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The strategy of Red Letter Games is undoubtedly successful. Within one month, the PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds” has surpassed Tencent Eating Chicken online game. Not only that, but foreign players are trying to download too.

Blue Hole, both felt dangerous, also deliberately lowered the purchase price of PlayerUnkown’s : Battlegrounds to increase competitiveness.

The Red Letter online game accelerator, also with its super high reputation, quickly became the number one online game accelerator. It can even be said that the online game accelerator has not reached this level since its birth.

Now playing game must open Red Letter online game accelerator, this has become a habit of players. Otherwise, they always feel that they have made mistakes because they did not open the accelerator.

The development of Red Letter game is also like climbing up with the rocket. The big capital smells the opportunity to make a fortune, and they all demand capital injection and are rejected.

The products have been developed and recognized by the market, and the company has entered a period of stable development. During this time, Lu Zixin was able to breathe a sigh of relief and hand over some things to company’s executives for a few days off.

He first called his mother and said, these days, he was busy with the company and had never contacted the family.

However, when the phone was connected, Shen Man inquiry was heard: “Son, did you win the lottery?”

“Mom, I never buy lottery tickets!” Lu Zixin replied.

“So how do you give home 100,000?”

“The company made money! Didn’t I tell you the last time? My company is a bit better.” Lu Zixin said with a slight sigh.

“Show off!” Shen Man heard the smugness in his tone and immediately criticized: “A little bit of smugness, be careful to fall to the head! This money I will save for you first, as a dowry for your wife.”

“Mom, don’t worry, you use the money first, not enough just tell me.” Lu Zixin stressed that in fact, he wanted to play millions at first, but with his parents personality, he was certainly not at ease. They have to come to Jiangcheng to see his situation. So first low-key, wait for a time to go back and explain.

“If you have money, you can buy a house. Now the price can go up quickly!” Shen Man continued to teach.

Lu Zixin promised, he said: “Okay, just like this, come back on holiday.”



After some chores were finished, Lu Zixin thought of Su Zhirong. She also entered Red Letter game internship for half a month, because Lu Zixin has not paid attention to her situation because of the development of accelerator a few days ago.

Now Red Letter Games Company doesn’t have its own building yet, and rented office building is divided into several floors. Su Zhirong internship department and Lu Zixin work area are not on the first floor, but in order not to cause some bad influence on her, Lu Zixin did not specifically look for her before, so even in the same company, the intersection of the two very few.

Lu Zixin sent a message to Su Zhirong: “What are you doing?”

He waited for a long time, Su Zhirong replied: “Go to work, don’t talk, after work and say.”

Lu Zixin is speechless and is terminated after saying a word. Is it so busy? He sent a message to Zhu An asking about Su Zhirong.

When Su Zhirong entered the company, it was Zhu An who interview and arranged.

“Boss, you still remember to have a sister!” Zhu An immediately spoke. “I told you last time that I saw this girl. You didn’t have any action for half a month. I have already got it for someone else!”

Lu Zixin replied: “Is this not busy? You said how she is at company?”

Zhu An replied: “Don’t say that this Su Zhirong is really a bit capable. She was internship in the finance department. After a long time in office, she discovered the vulnerability of the previous financial work and proposed improvements. It is a river. Big high students.”

“The last time my department manager was proposing, let me transfer her to our department.”

“It’s a bit powerful,” Lu Zixin said with emotion.

“What’s more!” Zhu An gave him a voice and said, “I can remind you. Su Zhirong enters the company, that is the company’s night pearl, bright eyes! Many male colleagues have a good impression on her. You can’t start again. Be careful lost.”

“Just kidding, brother is not shooting, is there anyone else in the shot?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Blow!” Zhu An said with a smile, “brother, let’s separate from the public. In the company, I will serve you and call you General. But I don’t really think you are good at chasing girls. Otherwise you are still a single dog?”

“hehe!” Lu Zixin retorted in the voice, “I didn’t find the target!”

“Excuses are all excuses.” Zhu An said, “Do you bet? If you don’t have a girlfriend in a month, how about giving me five days off next month?”

“Exposed? Actually, you want to have a holiday!” Lu Zixin said with a smile. He also understands that Zhu An is really tired in the past few months. Working overtime every day, it is time to let him relax.

“No more holidays, my girlfriend has opinions, urging me to see my mother-in-law!” said Zhu An.

“OK, no problem.” Lu Zixin agreed. “If I win, you and Xu Bing owe me a meal.”

“Yes!” Zhu An made a bet with him for a month.

Just after the cow was blown, Lu Zixin immediately asked at Black Technology Chat Group : “Big brother, how can I chase a girl?”

This time, two members are rare online. Tony Stark : “The sister still needs to chase? Usually the sisters chase me.”

Mr. L : “666, worship!”

Red Queen : “Is the lord entering the mammal’s estrus? [emoticon: funny face]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: vomiting] Red Queen, can’t you change a better statement?”

Red Queen : “Is the group owner not satisfied with the right hand? [emoticon: big funny face]”

Mr. L : “Where do you learn these things? [emoticon: What is stored in your hard drive?]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: you guess!]”

Seeing their signs of fighting, Tony Stark quickly interrupted their fight. He said : “This is actually very easy.”

Lu Zixin quickly asked : “Mr. Stark, what do you say?”

Tony Stark : “You only need to be handsome, rich and talented. Almost with my 10%, there will be countless sisters who want to spend time with you. How is it, is it very simple?”

Mr. L : “…”

Tony Stark : “haha, no kidding. The owner, what kind of girl you want to chase, maybe I can give you an idea.”

Lu Zixin simple description, Tony Stark said : “The girl who is not deeply involved is too simple. Just put her out and I will guarantee your success.”

Red Queen also interjected : “You are so troublesome, the umbrella company has an aphrodisiac perfume. Just let her smell, the group owner can mate successfully! [emoticon: meaningful smile]”

Red Queen just finished, the group prompts : “The group member Red Queen has been banned for ten minutes!”

Mr. L : “Adults talk, kids don’t interrupt! Let’s shut you down for ten minutes!”

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