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When I got Zanpakuto, I also learned the method of soul infusion. By injecting soul into Zanpakuto, I can communicated with Zanpakuto, and then I got the approval of Zanpakuto. After I knew the real name of Zanpakuto, I can Shikai by calling the real name of my Zanpakuto.

Of course, if you want Shikai, many people can’t even get the graduation, but this does not prevent them from performing Shinigami’s work.

So after I got Zanpakuto, I was taught the soul infusion method and started other courses.

In the fourth grade, the cultural class has a lot of content, including the entrance to the gate, the hell butterfly, the introduction of each Division and so on.

In addition to this, there are theoretical teachings of Konso and Hollow Cleansing.

As far as these contents are concerned, it is already preparing for actual combat. If you want to become Shinigami, these are inevitable.

On the contrary, the first to third grade courses are purely knowledge-based and do not directly contribute to actual combat.

Xia Yan knows that these are very important and they learn this knowledge very seriously. But after entering the fourth grade, the most crucial thing is the train class.

The Zanjutsu and Hakuda two courses in the training class don’t need to be said. The Zanjutsu teacher and Hakuda teacher are from 11th Division and 2nd Division respectively. Although they have retired from the team, they have a seat. Strength.

But the most attractive to Xia Yan is still two other courses, Kido and Shunpo.

Xia Yan first is in Kido class, and Kido teacher is a member of the Kido Corps. Although 100 years ago, Grand Kidō Chief and Vice Kidō Chief were forced to leave the Soul Society, Kido Corps chose the new Grand Kidō Chief And Vice Kidō Chief.

And Kido teacher Tsuno Hiroshi is a member of the Kido Corps and their next teacher.

In the first section of the Kido class, Tsuno Hiroshi did not go to training grounds. Instead, he talked about Kido’s knowledge in the classroom. “Kido is a high-level mantra. It is a method of using Reishi to transform Reishi into various kinds of Ability. Kido is divided into three categories, Hadō, Bakudō and Kaidō. ”

“As the name suggests, Hadō is the spell used to destroy. Hadō has a great damage, can be turned into a Flame, can be turned into a Thunder, can be turned into a wind, can be turned into a dragon. Hadō has the Ability of the direct Attack enemies, which is the combid power’s combat power style ,”

“Bakudō is a spell used to bind enemies and defenses. It can be turned into a rope to bind enemies. It can be turned into a scepter to imprison the enemy. It can be turned into a smog to obscure the field of vision, and it can be turned into a light to cover the figure. Bakudō has a huge role to play and can be used to change the situation. ”

Xia Yan wrote down the words, the style of the battle is varied, and if it can be combined, it can play an unexpected role.

Ishida Uryū and Kisuke Urahara are good at using this style to deal with enemies through the embodiment of Item and different Ability.

Tsuno Hiroshi said: “As for Kaidō, it is a special treatment style, but it needs Talent. Not everyone can master Kaidō. Even the lowest level of Kaidō, most Shinigami can’t master it. Shinigami, who mastered Kaidō Ability, mostly joined the team, and a few entered the Kido crowd. So if you have Talent using Kaidō, you can apply for a special training course at the Spiritual Arts Academy. ”

“Of course, Professor Kaidō wants to teach you Hadō and Bakudō in the first half of the semester. Hadō and Bakudō need to chant, so you need to save time. If you are familiar with the spell, you can abandon the chanting, but id you abandon the chanting, the power will be greatly reduced.”

“Hadō and Bakudō is divided into Low-level, Middle-level and High-level and Forbidden. The order represents the strength of the spell, and according to the Strength of the spell, the 100 Hadō and Bakudo are arranged in order. The first 30 are Low-level spells, 30 to 60 are Middle-level spells, and 61 to 90 are High-level spells. Ninety-one to ninety-nine has been counted as a Forbidden. ”

“Low-level spells require a fourth-class Reiatsu to release. Middle Level spells require a fifth-class Reiatsu. High-level spells require a sixth-class Reiatsu. Forbidden, even Captain-class Reiatsu, few people can master.”

Xia Yan heard this and thought of only five people in Shinigami who can use the number of spells of more than ninety, namely Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Aizen, Tossen Kaname and there are Ushōda Hachigen and Tsukabishi Tessai.

Among the five people, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and Aizen added the intelligence of the genius Kisuke Urahara, which is in Soul Society, while Tsukabishi Tessai and Akita Yusuke were once Kido  Chief and Vice Kidō Chief.

Xia Yan knows that mastering High-level Kido and Forbidden is temporary, but Kido’s combat skills are diverse. The Low-level Kido and Middle-level Kido also have a formidable effect. As long as they work well, they can play a good role.

By cultivating Kido’s at the same time, you can also increase the Reiatsu by consuming and supplementing, which is faster than increasing the speed of Zanjutsu and Hakuda.

Xia Yan wrote down the content. Just finished writing, and a voice next to him sounded. “Is this content useful?”

Xia Yan saw next to him, a tall, body-savvy youth who leaned over his head and stared at his notebook.

His name is Sakata Harada, the young man who came to the sixth class on his first day and talked to himself.

Today, he happened to be sitting next to Xia Yan and has been harassing Xia Yan for a long time.

Xia Yan glanced at the opposite side and touched his nose and said, “It should be useful.”

Sakata Harada whispered: “Then you lend me after class, I copy one, and invite you to dinner in a few days.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Ok, give it to you, you don’t have to treat.”

Sakata Harada smiled haha ​​and said, “Okay, then don’t ask, you can save me sum of money, or i won’t be able to go this month.”

When he heard this, Xia Yan forehead showed three black lines. Although I really don’t need the opposite side, I would like you to repay myself, but are you so straightforward?

However, Xia Yan knows that he seems to be rough, very embarrassed, no brains, but the heart is good, very easy to get along with.

Many of the students at Spiritual Arts Academy are nobles, and of course the souls of Rukongai are quite numerous.

Xia Yan regained his attention and listened to the teacher about the course.

After class, Xia Yan handed the notes to Sakata Harada. After the latter took over, he smiled and said: “I will give back after class in the afternoon.”

Xia Yan nodded, took notes out of the classroom, went downstairs, and went out of the school building, and saw Renji, Rukia, Kira Izuru and Hinamori Momo waiting for himself.

Although he entered the fourth grade, and with them are not in a grade, they will still wait for Xia Yan to go out to eat with Xia Yan.

Xia Yan saw them, and I didn’t know how to be happy. I quickly walked over and said, “Let’s go.”

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