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The arrival of Yoruichi changed the training plan of Xia Yan, so under the arrangement of Yadomaru Lisa, a perfect timetable was developed.

On the morning of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Xia Yan used the help of Kuna Mashiro to carry out the hollow training, at the same time to master Hakuda skills.

In the afternoon, there is a Ushoda Hachigen who teaches him Kido.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, it was Xia Yan and Yoruichi’s training time, practicing the assassination Shunpo and Onmitsukidō troops, and wind attribute and help Yoruichi to master thunder.

As for the afternoon of the three days, Xia Yan will use the magnetic field to exercise the body and study the Ability of Zanpakuto at the same time.

That is to say, seven days a week, Xia Yan only has time off every evening and Sunday, it is not hard.

Of course, the time in Seireitei, Xia Yan is also living like this, and does not feel depressed.

In the future foreseeable results, Xia Yan does not want to be a passer-by, want to protect the people he cares.

Therefore he must work hard.

The second day Yoruichi lived in the warehouse was Saturday, so early in the morning, she called Xia Yan to training and said:

“Today I am going to teach you Shunpo, and your Shunpo can continue to improve.”

“That would trouble Yoruichi senior.” Xia Yan yawned and yesterday night he discussed the contents of the jump magazine with Aikawa Love, so he slept late.

“Give me a Spirit point.” Yoruichi leaped high, and the cat’s claw hit the head of Xia Yan, and the latter hit a cockroach, and his head was sore.

“Got it.”

Xia Yan Spirit has a lot of sly look at Yoruichi and asks: “Yoruichi seniors, how do you teach me like this?”

Yoruichi also maintains the form of the cat. How can this form teach Shunpo?

When she heard Xia Yan’s words, Yoruichi reacted and looked down and said, “This is very simple.”

The next moment, with a bang, the black cat disappeared and there was a tall woman in the field.

A purple long hair, a pair of bottle eyes with golden eyes, white teeth in the open lips are eye-catching.

Of course, the most inconspicuous is the brown delicate skin and sexy body.

Full chest, slender waist, sexy hips and two long legs.

Why do I see it so clearly.

No clothes!!

Xia Yan immediately turned his head and shouted: “Yoruichi senior, you, you are not wearing clothes.”


Yoruichi glanced down, smiled and said, “I haven’t become a human figure for too long, forgetting the clothes.”

Xia Yan did not dare to look backwards. Her figure is very sexy. The height of one meter seven is exquisite and very attractive.

“Hey! You can’t stand this, you are still a little devil. ”

Yoruichi smirked a few words, causing Xia Yan face to red and said: “Yoruichi seniors, just put on a pair.”

Yoruichi grabbed her hair and said, “But I didn’t bring my clothes, what should I do?”

“I am going to get clothes.”

Yadomaru Lisa said in the distance, disappeared in a flash.

Xia Yan stood there and did not dare to move, for fear of seeing the fruit of Yoruichi.

Yoruichi came over and grabbed Xia Yan neck and said, “Did you not see the body of Soi Fon?”

Xia Yan’s head just touched Yoruichi’s chest. His face turned red again and said: “Of course not, Soi Fon sister will not do such a thing.”

My family, Soi Fon, will not take off clothes in front of others.

Yoruichi smiled and said, “Is it? However, it also fits Soi Fon’s character, rigid and serious.”

Yoruichi recalls the previous situation, always letting herself not do this, not doing it, it is too rigid.

At this time, Yadomaru Lisa came back. Delivered a set of clothes to Yoruichi.

“Sailor suit.”

Yoruichi loosened Xia Yan arm, took the clothes, and changed her clothes at the back.

It was learned that Yoruichi voice came, Xia Yan couldn’t look at it with his eyes closed, especially the sound of the rubber band on the skin, which made Xia Yan very uncomfortable.

After a while, Yoruichi said: “Xia Yan, you can turn around.”

Xia Yan turned slowly, but the next moment was scared by the scene.

Although Yadomaru Lisa is the highest of the Visored Legion, but only 162cm, and Yoruichi is 170cm, so her clothes are a little small.

The upper body is OK, but the chest is particularly noticeable.

The lower body is very exposed, especially the skirt, which can’t cover her underwear.

Now Yoruichi is like a little girl with a black makeup on the streets of Ikebukuro.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Or, Yoruichi seniors, you will change your clothes.”

Yoruichi waved her hand and said, “You don’t need it, you can do it, just training with it.”

Xia Yan can only move to Yoruichi by moving his footsteps. He can only look at her face and dare not look down.

Yoruichi said: “Your Shunpo is no problem, it is the regular footwork of Onmitsukidō troops, but it is not suitable for you. As we all know, Shunpo is a high level movement technique. It is poured into the leg by means of Reishi. With the ankle, the strength of the knee is opened and the body pops up to reach the distance. Both the help of the Reishi and the physical strength. But your body is too short, your calves are thin, your feet are not big, the frequency of your movement is limited, and the strength provided by your legs is too weak, so your Shunpo is purely a function of Reishi. If you want to increase your Shunpo, you need to improve the both legs strength.”

Xia Yan nodded, his body was too thin, and Shunpo needed to use the leg strength, so his speed has always had a bottleneck.

Just like Shunko and thunder, the amount of energy is also limited by the quality of the body.

Xia Yan now has a large increase in body, strength and defense by magnetic field, but Yoruichi does not intend to use this method.

Xia Yan asked curiously: “So how do I do this?”

Yoruichi said: “Have you ever heard of Quincy?”

Xia Yan’s eyes lit up and asked: “Yoruichi seniors, are you talking about Hirenkyaku?”

Yoruichi said with a smile: “Look at what you know, Shinigami uses Shunpo, and Quincy uses Hirenkyaku. The moving speed of Hirenkyaku is very fast, and it is more than the ordinary Shinigami, but at the top speed, it is not comparable to Shunpo. So after I studied Hirenkyaku, I gave up, but you can use it.”

Xia Yan frowned and said: “Hirenkyaku seems to be gathering Reishi at the foot, achieving the result of high-speed movement. Unlike Shinigami Shunpo, instead of relying on the body’s Strength and the R eishi to assist the body, Reishi sends from the body out.”

Xia Yan thought, flicking and jumping into the air, the focus of Reishi formed at the foot, suspended in the air.

Yoruichi praised: “Your voyage is very good.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “This is what my sister Soi Fon taught me.”

Yoruichi said with a smile: “The fly is cheap and the air is a bit like it, but it’s still a little different.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “It’s really different. To send the body out, you need Reishi to push it, that is…”

Xia Yan’s voice fell, and the Reishi at his feet suddenly changed. At the next moment, Xia Yan’s body rushed a distance and slowly landed.

Yoruichi saw this scene, eyes were rounded and said: “Are you successful?”

Xia Yan shook the shook head and said, “No, I failed. I have full power to drive Reishi, but only this result, even if it is simplified, can only jump further, even the speed of running on the both legs can not reach. This should be the difference between Reishi’s manipulation of Ability.”

Quincy can easily absorb the Reishi of the surrounding Space, condense the Reishi arrow, and use Reishi to form the high-frequency Tremor blade.

This kind of Reishi control Ability, which is free from the body, far exceeds Shinigami.

As Xia Yan and Tsuno Hiroshi are discussing, why do you carry Kido with objects? Why not?

The reason for the original was that the power was not comparable to that of Zanpakuto, and Zanpakuto could defeat the Quincy. Why did you fight with the method of Quincy?

The second reason is that Reishi is too expensive, and Reishi will disappear a lot during the conversion process. The Quincy can absorb the surrounding Reishi to the maximum, form a driving force at the foot, and form an arrow.

This is the unique Talent of Quincy, so they have so many tools to transform Reishi.

After the disappearance of the sacred text “Ability”, it is more like a transformation of Reishi’s Rule, releasing its own Reishi through the Rule, and getting different Ability.

Because of this, Hirenkyaku can only be used by Quincy. In the original work, only Kurotsuchi Mayuri, succeeds in forming a Reishi cluster at the foot to provide mobile speed.

Of course, the upper limit of Hirenkyaku is more obvious, although once mastered, it will be formidable than ordinary Shinigami’s Shunpo, but it is worse than Shunpo Expert like Soi Fon and Yoruichi.

So this method can’t be successful at all, which makes Xia Yan fall into distress.

At this time, Yoruichi said with some pride: “Of course it is very difficult to do.”

Xia Yan saw her look, eyes brightened and said: “I understand, Yoruichi senior, you are not letting me use the cheap foot, but instead use this method instead of meat Stamina. Reishi can be gathered not only in the legs, but also in the soles of the feet. ”

Leaving this sentence, Xia Yan’s Reishi spread to the both legs, and the surrounding Reishi gathered around the soles of the feet. The legs were slightly bent and the heels lifted slightly, leaving a gap.

At this time, Xia Yan’s legs suddenly straightened, and Reishi pushed forward, and the Reishi in the legs provided Strength.


The next moment, Xia Yan disappeared directly, speed was extremely fast, but the moment of appearance appeared, but it hit the rock in the distance and shattered the rock a lot.

The number of Reishi has not been adjusted well, and the time of the outbreak has not been well coordinated. Well, there are levels that can be improved.

Xia Yan got up from the ground and stood there thinking, ignoring the body’s injury.

Yoruichi was surprised and looked dumb. “This little guy is really terrible. I just said one thing, he found a way.”

Then Yoruichi corner of the mouth showed a smile and said, “It’s a great guy.”

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