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“Rod, line, hook, float, bait. Hum, let’s just dig up some worms when I’m there. They probably also like to eat those. Also a chair, fish cage, net, cooler. En, these are more than enough.” To be fair, those who don’t fish, don’t know how tedious fishing is. It’s somewhat better when fishing in freshwater bodies, but it is so much more troublesome when sea fishing.

Although Jiang Hai doesn’t know how to fish in the sea before fishing with Robins earlier, but now that there is no one available to give him pointers, he has no incentives to go sea fishing. If he comes back empty handed, then that is just too much of a disappointment. Hence he is here fishing beside a river, doing something he knows.

Normally when river fishing, the best option is to use a hand rod. The so called hand rods are just 3 to 8 meter long fishing rods made out of carbon fiber or fiberglass without a wheel.

The ones that Jiang Hai used before are made out of fiberglass. These rods are very very heavy, extremely easy to break, but super tough. Their toughness also earned them a nickname within the community; The battle rod. Of course the name doesn’t apply to fishing, but to street fights as these rod are even better than baseball bats.

To be honest, this rod, is only used by the fishing newbies. As for why Jiang Hai used these rods before, it is not because he is a beginner, but rather it is because they are cheap as heck. A 5.4 meter long rod only cost 25 Yuan. It just suited him perfectly. Moreover, there aren’t any big fish left in the rivers of Heilong province, so these rods are more than enough.

Now that he has the money, he specifically ordered a high end rod for times like this. This time, he brought his specially designed 11 meter long carbon fiber rod with him. Add a thickest line and a large hook and you have the basics for fishing. After packing everything onto an ATV, he left the estate in search of a good fishing spot in the nearby delta.

In the Boston region, due to low water flow rates there aren’t any major rivers or rapids. Of course, this excludes periods of heavy rainfall, storms, hurricanes and blizzards.

After leaving the estate for roughly just 5 minutes, a river system appeared in front of Jiang Hai. After half an hour of careful examination, he finally found a spot that is clean, with minimal waves, and has low levels of vegetation coverage. Having found the perfect spot, Jiang Hai parked the vehicle and started to set everything up.

The first thing he did upon arrival is start to dig around with a small shovel. In America, there is no real interest in finding worms as no one really needs them. As such, these wild worms are especially long, thick, abundant, and looks like some small monster. However Jiang Hai is pretty fond of these since they are one of the best kind of baits out there. Not too long passed before he dug up half a plate of worms. Without the need to do much, apart from clearing off some of the soil, they are attached onto the hooks and ready for use. After having prepared everything, with a flick of his wrist, the hook flies out and lands in the middle of the river, waiting to be bitten.

“Ahhh, this is still the best. Although sea fishing is fun and all, but it is seriously too complicated.” Having confirmed the floats are working, Jiang Hai slowly sat down and said to himself.

Letting out a long sigh, he put down the rod and began to enjoy the surrounding clean environment. In fact, the most satisfactory part of America is without a doubt the air here. When compared to the air quality of China’s countryside, it is miles ahead. The only places where you can find this pristine, no pollution feeling in China is in those deep forests.

*Bang bang bang* Just as Jiang Hai is enjoy this beautiful nature, his rod suddenly flew out. If it wasn’t for his quick reactions then he probably would’ve lost the fish and the rod. However, there is no way he is giving it any chance. As soon as he held the rod tightly and pulled it back, he was in for a shock.

Because the scene of him lifting up the rod didn’t happen. Rather the rod didn’t have any sign of being lifted up. Instead it began to bend down. You have to know that this is not a sea fishing rod with it’s flexibility, rather this is a stiff hand pole and it is extremely easy to break. This scare made him to quickly loosen his grip and give it a quick check. He soon confirmed that a fish is really on the hook since the line is moving, but is really hard to retrieve.

“This can’t be possible, how is there such big fish here?” As he reeled in the fish, Jiang Hai muttered his disbelief.

According to reason, even 3 catty worth of sea weed won’t bend the rod like this. There is only the possibility of large fishes in the area. As he suppressed his curiosity, he slowly continued reeling. With extensive experience in situations like this and the necessary strength, he slowly retrieved the line and a shadow of large fish appeared in the water.

“This is a carp? Shit, what is this size?” Seeing how big the fish is, Jiang Hai is really in stunned. Since in front him is the shadow of a very large carp. This particular one is almost a meter long, very broad, and with a body full of a kid’s fist size scales.

Carps are very different from other types of fishes. Other fish species’ scale count scale with their size. The bigger they are the more scales they have. However carps are some what different. No matter their size, under normal conditions, they only have 36 scales from head to tail. However these scales increases with their size, the bigger they are, the bigger the scale and vice versa. As for the reason why these fishes are called carps; it is because of the cross shaped grain and the smaller black dot on each piece of scales.

Upon seeing the size of this carp, Jiang Hai’s eye lit up in excitement and commented: “just this fish alone is more than enough for me to eat.”

His mouth was also watering. Under the encouragement of his growing hunger, he quickly pulled this huge crap out of the water and threw it on the land. With a quick cast of the nets, this fish is finally secured with no chance to escape. However when this carp hit land, it’s wild side surfaced. These carps have no natural predators in America, hence their wildness once out of water. Upon landing on the ground, it began to flip-flop around non-stop, trying to get back into the river. Fortunately Jiang Hai is quick with his hands and kicked it much further inland.

“Sweet this one is just perfect!” Being kicked but the still hopping around, Jiang Hai can’t help but be happy.

The wilder a fish used to create a pot of stewed fish, the more the flavour will be out of this world. Thinking up to here, Jiang Hai quickly began to clean it up. First he retrieved in the now bare hook from it’s mouth, then picked it up by the tail and gave it a wash by the river side. He can’t help but admire this fish’s strength. As soon as it touched water, it almost pulled Jiang Hai into the water. If was anyone else then they probably would’ve lost it already.

Sadly Jiang Hai is not a normal person. Under the hidden powers of his body, he pulled the fish out of the water and tossed it into the already prepared cooler. However as soon as it entered the cooler, Jiang Hai is troubled since this cooler is just too small. The cooler is only roughly 1.2 meters in length, now that there is a 1 meter long carp in it, there is no space for anymore.

“So bothersome!” Jiang Hai sighed as he looked at the time. It has only been an hour since he left, originally he planned to waste the whole afternoon here, but from the looks of things, this plan’s headed for the bin.

If he continues to fish, then he has no places to keep them, so he might as well as leave. After a quick thought, Jiang Hai dumped the rest of the worms on the ground, packed up everything else and prepared to leave. However just before he left, a sudden roar of engines came from the direction of Winthrop, then followed by the appearance of a motorcade. To be specific is a motorcade made up of 2 cars and 4 motorcycles.

Originally Jiang Hai thought that they are on their way to Boston, but that thought quickly disappeared since when these people saw him from far away, they changed their route and headed directly for him. Seeing this motorcade headed for him, Jiang Hai is really perplexed since his sixth sense is screaming DANGER!, but since when was he not more dangerous than anything thrown at him? He was hoping these guys don’t do something stupid, otherwise he doesn’t mind teaching them an unforgettable lesson. Just as he was sorting out his thoughts and packing away everything onto the ATV, this motorcade came to a stop in front of him in a perfect crescent with him in the middle.

“Yo, isn’t this our mysterious chinese investor? You really are dumb as hell for not bring your dogs with you today.” Just as Jiang Hai was wondering who these people are, a man wearing a cowboys hat and some hippy clothing appeared out of one of the cars. With one look, everything became clear.

Originally Jiang Hai was wondering who he messed with since arriving here, as he doesn’t remember upsetting anyone. However upon seeing the person who spoke, he finally understood. This person is none other than the one who threatened him at the bar the other night, called fara something something. From the looks of things now, he is here to fulfill his original promises.

“My dogs, you say it as if you’ve meet them. If you got anything to say, then you better spit it out quickly. I still need to go back to cook dinner.” Jiang Hai answered back. Speaking of dogs, his first thoughts were Po and Yun, but they shouldn’t have met them yet. Then it became clear, the dogs this guy is referring to is Robins and the others……

However the words are already out, can’t really take it back, so might as well hard line to the bitter end.

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