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The machine brother saw the mini version of Iron Man flying towards them. He was angered: “Don’t dare to come over? Hit it down!”

Several brother’s brains suddenly control their drones and surround the mini Iron Man. The machine brother also took out a spare drone from his backpack.

“In any case, this is not worth the money. Labor money has changed with you!” The machine brother is ready to knock down the Mini Iron Man. According to his estimation, the other party’s stuff will definitely be even worse!

In the live broadcast room, netizen can see clearly through the fixed mobile phone.

The local tyrant who used to brush the gift immediately said: “machine brother, you dry it down, I will continue to brush a wave of gifts!”

Other netizens are waiting to watch the movie, and they are screaming: “Call it down and hit it down!”

“Mother, others have destroyed your machine brother no. 1, and you don’t take revenge?”

“This Iron Man is too arrogant, do him!”

The machine brother nodded: “Everyone looks at it, I will knock it down. Brothers, come together!”

After say that, they control the drone to siege mini Iron Man together.

It is worth mentioning that the rotor of the drone is actually dangerous, especially the one with a large horsepower.

The five drones surrounded the Mini Iron Man from five directions and wanted to knock it down.

Lu Zixin had only wanted to teach his brother. Since these people started attacking him, he was not welcome.

The mini Iron Man suddenly accelerated, rushing to one of the drones and punching the wing.

Bzzzt”, only a series of electric sparks, the drone was shot down.

“My drone!” the master shouted distressedly.

The netizens are not too big to watch the excitement, they are applauded: “Good!”

“It’s beautiful! It’s like watching a movie!”

“Iron Man takes the lead, take the next one, you can do it!”

“Who is this stuff? So good!”


The action of the Mini Iron Man did not stop, but suddenly turned and rushed to another drone.

“Damnit, see I screwed you with a propeller!” The drone’s controller yelled and controlled the drone to use the propeller to hit the mini Iron Man.

However, the Mini Iron Man was only slightly on one side, and escaped its impact, and flew up, punching its body and smashing one!

“Damn, I don’t play!” One of the controllers wanted to control their drone to escape. “My drone bought more than 7,000 yuan! This guy is too powerful!”

However, he was barely fell and the mini Iron Man smashed his drone.

The machine brother said: “Afraid of a hair, destroy it, there should be a serial number on it, find him to lose money!”

He said, directly hit the mini Iron Man with his spare machine, this time it actually hit!

However, the effect was not as good as he thought. The Mini Iron Man was just hit by a little bit, then jumped onto its drone and used a robotic arm to break its drone into parts.

The netizens in live broadcast saw this scene sneer and laughed: “Hahaha, the machine brother is being labeled as a dog!”

“The anchor is still voyeuristic? Is it cleaned up?”

“Strong 1V5, this is really 666!”

“Where does Iron Man sell? I want to buy it!” asked the local tyrant.

The machine brother was angry and shouted: “You have smashed me, and there are a total of five drones for the water friends. Today, I have to blow it up!”

He said, he broke a branch of the tree next to him and hit the mini Iron Man.

A few people next to him were upset too, and they also went to the guys to fight the mini Iron Man.

The passing students are on the lookout and watching this farce.

The machine brother took the lead and took the branch to go to the mini Iron Man.

“I thought about it, you actually look for it!” Lu Zixin saw that the packing was not enough, just adjust the mode of the Mini Iron Man.

He turned on the electric shock function, adjusted to the degree of paralysis, and launched against machine brother.

The machine brother just raised his hand and looked at his expression, he was ready to break the mini Iron Man into a broken.

However, at this moment, he saw the Mini Iron Man lifting a robotic arm and pointing him at him.

“Well? Is it still capable of launching missiles?” asked the students on the side of the crowd curiously.

A current is emitted from the robot arm, right in the middle!

They saw machine brother suddenly shaking his body, his hair stood up, and his mouth shouted: “Ma… hemp… paralysis…”

Look at his appearance.

“Mr. Brother?” A few water friends next to him looked at him strangely. This situation is, is the machine brother charged?

When a person wants to pull him, he will also charged when he touches his body. He quickly retracts his hand.

Machine brother stood unsteadily and fell to the ground. The people looked at the mini Iron Man in horror, and no one thought that this small figure could actually emit a current attack!

“Machine brother, what’s wrong with you? Is it alright?”

“Do you want to call the police?”

“The brother was attacked by Iron Man? Damn, how do you call the police?” The crowd was forced.

In the live broadcast room, netizens also looked at it. This Iron Man actually turned the machine brother down! This is unexpected for everyone!

“Is machine brother hanging?”

“What did I see? Fuck, this slap-up Iron Man dumped his machine brother power! By, and the weapon System, this is the robot I have ever seen the most!”

“Is this not a military robot?”

“It’s finished, the robot has to rule the earth!”

The machine brother is still on the ground, the current paralyzed his body, but it did not matter.

At this time, the mini Iron Man actually spoke. It said in a mechanical voice: “You can rest assured that he is only temporarily paralyzed by electricity. You are on the lookout for help to report a policeman. This guy just used a drone to sneak a girl’s bedroom. This is The chip inside his drone.”

The mini Iron Man gave the chip to a group of students on the side of the road. Several students were still stunned and curious about the mini Iron Man.

“So small Iron Man, amazing!” and the boy asked curiously.

“Goodbye, everyone.” The mini Iron Man greeted him and flew straight into the sky, disappearing into the eyes of everyone.

The rest of the crowd still looked at it and exclaimed: “Now Science and Technology have developed to this point?”

“Want to have one!”

There are also girls reacting, and the disgusted brother said: “It’s too shameful to take a live webcast of a girl’s dormitory.

“I will call the police and grab the scum. Let everyone help, don’t let him run!”

The onlookers suddenly surrounded machine brother and other people. The water friends who drove the drones were not good. They quickly sneaked away their things.

The machine brother is in the same place: “The paralyzed group is not loyal, don’t take me one!”

In the live broadcast room, the people who had just took the opportunity to come out.

“Hahaha, beautiful, take this unqualified anchor away!”

“Report, everyone clicks on the report and seals him!”

“The robot beats humans, it’s amazing, my brother!”

“Old irons, 6 is not 6?”

“Give me a “cool” for my brother!”

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