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Jia Hai carefully sipped the tea and said: “The project in the development zone, we Baijia are sure to do the best. Many jobs must be troubled Mayor Tang and Chen Governors.”

Mayor Tang immediately stated: “As long as it is a reasonable and legal project, our relevant departments will definitely cooperate actively and contribute to the development of He County.”

After they finished their word, Chen Governors begin chat with Lu Zixin and said: “General Lu is young and promising. Have you ever thought about going home to develop? Do you want contribute to your hometown.”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “There is a chance to come naturally, but our Red Letter is not a traditional industry, and the focus is still on Jiangcheng and Pengcheng.”

Mayor Tang said: “We also pay great attention to the development of high-Science and Technology industry, and there are special preferential policies in the city.”

Jia Hai also took the opportunity to say: “The business of Internet Science and Technology is not good for me. But General Lu, actually I am dating you today, and I want to talk to you about investing in He County.”

He said that three people looked at him, Lu Zixin wondered: “What investment?”

Jia Hai said: “Of course it is real estate investment. It is like this. I took a piece of land in the suburbs of He County last year and prepared to build a high-end community.”

“General Lu, when you call me, I think of it. The community you said is really not found in He County. It is better for us to cooperate in investing in this high-end residential area. What do you think?”

He said this, Lu Zixin also has a little bit of meaning in this regard. Since it is difficult to find, it is better to invest in building a high-end community, so that the environment in all aspects, security and the like can do better.

As for money, this is not a big problem. The land in He County does not know how much cheaper than Jiangcheng, and there are cooperation with Baijia Real Estate. Moreover, the monthly revenue of the Red Letter game is not blown out, and investing in a community here is less than the money spent on investment in chip research and development.

Since Jia Hai mentioned this, Lu Zixin asked about some related aspects. Jia Hai had been prepared to say everything about it. Mayor Tang and Chen Governors, also naturally welcomed Lu Zixin’s investment project in He County, and the matter was finalized.

On the first day of New Year’s Day talks, all three parties are happy. Jia Hai said: “That is so fixed, detailed affairs, I let Xiao Xue contact with your Red Letter. Today, hard for Mayor Tang and Chen Governors in New Year’s Day, I am embarrassed. ”

“It’s all friends.” Mayor Tang said with a smile, “I wish you a smooth project.”

They said, walking out of He County Hotel. Before going to the door, Lu Zixin saw someone in the distance greeting him. It turned out to be his cousin, Lu Jun, who had been waiting outside.

Lu Jun can be mixed into the present, but also very eye-catching. Just after he learned about Lu Zixin from his second uncle Lu Yue, he immediately decided to wait for Lu Zixin here, maybe there is a chance to get a relationship with Chairman Jia and the two leaders.

Lu Zixin saw him and let him come directly. Lu Jun came over and quickly greeted the people present.

Lu Zixin said: “This is my cousin Lu Jun, doing some engineering projects in He County. Chairman Jia, I may have to trouble about taking care of him later.”

Jia Hai instantly understood what he meant and nodded: “We have more dealings with engineering project. Boss Lu, do you have a business card?”

“Yes! This is my business card!” Lu Jun quickly handed over his business card, see Jia Hai accept it, the heart is happy, it seems that the cousin is still loyal, let himself and Chairman Jia take the line, and later You can also connect engineering projects at Baijia Real Estate.

After sending away a few people, Lu Jun said with gratitude: “Zixin, I really thank you!”

He was embarrassed on his face, and he just shot his chest and let Lu Zixin mix with him to do the work. Who knows that it is the light of Lu Zixin, and I don’t say it so early when I know it. It’s really embarrassing.

“Nothing, brother.” Lu Zixin said calmly.

Lu Jun curiously asked: “I just read Red Letter from Baidu. This company is amazing! What is your position in Red Letter?”

“Well, general manager level.” Lu Zixin doesn’t say too high. Even so, Lu Jun still thumbs up and said: “Cool! It’s not the same when you read college. It’s ok!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “Get it, let’s blow here, no one is watching, go back and drink?”

“Drink! Oh, your cousin has even booked a place together.” Lu Jun said on his shoulder.


After this incident, several relatives naturally no longer say about Lu Zixin, but rather a variety of questions about Lu Zixin. There are also rumors that Lu Zixin has become a big boss, even the mayor has a three-point courtesy. From the beginning of second day of the year, the relatives who came to visit the door are obviously several times more than in previous years!

For this matter, Lu Zixin family is very speechless, but fortunately they did not say Lu Zixin real situation, or they are afraid that relatives and friends who cannot be beaten by the gossip will visit.

Lu Zixin returned to Jiangcheng after spending a week at home. The problem of housing, he is planning to establish a high-end villa community with Baijia Real Estate, and his home is definitely a special building.

Jiangcheng, Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd.

The current CEO, Liang Song, did not take a few days off, and came to company to work, responsible for the “super Android System”.

In R&D department, Lu Zixin and Liang Song looked at all aspects of Super Android System.

“The result of simulation run is that 1.2 to 1.3, which is currently at speed of average Android System, and the visual performance is significantly improved, which is greatly affected by hardware,” said Liang Song.

Previously, Red Queen data is that this super Android system can achieve 1.5 times speed of the average Android System. This speed is actually very exaggerated. Think about it, start a software, other phones start in three seconds, you only need two seconds, for mobile phone users, the experience is simply difference between Heaven and Earth!

However, this is only an ideal state, the mobile phone hardware can not keep up, resulting in a slow running speed. But even if it’s only 0.5 seconds, the experience is completely different, especially when running multiple mobile software at the same time.

“At this speed, plus our red-core mobile phone chip, it is enough for us to compete for the smart phone market!” Lu Zixin said from the channel, “Your job is to check for leaks and continue to more diversified testing and improvement. Once there is a problem, solve it immediately!”

“Well, this is the most important project of our company except Cloud host this year. I will personally stare and ensure the progress will keep up.” Liang Song said seriously.

“That’s good, I will hand it over to you. I will go to Pengcheng in two days to see the production of red letter mobile phone there,” Lu Zixin said. “Rice has been making billions of gambling on the Internet for so long. The new mobile phone has sold a lot, and our red letter has not appeared!”

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