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After the lunch break, at two o’clock in the afternoon, Xia Yan found Ushoda Hachigen and followed him to the basement.

There is Ushoda Hachigen standing in front of Xia Yan and asking: “What Kido do you master?”

Xia Yan replied: “I have mastered Hadō and Bakudō at  low and middle levels. There are only a few specific high-level Hadō and Bakudō.”

Even after Xia Yan was attacked by Ramirez, he began to learn other Attribute Hadō and only learned few.

Ushoda Hachigen nod and said: “High level Hadō and Bakudō, the resolution process will increase, not as simple as ordinary Kido.”

High level Hadō, in addition to Rukia and Shiba Kūkaku in Bleach, Captain-level Shinigami can be mastered.

For example, Jūshirō Ukitake, Yoruichi, Tsukabishi Tessai, Kyouraku Shunsui, Aizen, Kisuke Urahara and the others.

The exception is Kuchiki Rukia, which can use Hadō #70 Sōren Sōkatsui, Shiba Kūkaku can use Hadō #63 Raikōhō.

Other than that, no Vice-Captain has used high level Hadō. Even in Anime, there is Ōmaeda Marechiyo’s can coffin the Raikōhō.

As for high level Bakudō, there are more people to use, but at least the Expert of Captain-level.

Captain-level Expert Needless to say, the users of the Grade Captain class are Kira Izuru, Hisagi Shuuhei, Matsumoto Rangiku and the others.

There is also Kuchiki Rukia.

Kuchiki Rukia Strength is undoubtedly the thirteenth year of the Millennium Blood War, and she has already had Office’s Ability since the beginning of the original work plot.

Just being pressed by Kuchiki Byakuya, let her do some simple Quest, which is Human World.

In any case, at least the Reiatsu of Captain-level, sixth-class or so, can use a high level Bakudō.

But in addition to Rukia, you can use high level Hadō for Captain level, which is the seventh-class Reiatsu.

After Xia Yan reached the seventh-class Reiatsu, he could chant high level Bakudō and high level Hadō, but only a few.

Ushoda Hachigen also asked: “How do you do to abandon the process of chanting?”

Xia Yan told him about the ritual, rhythm and perception of thinking from his theory. After listening to it, the latter had some accidents and asked: “Is this taught to you?”

Xia Yan replied: “This is my own thinking, and the explanation of the teacher of Kido class.”

Ushoda Hachigen nod, and he said: “The direction is right, and it is the essence of Kido’s abandonment of chanting. But the higher the level of Kido, the more difficult it is to master, even if it is a chanting version, it needs constant training, and discards the chanting. In the process of simplifying the steps, there is a slight mistake in itself, which may cause Kido to fail or weaken.”

Xia Yan took it for granted and said: “Yes, I can use two high level Hadō without chanting, Raikōhō  and Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō. The former is the lowest level of the highest level Hadō, the latter because I can simulate it with Zanpakuto, so I can use it without chanting. As for Sōren Sōkatsui, Zangerin, Kurohitsugi, only Sōren Sōkatsui can without chanting, but only a quarter of the power.”

Ushoda Hachigen said: “Hadō One quarter of the power is too weak, at least one-third of the power, or even one-half of the power. As for the binding strength of Bakudō, high level Bakudō, you must have 60% of chanting version.

“One-half, sixty percent, can this be done?”

Xia Yan had some accidents and said: “You can Shunko, and the power of such a formidable can be used as the main combat style. Aizen abandonment chant Kurohitsugi, and only one-third of the full version of the power.”

“One Third He is really amazing.”

There was some surprise in Ushoda Hachigen, and smiled bitterly: “Kurohitsugi is an exception. It is the last one of the high level Hadō, the first one before Forbidden, and the power is huge. Not inferior to Forbidden, if it is this Kido, I can only achieve one-third of the power.”

Aizen Kido rumor is not far from the two people, Ushoda Hachigen and Tsukabishi Tessai. He is the one who used one by one to use Hadō #99 Goryūtenmetsu. Even if Ushoda Hachigen and Tsukabishi Tessai, they only use Bakudō, and have not used Hadō. Of course, Tsukabishi Tessai still has time to stop Forbidden on space transfer. The presence of Ushoda Hachigen is also biased towards the Space regression class.

Xia Yan said: “One-third of the power, can already hurt the ordinary Captain. What kind of Hadō did we start with?”

Ushoda Hachigen shook his head, and said: “Hadō is learning, the first thing to teach you is high level Bakudō, especially if you have mastered the innocent version.”


Xia Yan looks at Ushoda Hachigen.

Ushoda Hachigen nod, and he said: “Bakudō is better mastered. Many Shinigami of the Grade Captain class can master the high level Bakudō. It is difficult, and the power is relatively large after being abandoned. It is widely used. But your Rikujōkōrō, Hyapporankan, Sajō Sabaku, only one-third of the power, too weak. Secondly, your fighting methods are endless, whether it is Hollow mask or Shunko, or Zanpakuto Shikai, the fighting methods are not lacking, so master Bakudō, with your fighting style, this can increase your combat power in a short time.”

After listening to his words, Xia Yan thought deeply that Bakudō is indeed more suitable for himself, and can be used with Kaminari. When the enemy is bound, it is a good way to solve the enemy with the thunder, the electromagnetic gun, Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō.

Ushoda Hachigen said: “Of course, the main reason is that I am good at Bakudō, not very good at Hadō.”

You are really straightforward.

However, it is true that there is no use of the forbidden Hadō, and only Bakudō forbidden is effective.

Moreover, his own tricks, such as the Eight Diagrams of Double Cliffs, which is the enchantment of the warehouse, are camouflage high enchantments, and the ordinary person will subconsciously avoid. Moreover, Ushoda Hachigen who has said that even Shinigami can’t solve it with Kido.

In addition, there is a stand-up applause, releasing multiple square-column enchantments, trapping the opponent, which can intercept the enemy’s body and favor the Space plunder.

In addition, there are Tozanshō, Gochūtekkan, Rikujōkōrō, four beasts gate, and Hachigyō Sōgai, all of which are Bakudō nature of Kido.

“Well, then I will teach you the first of the high level Bakudō, Bakudō #61, Rikujōkōrō. Try to release it first and target me.” Ushoda Hachigen said.

Xia Yan nodded, reaching out, aiming at Ushoda Hachigen, his arms waving three times, the next moment, Rikujōkōrō flying out, will have Ushoda Hachigen both hands fixed on the body.

But the next moment, Rikujōkōrō slowly melted away.

“This is?!”

Not being forced to break, but pure melting, a little dissipated in the air.

Xia Yan asked in a dull way: “Predecessors, how did you do it?”

Ushoda Hachigen said: “With the same nature, the same number of Kido offsets the Kido on the opposite side, which is a Kindo technique.”

When I heard this, Xia Yan gave a slight glimpse. Isn’t this the anti-ghost killing?

Yoruichi’s move to Soi Fon’s Shunko is nothing more than the Kido version.

If you master it, it will be of great use.

As if to see Xia Yan longing, Ushoda Hachigen said: “This skill will be taught to you later, but now the focus is on your Rikujōkōrō, the power is weak, only one-third of the power, gestures Reishi’s transfer style has some inappropriate places, and then I will tell you how to adjust.”

Ushoda Hachigen was to tell concrete way, and Xia Yan listened carefully and did not let go of the slightest content.

Vice Kidō Chief level teacher, personally turtoring, Xia Yan may only encounter this one time in this life.

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