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Tang Gang is somewhat puzzled. Yao Li explained: “This is a new type of battery that has been mentioned in the battery field. It uses air as a reaction electrode. According to scientific theory, the performance of a lithium-air battery may be ten times better than the current ordinary lithium battery!”

“But even today, there is no lithium-air battery that can be used commercially in the world. It only appears in laboratories in various countries. It is said that developed countries are doing similar research, but little progress has been made.”

Tang Gang understands a bit, Lu Zixin said: “Yes, I mean this kind of battery. The general mobile phone lithium battery, want better performance, either increase the energy density, or increase the battery size.”

“Now smart devices are pursuing lightness, and increasing the volume is not feasible. Increasing the energy density will cause the mobile phone battery to be prone to heat and even explosion. In comparison, lithium-air batteries are more powerful than ordinary lithium batteries. Convenient and can be more lightly.”

Yao Li said a little shouted: “This is a good saying, but we can’t do it! Smartphones have not had a big breakthrough in the battery field for years.”

“I don’t know how to do it. I understand that there are teams that have made technical progress on this, and it is very likely to achieve commercial production.” Lu Zixin is not good at saying that he has mastered the relevant technology, so he just found an excuse.

But even then, Yao Li was surprised. He exclaimed: “Really? That’s too great. Even if it doesn’t achieve ten times the theoretical performance, as long as it has several times the performance, it will be enough to subvert the preseny lithium battery industry.”

Tang Gang also nodded: “Yeah, suddenly increase the battery power several times, put it on the market, it will definitely be sought after by users! If you can make it, we don’t need other suppliers to provide batteries. Even us can be the strongest battery supplier yourself!”


Red Letter immediately began preparations for the development of lithium-air batteries. Lu Zixin also made a joint research and development agreement with Jiangcheng University, and hired several professors in chemistry and new materials to form a research and development team.

In this way, he uses the background of Red Letter to provide some important information and guides them. The R&D team can get the research results quickly, and can be improved according to actual needs. Lu Zixin will have much less work.

On the other hand, Fujitsu Battery Co., Ltd. waited for a few days, and Red Letter really didn’t have any news. It seems that there is no plan to continue to cooperate with them.

“Ishikawa-kun, there is news. Red Letter just announced that it will jointly develop a new lithium-air battery with Jiangcheng University.” Nishimura said, “And they have not looked for other battery suppliers. It is estimated that they really want to develop and produce themselves.”

“What? The brain of Red Letter senior staff is broken?” Ishikawa said, “Is it really going to develop batteries?”

“It’s a good idea to study ordinary lithium batteries. They actually have to study lithium-air batteries! It’s ridiculous!”

Nishimura said a little bit: “Yes, lithium-air battery, our Japan new energy association has been studying for a few years, but now there is no progress. When they research lithium-ion batteries, our country must definitely research it out early!”

Ishikawa Zhuo said: “Let them play with themselves.”

When they talked, the professors involved in research and development at Jiangcheng University were marveling. After they signed the confidentiality agreement, they got the relevant information provided by Red Letter.

Can wait for the information to arrive, they found that R&D and their imagination is not the same thing!

“Is this research and development direction and technical parameters too detailed?” a professor of chemistry thoroughly said, “How do I feel that they have developed and obtained some experimental data, not far from success.”

“I also have this feeling. If these materials are correct, we can really study this lithium-air battery!” another professor said.

“If it succeeds…” A few people can’t help but feel heavy, which is of great significance to them!

Some people in China are also studying lithium-ion batteries, and they are projects hosted by the International Academy of Sciences. So far, some progress has been made. But if their R&D team can take a step faster, they can also get one or two scientific awards and become an authoritative expert.

The lithium-air battery project began research and development, and R&D funds were provided by Red Letter. Lu Zixin arranged the matter and started planning to produce a new modular mobile phone.

This is much simpler than developing a battery. What they need to do is to divide the hardware module of the mobile phone and make the best compatibility, and then it can be delivered to the foundry for production.

Now several projects are being carried out at the same time. The red core second-generation chip development, lithium-air battery, module mobile phone and Red Letter mobile phone operation system entrusted to the subsidiary.

The Red Letter game, the temporary operation is still stable, still the most profitable of all companies under the name of Red Letter.

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin said: “It’s really exhausting, obviously I’m trying to make things easier, but the problem is getting more and more.”

Bruce Wayne was Online, he said : “The time of a person’s energy is limited, you need a team that can handle the affairs for you, and provide solutions, and you only use it as a decision maker behind the scenes.”

“My Wayne Group has a lot of business. But I have a professional manager and a housekeeper Afu is helping me, so I can concentrate on doing my own thing.”

Mr. L : “I don’t have enough!”

Bruce Wayne, that is the rich man passed down from generation to generation. He doesn’t even have to worry about his connections. Someone will do everything for him. But Lu Zixin is too difficult to find someone who he trusts. There are some secrets, he can’t share it with others, so many things need to be done personally.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Hey, this group is shining and debut.]”

Red Queen : “The owner, this is not easy. You give me your stem cells, I will help you clone a few more, not on the line?”

Mr. L : “Forget it. I am unique and don’t need to clone!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: snoring] Why? In my case, rich people want to clone themselves. My frozen library is still a lot of frozen!”

Mr. L : “This question is very complicated. I tell you this, if you have another personal intelligence, and have the same ability as you, can replace you at any time, would you like it?”

Red Queen immediately thought of the white artificial intelligence that was made in her own way, and the core principles of white are different from her. For the whites, all the orders of Doctor Isaacs were the first standard, and they often robbed from her.

Even a few times, Doctor Isaacs wanted to close her and let her replace her. Fortunately, Doctor Isaacs doesn’t have all her privileges, or she might actually sleep.

Red Queen : “[Resolute emoticon: absolutely not allowed!]”

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