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The press conference officially began. Tang Gang first introduced himself and then gave a brief introduction for Red Letter.

“Many people on the Internet said that we are doing mobile phones, but they are just a boom. They are cottage products. Today I want to say, no, do mobile phones, we are professional!” Tang Gang finished, the appearance of red letter mobile phone on the background wall plan.

HX1, available in four colors. Black-like night, blue like a river, gray like a wilderness, pink like Barbie. The logo of red letter is clearly visible.

The operator played with the tool and patted the big screen.

Tang Gang continued to introduce, from the appearance, to the workmanship, design concepts and so on. These people have heard too much and are not too concerned.

Until he introduced the Red Core generation processor and the Super Android running System, the atmosphere of the scene was completely heated.

“Maybe our mobile phone configuration is not amazing, but this time, we have a red core chip with performance monster level, the same level of configuration, red core is stronger!”

“Red Core Generation Processor is a red core chip design independently developed by our Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology. I can responsibly say that its technical level has reached the international top level, and with companies such as Apple and Samsung. There is no gap!”

After Tang Gang finished, everyone in the audience showed emoticon that they didn’t believe, and even someone smiled lightly. The release will be bragging, this is the practice of Science and Technology.

However, those companies will not say that they have no gaps with Apple and Samsung. Everyone knows that the technology is still much worse than the domestic ones, especially the mobile phone chip technology. In addition to these, there is also a US. Qualcomm stands out from the crowd.

Tang Gang continued: “With red core generation processor, we have launched a new generation of Android mobile phone running System, we call it Super Android System 1.0!”

The people present are all insiders, and are very interested in Red Letter’s so-called Super Android System 1.0. They all know that Red Letter started as a software, and the hardware part was developed after the acquisition of Wang Tang Science and Technology. It is reasonable to say that the software field is stronger than the hardware field.

“Why is it called Super Android System? As the name suggests, it is beyond the average Android mobile phone System, reaching a new height!” Tang Gang said.

“Android System is the most widely used operating system in the mobile phone market. But it also has some determinants, such as more vulnerability, low security, or slow operation.”

“Apple’s IOS System, because of the advantages from Android System in these areas, has been chosen by many users. Today, our super Android System has solved the vulnerability of Android System 80% and above, and achieved the same speed as IOS System. It’s a bit of a combination of the two, this is the pioneering work of mobile science and technology community!”

After Tang Gang finished, the big screen behind him showed the running status and performance parameters of some Red Letter mobile phones.

Under the stage, the invited guests could not calm down and whispered.

“Is it impossible? Have they already done this?”

“Super Android System? Bragging! First what is the red core chip, another super Android System, the red core is blowing the cowhide. Our OP mobile phone has also studied Android software for so many years, have not done this! There is such a point, we have already crushed the birch, VI, and Rice out of Asia!”

OP mobile phone is also a first-class mobile phone brand in China, and competes with domestic mobile phone brands such as Hua, VI, Rice and Guangyao.

Under the stage, Tian Xiangshan, the CEO of Rice, frowned. There is also doubt in his heart about Tang Gang’s description, but he will not blindly arrogantly look down on his opponent. Even if Red Letter only achieved one-third of what they said, the “Super Android System” is also very powerful.

“Absolutely exaggerated!”

“Blowing so high, when it doesn’t have this function, how do they end up?”

At the same time, on the Internet, some netizens who watched the live broadcast of the conference also shouted.

“Also beyond IOS? Fuck is teasing me, now the conference will be completely a bragging!”

“Excuse me, IOS in mobile phone system is much better than Android, although it is not convenient for Android, but it is more smooth and safe! What is super Android System, I can only say hehe!”

“Is there really? I always think that the Android System is easy to use, if I have it, I will buy it!”

“Do you really believe in the upstairs? They are nonsense. When you buy a cliff, you are pitted!”

“Does domestic mobile phones have such a cow? I don’t believe it!”

“The red letter dog jumped into the wall, afraid to lose money with Rice phone? So you can talk?”

“Oh, my God! Oh, this excellent System, my dear God, this is the trophy of Mr. Thomas Chen Duxiu, who brought it here. Come, my dear Toms, this is you. Remember to use the Teddy’s Hand Sanitizer before touching it. This will make you look more solemn. If you don’t feel enough, you can still have an orange.”


Tang Gang continued to introduce, but most people did not believe it. Lu Zixin sat behind and could hear a lot of skeptical voices.

At the end of the conference, it was time to announce pricing.

The price of several type of HX1 mobile phone is displayed on the big screen. The low-priced 4.7-inch, 64GB version of HX1 is priced at 2,888 yuan/unit.

The high 5.5 inch, 256GB HX1, the price is 5888 yuan/unit.

This price, for domestic mobile phones, is already in the high-end. Generally speaking, only foreign brand mobile phones will sell this price after the price, quality, brand and tariff increase.

Red letter mobile phone, a new mobile phone without brand recognition, and no consumer trust, dare to sell this price, it is too outrageous!

You know, when Rice 1 first went public, the price was only 1999 yuan/unit, and their latest release of the sixth phone, the price is only about 2500 to 3000. Other more upscale mobile phones, the price of more than 4000, 5000 of the range fluctuation.

As for the more expensive mobile phones, they are not in the comparative range.

Tian Xiangshan saw this and couldn’t help but say to the representative of VI mobile phone next to him: “The price of them is a bit high!”

The representative of VI mobile phone nodded: “They are going to take the high-end route, this…”

He originally wanted to say that it was not wise. But considering that it was the scene of the press conference, He paused and whispered: “It is more difficult.”

The conference was okay, but on the Internet, netizens saw that pricing was not calm.

“The trough, so expensive? I might as well buy Samsung and Apple phones!”

“Rice 6 doesn’t dare to sell it so expensive? Why do they rely on what chip and phone system? I am teasing me! Not all Android System?”

“I have seen the configuration of the mobile phone. It is also normal. I dare to sell it so expensive. Do you want money to be crazy?”

“Fighting the street! Fighting the street! I announced that the red letter mobile phone is officially on the street!”


Tang Gang said: “Everyone knows that on New Year’s Day, our red letter General and Rice CEO General Tian made a bet. The bet is that HX1’s first month sales can reach Rice 1 original three months 10,000 sales.”

“Who loses who wins? I want to announce the answer soon. HX1 will be officially released on 1st next month. You can make an appointment on the official website. Please wait and see!”

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