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Xia Yan speed is not too fast. After leaving the warehouse, he went outside. He didn’t dare to use Reishi, so he could only run on the body’s Strength.

He ran to the Green Mountain and spent half an hour before he came to the foot of the mountain, but did not see the trace of Misaomaru Kanonji.

Speed ​​is really fast.

Xia Yan did not immediately search, but quietly perceived and found that there were two Reitsu on the mountain, one moving and one resting on the mountain side.

The moving Reiatsu just rushed toward the resting Reiatsu point halfway up the mountain.

If that Hollow comes to the hidden green mountain, Misaomaru Kanonji will definitely encounter the opposite side, and he must rush.

Xia Yan thought, quickly climbed the mountain, and used his hands and feet to climb up the mountain.

When Xia Yan was about to approach the mountain side, Misaomaru Kanonji had already rushed to the middle of the mountain and met the static Reiatsu.


Xia Yan speed up the pace, slightly mobilized Reishi in the air, forming a burst point at the foot, and the speed suddenly increased.

He arrived

After seven or eight seconds, Xia Yan came to the vicinity where Misaomaru Kanonji and looked inside.

There Xia Yan saw Misaomaru Kanonji standing in front of a cave with a wooden stick in his hand, and next to the cave, there was a double-winged Hollow, next to him, there is a woman still breathing.

Still not dead, although the situation is not very good, but still alive.

“Hey, can you see me? I dare you to come here, just to leave you to make food.” Said with a smirk.

“Hurry up and let her go.” Misaomaru Kanonji held a wooden stick in his hand and shouted nervously.

“Let her go? You are also staying.” The Hollow flaps his wings and rushes toward Misaomaru Kanonji.

Speed ​​is slow, and the scale is a small hollow, even the students of the Spiritual Arts Academy can handle.

The Hollow sharp claws caught on Misaomaru Kanonji, and Misaomaru Kanonji quickly flew toward the side. After hiding, he went to attack Hollow body.


The wooden stick in the hands of Misaomaru Kanonji was on Hollow head, but the opposite side was unscathed.


The wings were swung and they hit Misaomaru Kanonji. Misaomaru Kanonji held the both hands in front of him, but he was still being beaten out and fell heavily.

“Don’t resist, die.”

The Hollow flight toward Misaomaru Kanonji, Misaomaru Kanonji propped up the body, his arm was weak and hanged. He looked away from the distance and suddenly stood up and ran towards the woods.

“As long as he enters the woods, he can’t fly.”

Misaomaru Kanonji thought, rushing into the woods.

“It’s so smart, so the opposite side can’t be chased.”

Xia Yan just wanted to shoot and saw Misaomaru Kanonji ran into the woods.

But the next moment, Bang, a tree was directly broken, and then the sound of the trees fell to the ground, the Hollow broken one tree after another, chasing Misaomaru Kanonji.

Misaomaru Kanonji location is halfway up the mountain, and the trees are scarce. After only seven or eight trees fell to the ground, the hollow caught up with Misaomaru Kanonji and pushed him to the cliff.

Misaomaru Kanonji stood on the edge of the cliff, looking at hollow in front of him, the whole legs were shaking, and his face was cold and sweaty.

“Brat, your Reiatsu is very strong, and it will become my food.”

Leave this sentence, the hollow fly to Misaomaru Kanonji.

“I don’t want it.”

Misaomaru Kanonji extended his hand and a light ball formed by Reishi flew toward the Hollow.

“What is this?”

He laughed and smiled and reached out to touch the ball of light, but the next moment, a bang, a violent explosion.

When the smoke dissipates, there is only half of the body left, and the dead can no longer die.


Misaomaru Kanonji opened his eyes, and look at hollow on the ground, some do not understand what happened.

Wait, it just seem to come out from me, is it my kill?

In the woods, Xia Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

He used Shakkahō at the last minute and kill the virtual.

Although Shakkahō power to giant is relatively small, it is enough to deal with ordinary Hollow.

“Mr. Misaomaru, you are fine.”

Xia Yan walked out of the woods and came to the opposite side, looking at him.

“How can I have something?”

Misaomaru Kanonji said proudly: “You didn’t see it, I killed this Monster, Hahaha, I can kill this Monster.”


Although I don’t want to let Misaomaru Kanonji find out that he is solving the problem, I feel very uneasy when I see you proud.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “That’s really big brother, Misaomaru Kanonji.”

“Of course!”

Misaomaru Kanonji hung his arms and said proudly: “Maybe, I can do some deconstruction work.”

“Besides the spirit?”

Xia Yan looks at Misaomaru Kanonji and blows up the blink of an eye.

Misaomaru Kanonji said: “Yes, I can kill even Monster and kill some evil spirits. But I need to think of a good name, um, it is called Don Kanonji. What do you think?”

Don Kanonji?

Are you Don Kanonji?

Xia Yan remembers that Don Kanonji in the future will be in her 50s, and now he is just 20 years old.

Xia Yan didn’t expected him to be one of the four great gods of the future.

“What, is it not good?” Misaomaru Kanonji quickly asked.

Xia Yan quickly said: “Good, this name is very good.”

“That’s decided.”

Misaomaru Kanonji waved his arm and said: “Yes, the little girl’s mother is found. Although the situation is not good, but still alive, let’s hurry to save her.”

Said, Misaomaru Kanonji returned to the cave, but seeing the appearance of Misaomaru Kanonji, Xia Yan could not help but say: “Your situation is very bad.”

Xia Yan walked to the side of Misaomaru Kanonji and helped him to pick up the little girl’s mother. At the same time, a recovery medicine was inserted into her mouth.

As for the US letter, the human body uses the recovery medicine, but she is not too heavy to go to the hospital.

Misaomaru Kanonji carrying little girl mother, Xia Yan followed and walked toward the starting point.

Two hours later, they returned to their original place. Yoruichi and the others have already been there. They have been impatient waiting, but when they saw the soul on Misaomaru Kanonji, the eyes lit up and asked: “Found?”

Misaomaru Kanonji proudly said: “When Don Kanonji is out, how can I not find it.”


The little girl saw her mother and ran quickly. At this time, the recovery medicine played a role. The little girl’s mother woke up and looked at her daughter and shouted: “I thought… I couldn’t see you.”

The little girl threw herself into her mother’s arms and burst into tears.

“Zhēn huì, you should thank them for saving mama?”The mother said with a smile.

The little girl immediately said: “Big brother, Big sister, thank you.”

Yoruichi  touch little girl’s head and said, “No thanks.”

Misaomaru Kanonji said with a smile: “It’s just a matter of raising your hand.”

Do you have a hand? Without me, you are dead now.

But in any case, Misaomaru Kanonji paid a lot, Xia Yan thought of Don Kanonji in the future, facing Aizen, still choose to come forward.

Although Don Kanonji has done a lot of ridiculous things, it is a good person in nature.

As he said, he is a Hero.



Misaomaru Kanonji, Xia Yan and the others said goodbye with the mother and daughter. After seeing them disappeared, he turned his body again. Look at Yoruichi and the others said: “Goodbye, you will become a Buddha soon.”

Leaving this sentence, Misaomaru Kanonji turned and left, disappearing at the end of the road.

Xia Yan looks at him step by step, bathing under the sun, just like wearing a Level 1 gold coat.

Xia Yan seems to have seen the birth of a legend.

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