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In the next few days, Xia Yan stayed in the hospital, Renji and the others visited Xia Yan and stayed here to take care of him.

Soi Fon went back to investigate with great interest, but the results were not found. The whole Seireitei took Kisuke Urahara as the object of investigation under the insistence of Soi Fon.

No one wouldn’t think of him before Aizen was exposed.

On the fourth day, Xia Yan arm has healed and his leg is still very serious, but he can already move his hands.

So Xia Yan wrote a letter and found a no-man’s time. He handed the letter to Unohana Retsu and said: “Unohana Captain. If one day I am framed in jail or suddenly dies, please read this letter. And hand this over to Yamamoto Head-Captain. Other than that, please don’t let others see it.”

Unohana Retsu took the letter and asked, “Is it related to your attacker? Do you know who attacked you? ”

Xia Yan touched his nose and said, “Yes.”

Unohana Retsu gently asked: “Why don’t you just say it directly?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Because it is useless to say it, no one will believe it until the evidence appears. And even if it is discovered, it is impossible to catch him, only to make him feel more vigilant ”

Unohana Retsu nodded and said, “But why did you give me the letter?”

Xia Yan looks at Unohana Retsu and smiled and said: “Only the prestige of Unohana Captain is enough to be convincing, and with the fact that I am framed, You can prove the existence of the murderer.”

If you now say Aizen name, it is impossible to catch him, and there is no evidence.

However, if you prepare in advance and then be framed, the contents of the letter will be confirmed indirectly.

The choice of Unohana Retsu, in addition to her prestige, there is Strength, if it is her, protecting this letter is not a problem.

Unohana Retsu put away the envelope and said, “I will take care of it.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “But if I suddenly disappeared, please Unohana Captain to hide this letter until I appear again.”

It is another situation that he is not framed. In this case, Xia Yan has prepared the plan, although it is not foolproof, but it can only be so.

Unohana Retsu said: “I will pay attention, but you should also pay attention to safety.”

From the words of Xia Yan, Unohana Retsu knows that things are not simple, and that they are laid out in their own safety, which is enough to prove that things are in jeopardy.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Thank you Unohana Captain, I will pay attention.”

“What are you paying attention to?”

A voice suddenly sounded and Soi Fon walked in with a paper bag.

The envelope in Unohana Retsu hands has disappeared, and Xia Yan did not see her movements.

Unohana Retsu said with a smile: “I just told Xia Yan, be careful not to let this leg touch the ground.”

Soi Fon walked over to Xia Yan and placed the bag on the side of the cupboard and said, “Unohana Captain said you have to remember.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “That is of course.”

Soi Fon looked at Unohana Retsu and asked: “What is the situation with Xia Yan, Unohana Captain?”

Unohana Retsu said: “Now there is only a leg injury. After a few days of healing and treatment, you can leave.”

Soi Fon look at Unohana Retsu and said, “Thank you, Unohana Captain.”

“Soi Fon Captain, you are too polite.”

Unohana Retsu said to the two: “I will not bother you.”


After Unohana Retsu left, Soi Fon took out an apple from paper bag, went out to wash it, and took out a knife. The knife instantly turned into an arc, but in an instant, the peel was cut and cleaned, and it was only cut. Go to the thin Level 1 and leave the perfect flesh.

Soi Fon hands control, It is one of the best in Seireitei, especially good at small operations.

After Soi Fon cut the apple, she handed the apple to Xia Yan, but Xia Yan did not pick it up with his hand. He opened his mouth and told you to feed me.

Soi Fon said with anger: “Your hand is good, eat it yourself.”

Xia Yan immediately said: “I don’t want to, if you don’t feed me, I won’t eat.”

Soi Fon frustrated and grabbed his hair. She was really helpless about this little devil. She looked at the door and saw no one. She said, “I will feed you once when you are lying on the bed.”

Soi Fon said, putting the apple in the mouth of Xia Yan, Xia Yan took a bite, chewing, the more I want to be happy.


However, But sad, Xia Yan was choked directly by the Apple.

“Be careful.”

Soi Fon sat next to Xia Yan and stretched out her hand to beat Xia Yan back. When he was alright, she glanced at him and said, “Not a child, pay more attention.”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon close-knit face, white skin like jade skin blows can be broken, Xia Yan can not help, move his head, kissed her on the cheek.


Soi Fon figure is stiff, and looks at Xia Yan, her face is ugly.

When Xia Yan finished Soi Fon, he regretted how could he kiss her. It is not the time, Soi Fon must be very angry.

Soi Fon eyebrows were picked and his face was gloomy. “What are you doing?”

Xia Yan said with a sad face: “Soi Fon Captain, sorry, I, I can’t hold back. You can hit me, or give me a few slaps.”

She has not fully opened her heart, too intimate moves will push her to the opposite side.

Especially during the time after the two held hands, the rumors let her take in the emotions that were originally revealed.

At this time, it is okay to open her heart a little bit, and slowly let myself completely replace Yoruichi.

But he did too much, and kissed her directly when her feelings showed a defensive posture.

Obviously I have resisted before, why didn’t I hold back this time?

Xia Yan forehead began sweating, seeing Xia Yan appearance, Soi Fon bottom of heart feels funny, this brat scared like this?


Why did he offend herself and feel funny, not angry?

And is there a little happiness in my heart?

But this kind of feeling can’t be expressed. Soi Fon scorned Xia Yan and said, “Look at you as a patient, I will bypass you this time. Next time, I will interrupt your leg.”

Xia Yan gave a slight glimpse and asked: “Soi Fon Captain, are you not angry?”

Soi Fon coldly snorted, said: “I am very angry, but there is no way, who told you to be hurt, hurry to eat.”

Soi Fon face was reddish and she placed the apple at Xia Yan mouth.

Xia Yan ate an apple and couldn’t help but reach out and touched Soi Fon left hand and grabbed her hand.

Soi Fon hands are small, her fingers are slender, her palms are soft and comfortable to touch.

Soi Fon body trembled a little, but did not break it, but let him hold, but her heart was chanting, because he was hurt, I pity him to let him hold.

She absolutely do.

Xia Yan did not expect that the feelings of the two men, because of his injuries and unauthorized actions, leaps and bounds.

But why?

It is clear that in the past four years, Soi Fon has not responded to his feelings.

What Xia Yan doesn’t know is that Soi Fon is still in a defensive state, but the object of defense does not include Xia Yan.

After fourteen years of getting along, Soi Fon has long been regarded as a close friend.

As described earlier, Soi Fon is a proud and pampered, and will be high-profile in order to cover up the real emotions.

How can she expose her true feelings?

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