bought a lot of outdoor clothes, hiking pants, hiking shoes, jackets and the like, and he liked them, of course, according to Robbins said, he need a set of jeans.
So he bought a set, but after having a seemingly worn once only, can no longer pass through, the pants and vest top of tassel, seems truly out of second…. Two outrageous, two days of drought, at least for now it is difficult for him to accept.
Of course, if it a party, he wouldn’t mind wearing it.
Wearing a loose sportswear, Jiang Hai go to the bullpen first to see them, there are 5,000 cattle so the odor has to be a lot, right now are 20,000 head, that taste on more rich, even Robbins and these people, are working inside with fear poisoning, after all fart inside is contains methane, and cattle is most fart of the animals.
He came here to see cows, but most important, still came to see his horse. When he bought the horse, deliberately bought a Sharma, although not a pedigree, but it is also quite large.
When this horses reach the farm, under the arm of the ownership to Jiang Hai, Jiang Hai every day as long as the time is will come to feed it some grass, as well as carrots, of course, these things are also added the material, as other Horses, and sometimes will be divided into some, but the number may be much, Jiang Hai from far see, this huge horse, it has in the stable very happy.
“Well, well, well, eat it!” Go past took this big horse of neck, Jiang Hai face smiles and said, then took well prepared good food and, began to feed the horse, he plays with this big horse for a while, Jiang Hai looked at the time, he goes to Mrs. Filimon family, after lunch, and there pass him a phone that Bell is sitting in the villa waiting for him.
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