BSI Chapter 18 : Hado #1

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“The brave warrior, the chariot of iron, went ahead and broke through the darkness. Hadō #1, Sho. ”

With a low chant, Xia Yan right arm is flat, the right middle finger ring finger and little finger are bent, the thumb is open, only the index finger points to the front.

The next moment, Xia Yan index finger showed a flash of light, followed by a light blue shock wave flying from the fingertips, hitting the open space in front of him.

This flash of light has attracted everyone’s attention.

“No, it will be successful the first time?”

“The teacher just didn’t say that at least train for a while, you can master Kido.”

“Is it a big family of Disciples, and have learned Kido long ago.”

“Impossible, I heard that this brat is the soul of Freshman from the hanging area. How could he learn Kido?”

The students around me kept talking about it. Most of the students were full of frustration and surprise on their faces. Even Tsuno Hiroshi face was a little wrong.

The training class of Real Spiritual Arts is mostly linked together in two classes, with one and a half hours of lecture time.

This class is a Kido lesson in the training class, and Tsuno Hiroshi is planning to teach the students Hadō #1.

In the first half hour, Tsuno Hiroshi had first taught the chants and gestures required by Hadō #1 to the students below, and then used Reishi’s method to tell the crowd in 15 minutes. Finally, let them train themselves and tell them. You don’t have to be too hasty, it will take at least a few days to master.

However, his voice just fell, Xia Yan successfully displayed Hadō #1, this is a face.

Tsuno Hiroshi coughed and said: “Xia Yan, can you try again?”


Xia Yan raised his right arm and made a gesture. He sang: “The brave warrior, the chariot of iron, goes all the way and breaks through the darkness. Hadō #1, Sho. ”

With the chant falling, Xia Yan fingers bloomed again, and a shock wave shot toward the front. This time, the power is faster than last time.

Seeing this scene, Tsuno Hiroshi finally confirmed that Xia Yan mastered Hadō #1, which is really genius.

Tsuno Hiroshi looks at other students and said: “Xia Yan has mastered Hadō #1 and made a good example. Everyone also learns from him…”

When it comes to the word ‘learning’, the voice of Tsuno Hiroshi becomes weak. How do you learn this? Xia Yan succeeded for the first time. This is determined by talent. The latent talent can’t reach it. It doesn’t matter how to learn.

Tsuno Hiroshi had to say: “Everyone starts to train. If you don’t understand, you can ask Xia Yan.”

With the words of Tsuno Hiroshi, everyone in the classroom started to train, Chant and gestured, but could not stimulate the spell.

Many people couldn’t do anything about it. They thought of Xia Yan, especially Sakata Harada. The first one came to Xia Yan and asked: “Xia Yan, why have I been unable to succeed? Do i have anything wrong with it. ”

Xia Yan looks at Sakata Harada, saying: “Schoolmate, you do it again, I will take a look.”

Sakata Harada quickly raised his hand, made a gesture, and then chant, but after the chanting ended, there was no reaction.

Xia Yan asked: “Schoolmate, your gesture is wrong. The middle finger, the ring finger and the little finger don’t hold it so tightly, and the index finger is not straight. In fact, it is somewhat downward, and the thumb will tilt slightly.”

When he heard this content, he was able to follow the style train directed by Xia Yan. After the chanting ended, the index finger was slightly bright, but then it was extinguished, and no shock wave appeared.

“Appeared, appeared.”

Although only the light is shining, he was very happy to start the experiment.

Seeing this scene, other people gathered around and started to ask for advice.

“Xia Yan junior, my gesture is correct, but why can’t it succeed?”

“Schoolmate, your chanting speed is too fast, It is better to slow down a bit.”

“Xia Yan junior, my chanting speed are fine. What is the problem?”

“Sister, is your Reishi delivery style correct? When chanting, it is necessary to mobilize the Reishi with the body. At the end of chanting, the spiritual power should be cut off to avoid subsequent interference. ”

Xia Yan one by one answered the questions of other students, most of them with the help of Xia Yan, the finger appeared flash and weak shock wave.

As long as you continue to train, it is not difficult to master Hadō #1.

And Tsuno Hiroshi saw this scene, his face was helpless. The real genius was not to let other students swear, but to take away the teacher’s work.

However, Tsuno Hiroshi has a hint of hope in his heart. Xia Yan has a formidable Talent for Kido. Maybe he can pay more attention to it, and then he will be absorbed into the Kido Corps and increase the strength of Kido Corps.

It is important to know that after the departure of Grand Kidō Chief and Vice Kidō Chief 100 years ago, the strength of Kido Corps greatly reduced. Now Grand Kidō Chief, it is difficult to use Forbidden.

Tsuno Hiroshi has made up his mind and must pull him into the Kido Corps.

Xia Yan didn’t know the teacher’s thoughts. After he spent half an hour helping the students master the Kido, there were only 15 minutes left in Kido class.

Xia Yan stood there and lifted his fingers, but he did not chant.

What Xia Yan has to do is to abandon the chanting.

For Shinigami, both Hadō and Bakudō need to chant, but the stronger the Strength, the more skilled Hadō and Bakudō, the more chant will be abandoned.

Sosuke Aizen can abandoned the chanting of Hadō #90 Kurohitsugi, although the power is only one-third, but saved time.

As for the other Shinigami, They can’t do like Aizen to discard the High-level Kido chant, but the Low-level is still possible.

In particular, Hadō, Hadō #1 Sho, Hadō #4 Byakurai, Hadō #11 Tsuzuri Raiden and other below 30 Low-level Kido, most Shinigami can abandon Chanting.

Kuchiki Rukia, Isane Kotetsu, Hisagi Shuuhei, Byakuya, and Hinamori Momo have all done this.

Although they all turned to weaker when they gave up chanting, and the Reiatsu was not low, some were Captain and Vice-Captain.

Xia Yan feels that only by giving up chanting, can it be unexpected, and the tricks will be coherent.

Xia Yan hopes to give up chanting, but he can’t find a way, standing there thinking, but he doesn’t know how to start.

In the distance, Tsuno Hiroshi saw that Xia Yan stood there and did not move. Some puzzled, what happened to Xia Yan?

Why have you been standing there? Is it a failure?

No, he can hardly fail, and more importantly, he just gestures and never chanting.

There is an idea in Tsuno Hiroshi mind, isn’t it?

Is he going to give up chanting?

Tsuno Hiroshi shook his head, how is this possible, although his Reiatsu is enough, but if you want to give up chanting, you need to train thousands of time.

Even if you are genius, it can be done hundreds of times with training.

Although his goal is a good thing, it is impossible to do it. Xia Yan is just a waste of time.

However, Tsuno Hiroshi did not stop him, let him try it, fail a few times, and know that some things, not latent talent can change.

Hard work is the only way to success.

When Tsuno Hiroshi was looking at Xia Yan with a smile, Xia Yan stood there, his fingers lit up, and then an impact shot.


Is this successful?

There is only one idea in Tsuno Hiroshi heart.

Can I swear?

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