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The underground of Urahara Shop is a huge Space that is not inferior to the Space under the Visored Legion warehouse.

When Xia Yan arrived here, Kurosaki ichigo, Ishida Uryū, Sado Yasutora and Inoue Orihime had gathered.

After entering the store, Xia Yan put the hood on, and the figure gradually disappeared.

Xia Yan used many times this black cloaks and found this to be an artifact. The black cloak invented by Kisuke Urahara could have eliminated Reiatsu, and then Aizen added Kido to make it invisible.

As long as you don’t make a sound, you won’t be noticed by others.

Xia Yan does not show a form, in order to be undetected, Xia Yan will start his own plan after Kurosaki ichigo attracting attention in him.

Into the store, Xia Yan walked to Kisuke Urahara behind and patted him on the shoulder.

Kisuke Urahara nodded and said, “Okay, it’s not early, let’s go.”

Kisuke Urahara said, snapping a finger and seeing three large strips of boulder appearing in the surrounding Space. These boulders fell on the ground and formed a stone gate.

This is Senkaimon. To go to the Soul Society, you must pass this door, but the device cannot enter Soul Society, so you need to convert the device into Reishi.

Kurosaki ichigo was in a hurry and said, “Let’s go.”

Kisuke Urahara looked serious and said: “The following is the point. After the opening of the gate, there are only four minutes. When the time is over, you will be left in break forever. And there are still restrictions on the break-off. Once they are wrapped up, it is difficult for you to leave Dangai within the specified time. Moreover, there is still a seven-day detention in the squad, and when it comes to arrest, if it is caught up, it will only be dead. ”

“So after entering the gate, you must follow me closely.”

The black cat, which was Yoruichi, said next to it, “Are you ready? This time entering Soul Society, it is likely to die.”

“Of course, I will definitely save Rukia.”

Kurosaki ichigo said firmly.

“Let’s get started.”

Kisuke Urahara and Tsukabishi Tessai respectively pass through the sides of the gate, each using Kido, pressing on nearby ground.


The white light was shining through the door, and Yoruichi said: “Come on.”

Yoruichi first rushed into the gate, and the figure disappeared. Kurosaki ichigo also followed behind.

Xia Yan is the last one to enter. He appeared in a long passage, and the two sides were constantly squeezing.


Yoruichi shouted, running at the front, and next to her, Xia Yan followed easily.

The danger of Dangai is not great. As long as full power runs, you can avoid the entanglement of restraint.

However, Ishida Uryū’s cloak was too long and was quickly confined to entanglement. Kurosaki ichigo wanted to rescue him with Zanpakuto and was stopped by Yoruichi. “Don’t use Zanpakuto, the use of Reiatsu will accelerate the entanglement of restraint.”

Just as he was detaining some of Ishida Uryu cloak, Sado Yasutora came over and pulled his cloak down and stared at him.


Just when six men rushed, int the distant Seireitei, issued a warning signal.

“The west side of outer area has infiltration reaction, and a warning order is issued from three areas to eight areas.”

This is because the door is not officially applied in Seireitei, and once the Space changes, it is discovered by Seireitei and then issued a warning.

Shinigami started the action and rushed to West Rukongai.


In Dangai, everyone is still running. At this time, in the distance, the sound of hōng lòng, a huge object rushing toward this side, occupying the entire passage.

“Damn, this is Kōtotsu. Run fast, don’t be caught by it.”

Yoruichi shouted, Xia Yan’s curious look at Kōtotsu, a little bit forward toward this side.

Xia Yan can feel the tremendous pressure from Kōtotsu, He thought that Aizen could ruin the desecration in the future, and some were amazed at his Strength.

Everyone was running wild, but when they were getting closer and closer, when they were about to meet, Inoue Orihime opened Santen Kesshun, blocking Kōtotsu, and then everyone rushed out of the passage.

“Finally reached.”

Kurosaki ichigo sighed and everyone sat cross-legged on floor. Inoue Orihime was reprimanded by Yoruichi for her rash action.

“Is that over there?”

After a short break, Kurosaki ichigo stood up and ran in one direction, and Yoruichi wanted to hold him, but he was still over run her.

The next moment, wooden door fell from the sky and blocked the way forward. A giant appeared in front of everyone. He was Ikkanzaka Jidanbō, gatekeeper of White Road Gate.

The next story was Kurosaki ichigo, who defeated Jidanbō, Jidanbō helped him into White Road Gate, but was injured by Ichimaru Gin, and then Kurosaki ichigo rushed to Ichimaru Gin, who was shot by the latter.

The style that everyone entered from main entrance failed. After Inoue Orihime rescued Jidanbō, everyone was invited to the home by local people and rested temporarily.

Yoruichi took them to rest and found Xia Yan and said: “To enter Seireitei, we need Shiba family Kakaku Hō, Shiba Kūkaku there should be no problem, but if Kūkaku brother, Shiba Kaien is at home…”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Do not worry, they will not stop.”

In the future, Jūshirō Ukitake decided to save Rukia. It was also because he thought of what Shiba Kaien would do if he was alive, and he came up with the idea of ​​shooting.

Shiba Kaien is the kind of person who will be disregarding the rules for his own people.

So now he must be running around for detention of Kuchiki Rukia.

Xia Yan told Yoruichi where Shiba Kūkaku lived, and now Shiba Kūkaku did not move around because of Shiba Kaien death, but also near the hills of Shiba Kaien practice, which is the North Third District.

Kisuke Urahara crossing door can only lead to West Rukongai, so it takes a long way to get to North Third District.

“The rest is enough, let’s go.”

Yoruichi yelled at Kurosaki ichigo and left the elders residence. Because of the change of history, Kurosaki ichigo did not encounter Shiba Ganju. Even if he met, he would not fight with Kurosaki ichigo because Shiba Ganju hated Shinigami.

Going to North District, it was only in the evening that they came to Shiba home.

“Is it here?” Kurosaki ichigo asked curiously.

“Yes, knock on the door.”

Kurosaki ichigo knock the door of Shiba house. Two burly figures opened the door and saw Kurosaki ichigo. they asked, “Who are you?”

These two figures are Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko, the family members of Shiba family.

At this time, Yoruichi jumped out, and Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko saw her and immediately shouted: “It turned out to be Yoruichi-sama, please come in.”

The two entered with four people and one cat. Xia Yan followed closely fromthe side and went to the backyard and entered the room.

Shiba Kūkaku sat cross-legged with a pipe in her hand and was smoking.

Seeing her for a moment, Xia Yan was a little excited. In 30 years, he once again saw Kūkaku sister and this made him very happy.

Yoruichi saw Shiba Kūkaku, smiled and said: “Kūkaku, don’t come innocent.”

Kūkaku said with a smile: “Yes, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Say, what help do you need?”

Yoruichi slowly said her intentions. When Kūkaku heard that their goal was to save the captured Kuchiki Rukia, she couldn’t help but frown.

“You are going to break into Seireitei?”

This time and space, Shiba Kaien did not die, but also became Captain, Shiba Kūkaku naturally does not hate Shinigami.

Helping Ryokan accident, this violates Seireitei regulations, the original work Soi Fon threatens Yoruichi with this, and Shihōin Clan is completely removed from the nobility.

Shiba Kūkaku did this, which inevitably affected Shiba Kaien and Shiba Miyako, so she felt a little troublesome.

When Xia Yan thought that Shiba Kūkaku would not agree, she smiled and said: “But Kuchiki Rukia used to be under my brother, and my brother is working hard to save Rukia. More importantly, she is the savior of my other brother. Although he is gone, I think he will save Kuchiki Rukia when he is alive. So I will help you.”

Upon hearing this, Xia Yan body trembled slightly, another brother’s savior? This younger brother she said herself.

Xia Yan has been to Shiba home many times and told her about his life in Rukongai. He introduced Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji.

I did not expect her to keep remembering this matter, which made Xia Yan very moved.

When Yoruichi heard this, she smiled and said: “You can promise me that I am very grateful, but can you let people rest first, I still want to tell you something.”

“Koganehiko, Shiroganehiko, take them to rest.”

Shiba Kūkaku shouted, waiting for the two to leave with Kurosaki ichigo.

Yoruichi only looked at Shiba Kūkaku and said: “Kūkaku, please don’t be too surprised to see whatever you see.”

“Surprised? What will surprise me?”

Shiba Kūkaku waved her hand and said with a smile.

But at the next moment, Shiba Kūkaku eyes were rounded and shouted: “Xia Yan, how are you alive?”

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