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“She? Executive Vice President of Red Letter?” Tao Fang just suspected that she had misunderstood. Jiang’s Fan Principal surprisedly said: “Mrs. Tao, your own student, are you not sure?”

“I…” Tao Fang couldn’t say anything, she was really unclear, or would she just do that?

If she knows an hour in advance, she will definitely treat Su Zhirong with a 10,000% enthusiasm. If you say that you can teach such a student, who is not looking at her?

However, now everyone has seen it. She introduced other students, but she did not introduce Su Zhirong. It is impossible for her to use this matter to put gold on her face.

Su Zhirong’s classmates were even more stunned. When they were still seeking a referral opportunity, Su Zhirong had already become a big man!

Wu Wenwen finally realized that Su Zhirong would be so calm and would say that. It turns out that her old classmate is already the executive vice president of Red Letter!

At this moment, she was filled with surprise and excitement. She couldn’t wait to scream and hugged Su Zhirong to ask about it, but the occasion was wrong. She forcibly resisted this impulse.

“It’s not easy!” an entrepreneur said with emotion. “Now young people can’t be underestimated!”

“Ah!.” Tian Xiangshan remembered one thing and asked: “Little Su, you are Jiangcheng University, what about General Lu? Should he not be Jiangcheng University?”

Su Zhirong shook her head and said, “He is not, but he is here today.”

“He is also here.” Tian Xiangshan smiled and said: “I just want to stay in Jiangcheng the past few days, find a time to meet him, I did not expect to see him today.”

“What about others?”

“It’s just behind.” Su Zhirong said, everyone looked behind her.

Lu Zixin was originally sitting behind, because Tian Xiangshan came over and many students came together and blocked him directly.

At this time, the students dispersed and saw a young man sitting behind and playing an empty glass.

“He?” Wu Wenwen grinned and seemed to think of something. Isn’t this Su Zhirong boyfriend?

“General Lu, you are really low-key.” Tian Xiangshan snarled, Lu Zixin actually sits here like a normal student. If these people know his identity, I am afraid that he will not be safe.

“Is he the president of Red Letter, Lu Yan? Real and photos are not like.” An entrepreneur whispered.

Tian Xiangshan nodded: “It is him, the photo and the real person are a little bit normal.”

His confirmation made entrepreneurs show the surprised expression. This young man is actually the president of Red Letter! At the Rice conference, he dared to gamble with Tian Xiangshan for one billion!

One billion, many people’s enterprises are not worth the price, but in the eyes of this young man, it is the amount that can be said to go out and jokes like Tian Xiangshan, and everyone knows that he took out one billion! And the subsidiary company under the name of Red Letter can come up with one billion!

Wu Wenwen took a breath and looked at Lu Zixin. She just joked with Lu Zixin. Who knows that Lu Zixin is so big! This is a low-key, it is simply too low-key!

In this hall, in addition to Tian Xiangshan, who can compare Lu Zixin?

Tao Fang is already stupid, Su Zhirong’s boyfriend is actually the president of Red Letter. Then she just wanted to match Su Zhirong and Duan Chi, not courting death? If you anger Lu Zixin, with his energy, he can easily teach her!

Just now she also expected Su Zhirong to regret and apologize to her. She just wants to apologize to Su Zhirong now, hoping she should never tell Lu Zixin about it.

Duan Chi’s eyes were horrified, and he finished the game in front of Lu Zixin, and now he knows the identity of Lu Zixin. He can’t wait to beat himself and find the wrong object!

Lu Zixin stood up, said with a smile: “I came with the courage, and I have two glasses of wine.”

He walked over and Tian Xiangshan took the initiative to reach out and the two men shook hands.

“General Lu, fortunately.” The entrepreneurs next to them followed suit and shook hands with Lu Zixin.

Duan Chi was hesitant to reach out, but Lu Zixin skipped him directly, and didn’t even look at him more, as if he didn’t see him.

Duan Chi’s face is hard to look at, in the other’s eyes, he is so disdainful?

Tian Xiangshan and others also noticed this scene, and they were still confused, but no one would be stupid to ask questions.

Tao Fang and Su Zhirong’s classmates already understood. Lu Zixin this is intentional!

Yes, under the eyes of public, it is not to give Duan Chi a face! But Duan Chi did not dare to speak because he knew he could not afford Lu Zixin.

He thought of what Lu Zixin had said to him before, and he couldn’t help but feel a chill. If Lu Zixin is just an ordinary person, he wouldn’t care what he said. But now, the one who just warned him is the president of Red Letter. The weight of Lu Zixin’s words suddenly changed from a bubble to a nuclear bomb, and he dared not pay attention.

Thinking of this, Duan Chi’s face is a bit whitish.

“Xiao Lu came to participate in our activities at Jiangcheng University, and did not say it in advance?” said the president of Jiangcheng University.

Lu Zixin quickly said sorry: “Principal Fan, I am really embarrassed. I should visit you before, I am afraid of bothering you.”

President of Jiangcheng University, not only the principal of the prestigious school, but also a member of National Academy of Sciences, a famous physicist, has made achievements in many fields, Lu Zixin naturally respects him more.

“No trouble, we are very welcome. We are always happy to communicate with high-tech Science and Technology companies,” said the school leader next door.

After a simple greeting, Tian Xiangshan said: “Since you are here, let’s talk together?”

Lu Zixin is not easy to shirk, so they will join the graduation party as an entrepreneur, and Su Zhirong will accompany them.

When they went to the other side, Su Zhirong’s classmates came back.

“I went, Su Zhirong is actually the executive vice president of Red Letter, and her boyfriend is the president of Red Letter!” One classmate couldn’t help but sigh, “It’s just too big!”

“I didn’t expect it, we just chatted together!”

“My friend is the vice president of Red Letter, and I am still drinking with the president of Red Letter?” Wu Wenwen is excitedly said, “Hahaha, this is really cool, I have to send a circle of friends first!”

“No, forget the photo!”

“Nothing, Su Zhirong said just now, invited me to work at Red Letter! I thought she was joking. I didn’t expect to actually have a play! I will contact her later!”

Wu Wenwen finished, the students looked at her enviously, among them, only her relationship and Su Zhirong is the best! Su Zhirong’s commitment is more important than Tao Fang’s recommendation.

The people introduced by Tao Fang, entrepreneurs just take a look, after all, they don’t remember today. But with Su Zhirong, they have been classmates for a few years! This friendship is more important than a simple one.

“Wu Wenwen, do you have Su Zhirong’s contact information? I just found out that I didn’t add her, can you give me something?” Some students hurriedly asked.

“Let me add one more, all of my classmates…”

They are surrounded Wu Wenwen, Wu Wenwen still wants to brag about it, but sees the ugly face of Tao Fang coming over.

“Wu Wenwen, come over.” Tao Fang brought Wu Wenwen to the corner and whispered: “You have a good relationship with Su Zhirong? You are a busy for teacher.”

“What busy?” Wu Wenwen said curiously.

“There is no major event, that is, the teacher may have misunderstood her and criticized her. Now think about it, I am also wrong. Let you tell her, let her not mind.” Tao Fang said, she did not pull the following to say, Wu Wenwen was only looking for.

Wu Wenwen smiled in her heart, but she said, “Well, I will wait until I say, I think Su Zhirong won’t care.”

On the other hand, Lu Zixin has already communicated with Tian Xiangshan, President Fan and others, and those entrepreneurs have also found the opportunity to hand over their business cards to Lu Zixin. Only Duan Chi, the situation is very embarrassing.

After Lu Zixin refused to shake hands with him, he found that the people who had just laughed and talked with him were not so enthusiastic.

Looking at Lu Zixin as the focus of the crowd, Su Zhirong sat next to him and smiled. Duan Chi was not reconciled and could only be turned into nothing. Lu Zixin told him with strength that the two are really not a circle.

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