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“Everything has its own advantages.” Su Zhirong responded cleverly.

However, Qu Siyuan is already aroused, and he is already very good among his peers. Returnees are high-profile students, corporate executives, with an annual salary of one million.

Isn’t it more than enough for a mere graduate student?

Qu Siyuan asked: “Little Su, does your friend have a job?”

Su Zhirong nodded and he continued to ask: “Where is he working?”

“It’s at our company,” Su Zhirong said.

“It turned out to be a colleague!” Qu Siyuan was surprised and self-righteous. “You’re from a new group? The company hired a group of interns last month.”

“Which department? Maybe I know their leader and can take care of him.” He said.

Su Zhirong smiled in her heart. If you let Lu Zixin know, then I really want to see how you “take care of” him!

But when she remembered Lu Zixin words of “bad taste”, she didn’t say it, but said: “If he knew, he would be grateful to you.”

“That is, of course, colleagues must care for each other!” Qu Siyuan finally found his place and was more confident.

Zhang Ting also touted: “It’s just that some of our girls don’t drink alcohol. When your friend comes, let him accompany the supervisor to have a few drinks!”

“Little Su friend hasn’t come yet, and you are already making him drink. What is he doesn’t want to?” Zhou Mei interjected.

“That won’t work!” Qu Siyuan said. “If he comes here, he has to drink! Otherwise he can’t take little Su! The rules still have to be followed!”

Zhang Ting said with a smile : “Yeah, which man doesn’t drink?”

She is looking forward to Su Zhirong’s friend getting drunk. This woman is so pure, it is not good for her, simply transfer the target to her friend, see that she can not be so loaded!

“Then don’t open the wine yet, wait until little Su’s friend comes over!” Zhou Mei sided with Zhang Ting at this time.

Su Zhirong smiled and said nothing. Qu Siyuan sat on the sofa and waited in a low-key manner. He was thinking about it, how can I show my strength, and make Su Zhirong male friend retreat.

Gao Lin, whispered Su Zhirong, she said: “Little Su, you shouldn’t let your friend come.”

“They’re waiting to get him drunk!”

“I won’t get in the way.” Su Zhirong was a little bit worried about it. I don’t know if Lu Zixin will appear.

“Little Su.” Gao Lin whispered: “Haven’t you seen yet? The supervisor is interested in you! You don’t have a boyfriend, won’t you consider him?”

“Sister Lin, be quiet, I wouldn’t choose him.” Su Zhirong felt some helplessness.

“Stupid girl, I am also happy for you. I know you have high conditions, but you can’t find a good man like the supervisor just anywhere! Can your friend be better than the supervisor?” Gao Lin said in a hushed tone.

“You will know when he arrives.” Su Zhirong continued to keep the secret.

After another two minutes of conversation, Su Zhirong mobile phone received a message from Lu Zixin, “I’m here? Which private room?”

“I will come pick you up,” Su Zhirong replied.

She said to the crowd again: “My friend is here, I will go greet him.” Then she went out of the private room.

In the private room, Qu Siyuan confessed to everyone: “The friend of little Su coming here, and the task of getting him drunk is handed over to you guys!”

“Leave it to us!” Several male staff members said with a smile.

Zhang Ting also took the opportunity to complain: “Little Su also does not give our supervisor face. Everyone gathers together and she asks friends to pick her up.”

“Her friend, can he compare with supervisor?” Zhou Mei said, “I will make him drink until he’s drunk!”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Qu Siyuan said this, but his heart was still somewhat proud. I am already a small high-level in Red Letter. If you are a Red Letter employee, you must give him me face.

Outside the KTV room, Su Zhirong soon found Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin also deliberately put his hair in a slicked back hairstyle and some expensive clothes put the look together. His whole person seemed very energetic.

“General, are you here to inspect us?” Su Zhirong played with with a smile.

“Yeah, I am here to take you back to work!”

“What a blackhearted boss!”

Su Zhirong led the way, she first opened the door of the private room. Everyone stared at the door to see what Su Zhirong’s friend looked like.

Qu Siyuan calmly sits on the sofa, this time must show his own gas field, shocking the comers!

“Is your friend coming?” Gao Lin looked behind her in confusion, only to see a young man coming over, who looked familiar.

“So late, you need to drink 3 glasses of wine!” Zhang Ting exclaimed loudly.

“Ah? Is there a penalty?” Lu Zixin just walked in and saw someone holding a wine glass in front of him.

Just as everyone saw his face, the whole room was stunned. They all showed an incredible face, and their mouths couldn’t make a sound.

In front of this person, who in the Red Letter Games Company wouldn’t know him? Founder, CEO, 100% shareholder of Red Letter Games, Lu Zixin General!

Like a legend, it took only a few months to establish Red Letter Game Company, which became a billion-dollar company, the CEO of all employees!

Now, he actually appears in front of them!

They have not seen Lu Zixin, other this occasion. Outside of work, KTV rooms, what did they want to do? Punish General Lu? They’re not crazy!

“Lu… General?” Zhang Ting, who was in front of him, shook his hand and sprinkled a lot of wine.

Gao Lin just greeted him. When she stood up, she didn’t know what to say. She thought that Su Zhirong said that her friend is just an ordinary young man. Who knows that this is the biggest man of the company! The object of corporate worship and admiration for women!

Zhou Mei covered her mouth with her hands to prevented herself from making a sound. The male staff members were even more overwhelmed, and they got the “command” to get Su Zhirong’s friend drunk.

But now, they don’t even dare to breathe, let alone go over to Lu Zixin.

Among for them, the most surprised one is Qu Siyuan. He was sitting calmly on the sofa, and when he saw Lu Zixin, he jumped up from the sofa reflexively.

He did not expect that the friend Su Zhirong brought was actually Lu General! The boss of the boss of his own boss! The character who decided his pay check!

If he knew earlier, he would never have spoken!

Qu Siyuan suddenly felt guilty, he just compared Lu Zixin with himself, and he was prepared to trap him and use his position to force him down. If Lu Zixin knows, isn’t that just asking for death? Offended your big boss?

Not only that, he also thought of a more terrifying thing. Su Zhirong’s friend is Lu Zixin, but what is their relationship? Is Su Zhirong the girlfriend of Lu Zixin?

If it really is like that, what am I doing – courting death! Is the General’s girlfriend going to be take his position?

If Su Zhirong or other colleagues casually report to General, his jobs can not be saved!

He can’t bear to stop working at Red Letter, the high salary, the development prospect is so good, it is hard to find such a good workplace…

Qu Siyuan really wants to give himself two slaps, why didn’t he investigate it earlier. He was upset but his face tried to squeeze out a smile and he said: “General, I didn’t expect you to come!”

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