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The company is busy with the complain players of “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

“What the hell? It’s hard to take a break today, say two games, the server will blow up directly?”

“Garbage game, stop the machine without notice, Laozi even pushed his girlfriend’s date, and Nima waited for this news. ! ”

“small company is a small company, even the servers are doing well! ”

“Yes, it still expect Tencent game. Although the money pit, but whatever the outcome, the gaming experience better! ”

“look everyone, “Desolate Battlegrounds” official website of the game has been hacked, and now it can’t be opened!”

“Oh, a “cool” is given to them!”

The major game companies have noticed unusual places. There are also advertisers calling to ask and ask them when they can fix the game. After all, it has signed contracts with advertisers.

In the office, Lu Zixin is in urgent contact with Red Queen.

He is very clear that if this wave is resolved by the Red Letter game company alone, it will definitely hurt. It is better to help after finding Red Queen directly, once and for all.

After his chat with Red Queen, it was almost a second, and Red Queen appeared in the group.

Red Queen: “What do the group owners look for me? [Expression: doubts]”

Mr. L: ” I find you for a favor. It’s like this. The game you helped me made last time was very successful…”

He is also welcome, direct Give the story to Red Queen.

After Red Queen hear, she said: “This is definitely a malicious commercial competition. There are many cases in my database. [Emoticon: However, I have already seen everything]”

Mr. L: “Yes, so I want to ask for help.”

Red Queen: “Small meaning, wrapped in me. Wait for me for a while. [Expression: I will come back]”

Lu Zixin silently waited for the news. After half a day disappeared, the group prompted: “A red envelope was sent to you from Red Queen.”

The festive red pattern appeared on the interface of chat group, and Lu Zixin hurryed.

“You received red envelope by Red Queen, got a set of ‘advanced web server’, a copy of the “top hacker” skill book, “game upgrade patch”, “game PC version program”.”

The red envelope has a total of four things, each one is Lu Zixin needs it. “Advanced web server” is unit that builds the computer room, and “top hacker” skill book, as long as it learns, can resist the attacks of hackers by itself.

The rest of the program is about the game. One is a game upgrade, and the other is a computer version of chicken game.

As a result, several difficulties Red Letter game facing will be resolved. Not only that, but also the opportunity to develop!

Lu Zixin quickly sent a message in the group: “Thank you so much, great pride!”

After the red: “[Emoticon: sprinkle water]”

Thanks to Red Queen, Lu Zixin quickly began to act.

The first is the server. He wanted to take it out, but he felt a bit awkward. I went out for a trip and found a place to let Zhu An send a car to the server.

A row of exquisite high-tech chassis is placed on the ground, inside is a high-tech equipment from umbrella company, the performance is more powerful than Lu Zixin world of instruments.

After Red Queen modification, it can perfectly adapt to the modern computer equipment.

Zhu An took the truck of the moving company and came to the place where Lu Zixin said. He was full of doubts, Lu Zixin suddenly said that the equipment arrived, he still wondered, when did he buy equipment?

When he got to the place, he was surprised: “The equipment is really bought? Where did you buy it?”

“Take a friend to buy, good things. Immediately dragged to the company’s computer room, looking for a good structure. Transfer all the game data to our own computer room, and operate it yourself.” Lu Zixin said.

“OK!” Zhu An let people move the instrument, he also asked: “What brand is this? How can you not see the information?”

“You should leave it alone, and quickly greet you.” Lu Zixin said, “I still have a bunch of things, Leaving first.” Lu Zixin quickly returned to the company, handed over two game patch to Liu Tong, let him arrange the game upgrade, and encrypt the computer version of game program.

And Lu Zixin himself is to solve the problem of hackers.

In the office, he opened Black Technology Chat Group and chose to learn the “Top Hacker” skill book in his own inventory.

A stream of information poured into his brain. Lu Zixin had studied the Program Language Skills Book, and it was easier to learn this.

Three minutes later, Lu Zixin has mastered the top hacking techniques.

Lu Zixin came to the company responsible for information security, and several programmers are busy.

“How is it?” Lu Zixin asked.

When they saw the boss coming over, several programmers looked helpless and guilty: “There has not been found a way. The hackers have blacked out our official website and tried to attack the company’s internal network and steal our core information.”

“We have made it important Part of the network is broken, but this is useless. When the server is opened, the hacker will continue to attack. ”

The game is impossible not to operate, but there are few ways for the programmers of the Red Letter game.

Lu Zixin saw the official website, has been replaced by an octopus pattern, the octopus still waving the tentacle.

A programmer said: “General Lu, this logo is logo of the ‘Octopus’ hacker organization. This hacker organization is a bit famous in the country and has strong strength. They once captured the network of a famous network security company! To deal with them, we can only find foreign aid!”

“The foreign aid has come, talk to Manager Liu in the office!”

Lu Zixin went to Liu Tong office, and he was negotiating with several people. Those few people are from a famous information technology company.

“Bai manager, you are asking too much!” Liu Tong stressed, “One-time charge of one million, too high! And also to buy your company’s security products, too many conditions!” and the person called Bai manager is confident and said: “Liu manager, my price is very reasonable. The damage caused by the hacker will definitely not be only one million? As for our company’s network security products, it is also for your service. You will definitely use it later.”

“The other party is a octopus hacker organization. They are very famous in the hacker world. We want to solve it. It is estimated that it takes a lot of effort.”

Liu Tong thought for a while and asked: ” How long do you need to be?”

“I can’t give you an accurate time.” Bai Taiping said, “But we will do it as soon as possible.”

“How? Manager Liu said? I am a technician!”

Liu Tong is very Hesitant, the company’s liquidity is not much. Paying so much, you have to buy each other’s network security products, and spend a lot.

They have suspicion of looting and robbing, using this opportunity to buy strong sales, but Red Letter game is really no way. If you don’t solve it now, the loss will only increase.

At this moment, Lu Zixin knocked on the door and said directly to Bai Taiping: “Sorry, we don’t need your help now.”

“Well? Have you solved it?” Bai Taiping was shocked. Is this list? Just flying like this?

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