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The nickname of “small bully mobile game machine” spread on the Internet. Of course, Red Letter company also pushed back.

In the game, sometimes the game is good for teammates. Someone will say, “666, the big bully mobile game machine?”

The teammates dishes are: “Garbage, such a dish, the little bully mobile game machine can’t save you!”

With the reputation of bully mobile game machine, the sales of HX1 are also rising. Many people go to buy a mobile phone in order to buy a mobile game.

And the majority of male users, is even more fond of this phone. Of course, there are some female users, but basically they are also purchased under the name of their “small bully mobile game machine”.

The sales of HX1 are rising rapidly, and the scalpers have seen the opportunity and are ready to start selling. If HX1’s stocking volume is still good, but the stocking volume is small, the buying is more intense.

HX1 released 24 days, the first batch of stocks were all ordered, and the cattle contributed at least one-third of the sales.

Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Tang Gang, who just got the news from the channel distributor, was excited. He said in a trembling voice: “24 days, sales of 400,000! We did it! HX1 did it!”

Professor Dai Liang is also full of red light, which is an affirmation of their research and development results. It is mentioned here that the second-generation R&D project of red core has also begun.

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “haha, 400,000 sales, has exceeded the previous gamble, this will let everyone see our strength!”

“But don’t be too arrogant. Although we gambled, we won the sales of Rice 1 mobile phone a few years ago. This year, Rice mobile phone sales are several million units a month, the road is still ahead, and comrades are in need to work hard!”

Tang Gang nodded: “Yes, the mobile phones with old brand have long been accumulated, technology and sales are still ahead of us, we have to continue to work hard.”

“General, the market reaction is so good now, the agent is asking for additional orders. I plan to double the order in the foundry. How do you see it?”

“Of course double!” Lu Zixin said. “But quality is guaranteed, and credibility is the key. In the future, we have to sell HX2, HX3, and have a good reputation to go in the long run.”

“I must strictly enforce it.” Tang Gang said seriously.

In addition to them, employees of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology are also happy. Some of them have stayed at the company for overtime in New Year, just for this HX1. Now HX1 sells a lot, is affirmation of their work.

“Hahaha, fortunately, when I first chose to work, I came to red letter. Now the future is boundless!” An employee was surprised and said that he had just been promoted, not only increased his salary by more than 50,000, but also this month have double the bonus!

“In the past, we hoped that Wang Tang would also be a mobile phone giant. Now HX1 is directly crushed the market, it is really different!” The old staff of Wang Tang Science and Technology also felt very much.

“Do it well, maybe someday we can be the top of Red Letter!”


On that day, red letter latest sales news was announced. On the sale of 24 days, HX1’s 400,000 units are all sold out, and the next batch of HX1 will be available next month, so you can only wait for the purchase.

From official Weibo of Red Letter mobile phone, and “naughty” netizens, took a look at the official of Rice.

Although there have been some rumors on the Internet earlier, when red letter officially confirmed the news, the media and netizens got smashed.

UC headline: “Shock! Rice president made this bet and lost 1 billion a day!”

Program Public number: “A joke triggers a billion gambling, and Rice loses too badly!”

Weibo marketing number: “The bully mobile game machine is coming, breaking the new mobile phone sales record, Red Letter wins one billion gambling!”

Knowing: “HX1 sales reached 400,000 a month, and Rice lost the gambling. Will they really lose billions?”

Post it: “Rice will not lose money, if you lose money, I will live and eat, sit and wait!”

There are also some media outlets that are hot and hot, forcing a wave of this incident.

“Everyone knows that Red Letter was originally a company that started from mobile game. It must be very researchable in this field. So their HX1 is also very good in this field. It has been called the bully mobile game machine by the majority of netizens. It has also become Their selling point. So they can create a new brand of mobile phone sales scene. Here Xiao Bian has to say, red letter does not take the usual way, is a leather sofa!”

“And said Red Letter and Rice’s gambling, Xiao Bian believes that Rice has not lost. There is no legal effect in the billions of gambling. On the contrary, with this hot event, the monthly sales of Rice mobile phone is almost 10 million! The golden pot is full! And although Red Letter is a dark horse in the mobile phone market, there is still a big gap compared to Rice or other mobile phone brands.”


Jingcheng, Rice Science and Technology Park, CEO Tian Xiangshan also saw the official news of Red Letter.

He frowned deeply and exclaimed: “Within a month, sales have already reached 400,000! And it is still under-supplied. This red letter is really beyond my expectations!”

The vice president said on the side: “Yes, when our company failed to achieve such performance, they are a strong rise!”

“But they take the mobile game route, there is something we can learn from, maybe we can also have a mobile game model.”

“Yeah.” Tian Xiangshan nodded. “This is a good idea!”

“General, the media are now arguing for billions gambling. How do we respond?”

“It is a joke, certainly not to lose money!” Tian Xiangshan still has some helplessness. At the beginning, he was full of confidence and felt that he would win. Who knows that Red Letter actually did.

Now, on the Internet, some friends in the real world have ridiculed him. This black spot is afraid that it will not be cleaned.

The vice president is also very embarrassed, this time Rice is shame. But it doesn’t matter, if the money is earned, the skin can’t be eaten.

Rice officially responded by saying that the original billion-dollar gambling was just a joke and congratulated the Red Letter mobile phone for its achievements.

When the netizens saw it, they all commented with excitement.

“Hahaha, have a face? Red letter is a cow fork!”

“The face is really thick. I still say that I will win before I lose. If I lose now, I don’t want to give money!”

“Tian Xiangshan: One billion? What are you talking about? I don’t understand?”

“This is the legendary dress is not the opposite of Cao?”

“I don’t pay back the money, I’m so sad! I’m on behalf of the big red letter to come to the account! If you don’t repay the money on the 10th, I will make a new ghost video to Bwebblog!”

“What’s BB upstairs? Hurry up and do it, just say a word, ask for a link! I like to watch the ghosts of Tian Zong!”

In addition to the official news of Rice, the official micro of red heart mobile phone is also kept by netizens.

“@Red Letter Official, Rice wants to pay, what do you think?”

“@Red Letter Official, career debt collection, 28 division, please click on my avatar for details!”

“Weibo sells films, help me to jack up, good people are safe for life!”

“When is the second batch of HX1 sold? I just wanna bought it yesterday and found it out of stock!”

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