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Bao Liren concerned about his viewer, they are all loyal mobile phone powder. His high evaluation made many netizens immediately decided to buy HX1.

There is also a special fan who specializes in privately talking about Bao Liren. This person is a friend of Bao Liren. He has known for many years and is also mixed in mobile phone industry.

After Bao Liren broadcast, he was chatting with him.

“Bun, what you said is true? Didn’t you intentionally help red letter to say good things?” the man asked.

Bao Liren immediately sent him a voice: “Old Li, we have known each other for so many years, do you think I will lie? The reason why I am so concerned is because I am telling the truth, or who else will see my evaluation?”

“HX1 performance is really good, especially for mobile game, it’s just a game console!”

“As for the money, red letter gave me a HX1, and there are thousands of labor costs. There is no other transaction.”

The man heard his words, thought for a while, and said, “Then you said, can this phone sell?”

“Of course!” said Bao Liren. “If you don’t say anything else, my observation of the mobile phone industry is absolutely first-class in China!”

“HX1 has a strong sense of mobile game experience, so it can be sold. And Red Letter’s production capacity is low, the first batch of goods is said to be 400,000!”

“Old Li, 400,000 units? Now several years? In 11 year, Rice 1 has just been released, and there is no word of mouth accumulation. It can sell 100,000 units a month. Now Red Letter has fired the ads so much, mobile game experience is so good. I can guarantee that these 400,000 units will definitely be sold out soon!”

“That said, is there a play?” The man’s tone was still hesitant.

“Hundreds of plays!” said Bao Liren. “I told you that this wave can be a little more sloppy and definitely sold out. If you don’t believe it, I will also go out with hundreds thousands with you.”

“Well, you have said this, then I will definitely do it. OK, I will estimate the budget and find you again,” the man said.

Putting down the phone, Li Xiang was busy, and he was talking to Bao Liren just now.

Li Xiang, a capitalist, is active near Zhongguancun in Beijing. He is engaged in mobile phone sales activities, but it is not so formal. In popular terms, he is a mobile phone scalper, specializing in mobile phone sales.

The news of red letter mobile phone sales, Li Xiang has long known, he also attending red letter mobile phone conference, and was very interested in red core generation processor and super Android System promoted by Red Letter. He thought that This kind of mobile phone should be very popular. If you can pick up a little bit of goods, you might be able to go out at a high price.

After asking the good friend Bai Liren, he was more certain of his own ideas.

Li Xiang did not know how many departments to ask for this time, and he asked in YY chat room of the scalper party.

“Old Li, are you really ready to use red letter mobile phone?” In Li Xiang’s YY chat room, one person asked.

“Red letter mobile phone? I don’t think it’s reliable! It’s too ridiculous and expensive! Lao Li, I advise you not to be embarrassed!” said the senior scalper Lao Zhang in the chat room.

“Old Zhang is right! HX1 is expensive, not necessarily sold out. If you can’t sell it at the time, hey, that TM has to be in your hands! Last year, Apple 8 has already misunderstood Laozi, and the loss of Laozi is thirty thousand!” Another oxen old Zhou shouted.

Li Xiang hesitated: “But the opportunity for making money on this new mobile phone is also great. I checked, the pre-sale volume of the first batch of red letters was only 400,000 units. If it sold well, after a month or two, I would just change hands, you can earn a lot.”

“The premise is that it sells well!” Lao Zhang stressed, “The market has changed too fast this year. Even Samsung and Apple dare not say that they can sell well.”

“Don’t worry, wait for the new mobile phone for the next month!” Lao Zhou advised.

Li Xiang hesitated and said: “Just be fun, I am a hundred-part, if the market is not good, I will immediately shoot, that is, the loss can not be much.”

“You can play it, don’t blame my brother for not reminding you!” Lao Zhang not much said, everyone has their own ideas.

Li Xiang himself is also very entangled, but still decided to dump the goods, because he is very confident in the vision of Bao Liren. Before relying on Bao Liren’s opinion on the mobile phone, the two of them had already earned a house in Beijing by selling goods.

The sales of HX1 on the first day were not high, and most of them were attracted by advertisements. They took the netizens who tried their minds, and then Li Xiang’s speculative scalper party also contributed some.

And those popular mobile phones, just after the release, will be eliminated by the fans and the scalper party. In contrast, HX1 does not perform well.

The most important reason is that most netizens don’t know the true performance of HX1. Some people think it is expensive. Some people think it is too ordinary and some people are watching.

But the real good things always show their own charm, especially when Red Letter invests a lot of advertising fees, and even there is a situation that Lu Zixin did not expect.

On the second day, on the third day, some praise began to appear on the Internet.

In the friend circle of program, a netizen named “Rain” has shown off the HX1 he just bought, and also has a screenshot of the “Eating Chicken mobile game” of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, with a text: “Listen to friends saying HX1 to play mobile game is very cool, I tried it, and it really happened for Eat Chicken.”

Below, friends have replied: “Like! Seek with Eating Chicken!”

“Local tyrants have changed their mobile phones? Ask for support!”

“[Smile emoticon] You are more than I give 103, more 1 points are tolerant, more 1 points are moving, more 1 points father to love you!”

“What mobile phone is HX1? How much?”

The rain has been brushing friends circle and enjoying the pleasure of dressing. When I saw someone asking about the price, he quickly replied: “This is from the game company developing “Desolate Battlegrounds”. The cheap one is 2888. I am the most expensive 5888.”

The friend replied: “Oh.”

“I am going, it’s hard to install it, why doesn’t it match?” The rain swayed through the channel.

Not only him, but also some people who are active on the Internet have experienced the power of HX1.

Gold’s right hand is a “King of Glory” anchor with more than one million people’s attention. He relies on live broadcasts and he earns a lot of money. As a mobile game player, he will be very fond of all kinds of mobile phones suitable for playing games.

When HX1 came out, he bought one and then unpacked it in the live room to experience it on the spot.

In the end of the game, the king’s game ended, and the right hand of gold played the record of Super God. On the barrage, the screen full of “666” screen, and some fans brushed gifts.

“It’s so cool!” Gold’s right hand excitedly said, “This mobile phone has a strong sense of playing. I have more than a dozen mobile phones. I feel that when I play mobile games, I am most comfortable is this Red letter. The mobile phone is so comfortable to play mobile games!”

He has experienced it a few times and is getting more and more handy and his record is particularly good.

“Brothers, can I still use this technology? I have already told you that I am a technology anchor, not an entertainment anchor! I saw no, I won five games!” The gold right hand boasted in the live room.

Someone shouted: “The anchor is inflated! It’s not on a new phone!”

Referring to the mobile phone, the right hand of gold said: “This mobile phone plays mobile game, let me find the feeling of playing the bully game console when I was young!”

“666, God Little Overlord!”

“Little fighter mobile?”

“Small bully out of mobile phone?” Some people are unknown, so pass it, the netizens actually called HX1 the bully mobile game machine.

When Lu Zixin knew the title, it was a bit unexpected. For HX1, what he thought before was to start first, and then slowly develop other functions.

Who knows red core generation processor plus the Android System, which is so suitable for mobile games, but also famous with mobile game! He really has a relationship with the mobile game!

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