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Xia Yan and Soi Fon special training did not end because Xia Yan can Shikai, but added one day, every Monday, Wednesday, and friday three days, they will take half a day to train.

One purpose of the training is to help Xia Yan improve the combat Ability. The second purpose is that Soi Fon needs a qualified opponent to spar.

Her Shunpo is the fastest in seireietei, Yoruichi and her battle in the future, Soi Fon hit Yoruichi several times, so Yoruichi wandered.

Then Soi Fon opened the Shunko, and Yoruichi opened Shunko too, and Yoruichi took off Soi Fon.

So at Shunpo speed, Soi Fon has no rivals in the current Soul Society.

Now that she has mastered Thunder Shunko, the speed is faster and she can hardly find the right opponent to keep up with herself.

In addition to Xia Yan.

Soi Fon shouted that Xia Yan came to the training and said to Xia Yan: “I hope that you will accompany me to train today.”


Xia Yan smiled and responded. It was rare that Soi Fon wanted to find a training partner. The first person she thought of was himself, and Xia Yan was a little excited.

“What a smirk?”

Seeing Xia Yan appearance, Soi Fon looked awkward and scolded.

Xia Yan immediately smiled and stood up straight, and Soi Fon took off her haori, revealing the criminal suit.

Soi Fon criminal suit is bare on the back, and the outside of the thighs of the both legs is bare, revealing smooth, fair skin, which is very tempting.

Xia Yan just glanced at it and twisted his head and pulled out his Zanpakuto.

Soi Fon nodded and said, “Let’s Shikai.”

“Let’s land, Kaminari.”

Xia Yan low sound, the next moment, the clouds in the sky, the lightning glittering.


A thunder fell and turned into short gun, and Xia Yan held it in his hand.

Soi Fon saw this scene and said: “Even if see your Shikai many times, it will still shocking for this to be the power of your Shikai.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “It’s just too eye-catching.”

Xia Yan said, with a handful of waves, the dark clouds in the sky slowly dispersed, and the Thunder disappeared without a trace, but the Kaminari in the hands of Xia Yan did not disappear.

Soi Fon eyes lit up and asked: “Can you dissipate on your own?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Yes, I can control the dark clouds and thunder of the sky to dissipate.”

The dark clouds that emerged after the Release of Shikai, is the expansion of the Zanpakuto, and for maintain it Reiatsu is required.

But the Reiatsu consumption is very few, and the above thunder can not be all their own Reiatsu, but Zanpakuto fly up to the sky, with control lightning ability, the same-sex charge of the air and material separation, in the air to form a live Heart, and then use Reiatsu transformation Thunder to form an electric field, electric field to accelerate the same-sex charge center, to form the results of cloud discharge.

This kind of thunder only needs Xia Yan Reiatsu to drive, and the power is huge. Even Zaraki Kenpachi formidable body will be covered with scars.

As long as Xia Yan controls the Reiatsu not to be converted into an electric field, it will balance the charge and will let the clouds go.

Of course, the loss of the dark clouds in the sky, there is no means of attack, Thunder from the dark clouds is very powerful, even if it is Zaraki Kenpachi, it must be covered with scars.

Soi Fon nodded and said, “Let’s get started.”

Soi Fon said that a huge amount of thunder suddenly appear on her body, gathering behind her back and shoulders then exploding. After the explosion, Strength poured into the limbs of Soi Fon.

Xia Yan controls the transformation of Thunder Energy and forms the Thunder bird.

“Be careful.”

Soi Fon left this sentence, and the figure suddenly disappeared. Xia Yan figure disappeared too.


In the sky, Soi Fon and Xia Yan collided together, and there was an instantaneous stagnation in the air.

Looking at the stagnant picture, Zanpakuto in the hands of Soi Fon squatted on Xia Yan short gun, but the two disappeared again in an instant.

This is the speed of Shunko and Thunder Wing, so fast that it is difficult to capture with the naked eye.

Shunpo is the top mobile skill, the moving process is difficult to find, and Shunko is faster, only when you play, and all use huge force, it will form a momentary stagnation.


Xia Yan short gun and Soi Fon’s Zanpakuto hit a dozen times in an instant. The last time Soi Fon Zanpakuto took a knife, the strength suddenly increased.

Xia Yan short gun was pressed underneath, and Soi Fon had jumped forward, a rushing palm, hitting Xia Yan lower abdomen.


Xia Yan flew out and hit the rock. The wings behind it touched the rock behind and cut two deep gullies.

Xia Yan slipped from the rock and felt that there was still a big gap between him and Soi Fon.

One is Hakuda technique, and the melee attack technique mastered on the opposite side is too much.

The second is actual combat experience, which Xia Yan can’t compare with many people, such as Shiba Kaien, will be conscious of no trap.

The third is speed and strength, and Xia Yan feels a bit slower than the opposite side.

In fact, Xia Yan can still be faster, so that the energy behind the thunder is greater, but his body can not bear.

Although Soi Fon is small, but the body is very strong, her training style is not just to pursue speed, but to pursue Strength.

She can stand upside down on the rock with one hand and do it in a few hundred.

The quality of the body is temporarily incomparable to Soi Fon, so the limited thunder energy can be sustained, and it is slower than the opposite side.


Xia Yan rose to the sky again and rushed to Soi Fon, and the short gun in his hand stabbed Soi Fon.

But Soi Fon suddenly lifted her left leg and kicked it up. Just before the short shot, she just kicked the gun’s tip down, but at the moment of the kick, her upper half was leaning, with the back, right foot Take out.

When the right foot draws in the neck of Xia Yan, Soi Fon’s own body has been inverted, just to support the Reishi focus formed in Space.


Xia Yan blocked Soi Fon slam with one hand, but was directly drawn out and squatted on the rock.

Xia Yan looks a little helpless. It seems that he is not only three aspects worse than Soi Fon, but also the fourth, that is, the control of the body and the single-use ability.

Her left foot was first proposed, and the gun tip was in the middle. This required a very high degree of accuracy. If it was almost, it would be stabbed.

At the same time, the body kicks out the right foot and also requires a very high control of the body.

Finally, at the moment when the reclining motion stopped, the focus of Reishi formed under the inverted body, which proves that she has controlled Reishi to leave the body for shaping during the first two movements.

Although Xia Yan has a slightly different speed and strength, in other respects, he is still a little different than Soi Fon. This gap will be magnified in the battle, and he will soon lose.

Of course, Xia Yan has not used thunder energy, but in such a fast battle, he has no time to convert energy.

In all aspects of the difference, I have no odds of success on Soi Fon.

However, now that Soi Fon has mastered Lei instant, he has already belonged to the upper middle level in Gotei 13th, and the old Shinigami who can defeat her.

And her mobility is strong, she can’t beat but she can play insta-kill.

Xia Yan Shikai lasts longer than some Captain, but once the Reiatsu is exhausted, it’s hard to win.

So you need to upgrade your Strength and let yourself reach a Captain Strength.

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