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The space where Xia Yan controls Hollowfication is the underground location of the Visored Legion stronghold, which opens up a huge space and a warehouse on the ground.

The warehouse is very large and closed by the enchantment. If you don’t get the approval of Ushoda Hachigen, you can’t enter the enchantment. Only the completion skill that Inoue Orihime has mastered is similar to that of Ushoda Hachigen, and can’t be blocked from outer.

The warehouse is divided into many areas, and the direction of the gate is very empty, only a green sofa.

The building was originally a duplex building with many layers, but the walls of each Level 1 were only removed, only Level 1 ruins were broken in the direction opposite the gate.

There is an engineering ladder behind the sofa, which extends to the other end of the wall. It is divided into upper and lower floors. There are several rooms. The upper floor is the room of Sarugaki Hiyori, Yadomaru Lisa and Kuna Mashiro.

The lower floor is the room for men such as Hirako Shinji and Aikawa Love.

Hirako Shinji pointed to the top and said: “The room below is full, you have to live on it.”

Xia Yan nodded and said, “Okay.”

Sarugaki Hiyori immediately said: “How can this be done, what if he runs into our room in the middle of the night?”

Kuna Mashiro scraped her head and said Xia Yan: “Do you want to find us in the middle of the night?”

Yadomaru Lisa face was red and said softly: “Is there any position to think about?”


Xia Yan heard that their words, and quickly said: “I will not go to your room.”

Sarugaki Hiyori said: “What do you mean by this, are we not tempting in our eyes?”

“Of course, all three are very cute and beautiful.”

Xia Yan said quickly, and Sarugaki Hiyori nodded, saying: “This is almost the same.”

“You said that Mashiro is cute, Lisa is pretty, but Hiyori is cute?”

Hirako Shinji laughed, but the next moment, awkwardly, Hirako Shinji was directly beaten out, three turns in the air, and fell to the ground.

I saw it, the classic seven hundred and twenty degrees back spin.

“Well, let me introduce you to other places.”

Muguruma Kensei said, pointing to the opposite side: “There is a fitness area, there are many fitness equipment, you can exercise your body with me.”

Muguruma Kensei is the most developed muscle in Visored Legion. He likes fitness most. When he was in 9th Division, the 9th Division was like gangster.

Xia Yan said: “I will.”

Then he pointed to the distance and said: “That is the leisure area, there is human world television or something. Basically these are the things.”

Hirako Shinji ended the fight with Sarugaki Hiyori and said: “We usually stay here, but we can leave freely, go where we want to go, but when we leave, it is best to talk about it, and we will teach you a way to hide the Reiatsu and avoid being detected by other people.

The Visored Legion at Human World was so difficult to detect by Shinigami for a long time, even if Grimmjow came with a subordinate and did not notice their Reiatsu.

Moreover, Hirako Shinji appeared many times outside, and there was no way to hide the Reiatsu, which was discovered by Aizen.

Xia Yan said: “I will follow the Rule here.”

Hirako Shinji said with a smile: “A very ignorant little devil, you should stay first and start testing your Hollowfication time tomorrow.”

Hollowfication time can measure a person Hollow mask, and the longer Hollowfication, the stronger the amplification in Hollow mask.

Among these people, the longest Visor time is Kuna Mashiro, and it took 15 hours to master.

And she is also a few Visored with white as the main fighting style.

Xia Yan still doesn’t know the time of his own Hollowfication, but it should not be like the Kurosaki ichigo, only eleven hours, at least as long as the author, can stick to three minutes.

“We take you to the room.”

Yadomaru Lisa, Kuna Mashiro and Sarugaki Hiyori took Xia Yan to second floor.

Pushing open a door, Yadomaru Lisa said: “This is your future room. But there is no furniture yet, and it is still dirty. You sleep on the sofa outside today, and we will clean it for you later.”

Sarugaki Hiyori said: “Hey? So dirty, I don’t want to clean it. ”

Kuna Mashiro wrinkled her nose and said: “I don’t want it either.”

Yadomaru Lisa sighed and said, “I will help you.”

Xia Yan said quickly: “It’s okay, I can clean it by myself, and I can provide accommodation.”

When Yadomaru Lisa heard this, she nodded appreciatively and said: “After cleaning, we will accompany you to buy a bed and some furniture, you can decorate it.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Okay.”

Yadomaru Lisa said again: “There is food in the house, there are some foods made by Reishi, but everyone generally won’t eat it.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I remember.”

“Okay, let’s go get the broom, I will clean it for you.”

Yadomaru Lisa said that with Xia Yan took the mop, broom, rag and other cleaning tools, and Sarugaki Hiyori and Kuna Mashiro left early.

“Yadomaru seniors, I can come by myself.”

Xia Yan saw that Yadomaru Lisa wanted to clean herself and said quickly.

Although she likes to read erotic manga, she is very responsible for Kyouraku Shunsui and in the future take over Captain position of 8th Division.

Yadomaru Lisa sat in corner and said, “Nothing, I just want to ask something.”

Xia Yan was puzzled. Until she entered the room, Yadomaru Lisa said: “You just came out from Seireitei, I want to ask you some questions.”

Asked Questions

Xia Yan does not understand, why should she ask him alone.

As if to see Xia Yan thoughts,Yadomaru Lisa said: “They have reached a level of dislike for Shinigami, and I am no exception, but there are still some questions I want to ask you.”

The Visored Legion was very disgusted with Soul Society. After Aizen was sentenced, Hirako Shinji, Muguruma Kensei, and Otoribashi Rojuro, three people made up for the Captain vacancy, returned to Seireitei, and Kuna Mashiro, back to 9th Division, served as Super Vice-Captain.

The other four chose to stay in Human World until the end of the Millennium War. Yadomaru Lisa and Aikawa Love also went back. The former replaced Kyouraku Shunsui and became 8th Division Captain, the latter replaced the disappearing Komamura and became 7th Division Captain.

They have a great dislike for Seireitei and Shinigami, and the first change will be eased after the battle of Karakura Town.

At that time, Unohana Retsu saved Sarugaki Hiyori and said they were companions, making Hirako Shinji move.

Perhaps her move is the reason for their willingness to return.

Among these people, Yadomaru Lisa opposition is much weaker.

Xia Yan said: “Yadomaru seniors just ask.”

Yadomaru Lisa looks at Xia Yan, asked: “How is the Kyouraku Shunsui guy?”

Kyouraku Shunsui? By the way, Yadomaru Lisa is originally a member of the 8th Division and Vice-Captain of Kyouraku Shunsui.

Xia Yan scratched his head and said: “Kyouraku Captain, rarely show up, but there is a lot of prestige in Shinigami. Others, I don’t know much. Oh, yes, his novel is sold in Seireitei. ”

Yadomaru Lisa coldly snorted, said: “He have a heart to write a novel, that is, it is very good.”

After that, she asked again: “Have you ever seen a little girl named Ise? How is she?”

“Ise Nanao? The predecessor is now Vice-Captain of 8th Division and the vice president of the Shinigami Women’s Association. It is a tough personality, but extremely gentle person.” Xia Yan replied with a smile.

When Yadomaru Lisa heard his words, her eyes were a little gentle and said: “It turned out that she has grown up.”

The relationship between Yadomaru Lisa and Ise is very good. Before the event the 71 years ago, Kyouraku Shunsui was sent to the front line. Kyouraku Shunsui returned to Division and met Ise.

At that time, Ise is still a child. It is the youngest Shinigami of the entire 8th Division. Every month, She will come to Yadomaru Lisa to make her read the book for she, but the result did not find her on that day.

At that time Kyouraku Shunsui comforted her and said she will be back tomorrow.

But the final result is that from that day, until now, even after 30 years, a total of 100 years, the two have never seen each other again.

Xia Yan thought of this, gently said: “Yadomaru seniors, she missed you very much.”

When Yadomaru Lisa heard this, the eyes were red and said: “I miss her too.”

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