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On the big screen, it is the photos and parameters of the Rice Mobile S2 chip, and the performance is improved compared to S1 series.

Tian Xiangshan explained with enthusiasm the function, as if this is a note, Rice’s technology has surpassed the manufacturers of Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm and so on.

The following reporter’s are naturally laughing and not speaking, the press conference is not the first to blow it! But then again, Rice’s PJ S2 chip does have something to offer.

This means that Rice mobile phones have already established a foothold in mobile phone industry, can independently develop and compete with other major brands.

On the barrage of the live broadcast platform, netizens also ridiculed: “Buy and buy, what you said makes sense!”

“I can’t buy it yet?”

“Open a price, how much is Rice’s new phone?”

“Rice is getting more and more cool!”


Tian Xiangshan is also quite proud. He said: “Three years ago, some people said that our Rice is a mobile phone without core technology, it will close down in three years.”

“For two consecutive years, our performance has indeed declined. However, last year, we independently developed our own chip, and our sales volume directly reached the top three in country and fifth in the world!”

“Now I can announce that Rice is not only sell mobile phone, but also a company that researches mobile phones and researches new Science and Technology!”

“pā pā pā…” The applause of the audience was thunderous, and everyone gave face.

The press conference continued, and the questioning session about the S2 chip was reached. Some media have raised some questions about Tian Xiangshan.

“Excuse me, Mr. Tian, ​​do you think that the sales of new Rice mobile phone with S2 chip will increase again?”

“Of course!” Tian Xiangshan from reply: “Our goal has always been the first! Although there are still a lot of gaps, we have been working hard in this direction!”

“General Tian, you mentioned before. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers, there are only a few companies that have the ability to independently develop mobile phone chips. Rice is definitely in a leading position. Then you have heard recently announced ‘Red Core’ of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology. What is the view of this chip? How does it compare to S2 chip?” A reporter raised a problem with fire.

However, Tian Xiangshan is not afraid. As long as it is not a major event, the more controversial the problem, the better the speculation and the heat. Previously, he had done a lot of work with the media hype.

“This question is a bit difficult. Mr. Zhu and Mr. Tang of Red Letter are now present. If I don’t answer well, they should come up and drive me away.” Tian Xiangshan made a joke, but there were only a few laughs on the court.

The camera cut into Zhu An and Tang Gang, and the two just smiled a little and did not say anything.

Tian Xiangshan continued: “I have also paid attention to the news of Red Letter. First of all, I congratulate. Then I offended Mr. Zhu and Mr. Tang. I personally think that we will be at winning chip.”

The reporter continued to ask: “Do you have any basis?”

Tian Xiangshan said: “We have long developed a mobile phone chip, invested a few years, plus more than one billion investment, and learned technical experience from foreign partners, and completed the development of S2 series chips. And last year’s mobile phone sales also took good achievement.”

“S2 chip is more advanced than S1! And Red Letter is just involved in this field, I think it should be more advantageous.”

He said that the camera was cut to two representatives of Red Letter Company. The reporter asked: “So, what do you think? Manager Tang?”

This reporter is deliberately leading the battle, but Tian Xiangshan and Tang Gang are not evading, and they all have the heart to speculate on the topic.

Tang Gang direct attitude clearly stated: “Although Mr. Tian said a lot, I can be sure that the performance of our Red Letter chip will surprise Mr. Tian, ​​because our chips are more powerful!”

The smell of gunpowder is too strong between words. The interest of everyone was lifted up, watching the two performance.

Tian Xiangshan said with a smile: “Manager Tang, we are also old acquaintances. we used to be peers, and I am still in the same industry. But we have to take a step first. It is not good to say a big talk.”

Tang Gang, because he has seen the performance of the “red core” chip, confidently said: “General Tian, don’t say too early. When our mobile phone is officially released, you will know the strength of our Red Letter.”

The two people were in a tit for tat, and immediately attracted the attention of netizens.

“Play one, fight one!”

“Business tears, face friends!”

“Although Tian Xiangshan is suspected of bragging, I feel that Rice’s chip is even more powerful.”

“Yeah, I am Rice Powder! IMHO, the most cost-effective mobile phone in China is Rice phone!”

“Cut, that Tang Gang said so much, Red Letter did not dare to publish its own chip data. It must be no, just blow!”


Tian Xiangshan was inspired by Tang Gang’s words. When he first started working on mobile phones, Tang Gang had already entered the business. At that time, Wang Tang Science and Technology was several times stronger than Rice Science and Technology.

Rice Science and Technology also sought Wang Tang cooperation, but was rejected by Wang Tang. Now he, Tian Xiangshan is a well-known corporate tycoon in the country. However, Tang Gang failed to operate and turned to Red Letter. Now he dares to speak big, whether he is for speculation or face, he will not give up.

Tian Xiangshan said: “Mr. Tang, since you are so confident. How about making a gamble?”

“What gambling?” Tang Gang asked.

“In this way, I don’t want to bully you. Red Letter also wants to launch it’s first mobile phone. Our Rice has had its first mobile phone a few years ago. It is better for our two companies to compare the shipment of first mobile phone. See who is higher, how? Is Manager Tang interested?” Tian Xiangshan asked.

When the first mobile phone of Rice mobile phone went on sale, it was welcomed by consumers, and the next few models were rising. Tang Gang was hesitant because he had experienced a failure and his heart was a little inadequate.

Everyone looked at Tang Gang, but this is a big problem. Even today, the shipment of Rice One was very good, and now the market is more competitive. It is very difficult to achieve the grand occasion.

Tang Gang was thinking, Zhu An whispered something to him, and Tang Gang stretched his eyebrows and said: “Of course, gambling, but my General said, he came to gamble with you. Please help the staff on site, we General wants to speak.”

“General wants to bet! That’s fine!” Tian Xiangshan said quickly: “We waited a minute or two, and our staff immediately connected to General of Red Letter.”

In less than two minutes, the contact was connected. There is a mysterious “?” on the big screen, which is written by Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology’s current CEO Mr. Lu, but there is no name and photo, which Lu Zixin requires.

“General is really mysterious, real people do not show up.” Tian Xiangshan spit a sentence, then he said: “Hello, General Lu, can you hear? I am Tian Xiangshan!”

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