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How to get the trust of Tony Stark? Lu Zixin fell into meditation.

On the other hand, Tony Stark has begun to try to trace the network address of Black Technology Chat Group.

In the underground lab of a sea view villa, Tony Stark is sitting in front of computer and operating quickly.

“There is no abnormality in the firewall? I haven’t detected any other electronic signals nearby. How does this Black Technology Chat Group invade my network system?” Tony Stark fell into meditation.

“Jarvis, is there a clue?” He asked his smart housekeeper.

“Sorry, sir. I haven’t found any clues yet.” The voice of the electronic synthesis replied.

In the group, Mr. L tried to explain: “Mr. Stark, I just sent the information, please don’t doubt. I don’t have any malicious intentions to you, here is just a chat room.”

“Like you are in other networks. Like the chat room on the platform, Black Technology Chat Room is a more advanced chat room that can communicate information from different time and space.”

Tony Stark: “Do you think I will believe it?”

Mr. L: “ This is indeed hard to believe, but since aliens, gods, and mutants exist, why can’t there be such a platform? You can also use it as an alien technology exchange platform.”

Lu Zixin words let Tony Stark had doubts. Some of the words mentioned by Lu Zixin did faintly know some news.

The earth he is on is not so simple, and all kinds of strange events are endless. In comparison, this exchange platform is indeed not impossible.

In order to continue to win the trust of Tony Stark, Lu Zixin said: “Whether you believe it or not, in short, this is a harmonious communication platform, and there is no harm to you.”

“As a group owner, in order to show sincerity, I will send you a new person, a Red envelope.”

After that, Lu Zixin sent the random red envelope to Tony Stark.

“Red envelope? What is this?” Tony Stark was hesitant, wouldn’t it be a computer virus?

His computer information, but there are a lot of important information. For example, the confidential documents of Stark Industries, the manufacturing methods of steel nails, the reaction formula of the Ark reactor, and so on.

This item can’t be leaked! Many people are eager to get this information, including the military!

But he also thought that if the other party wants to attack his information base, I am afraid that I will get it early, and I don’t have to wait for it now.

So Tony Stark still ordered to opne red envelope, and only a picture was projected in the red envelope.

It was an architectural plan, and Tony Stark recognized it at a glance. This is the architectural picture of his father’s creation of the Stark Industrial Park.

On the side of the picture, there is also a sentence: the new elements of the reactor are in the building map.

“What?” Tony Stark was shocked. How did the other person know about this? He forced the small ark reaction furnace into the chest because of palladium poisoning.

This small ark reaction furnace is the source of energy for the steel armor and is also the one that sustains his life.

The effect is not good, and his poisoning situation has been deepened step by step. When the palladium element enters the heart, it is when he dies!

He studied countless methods and could not find results. He even gave up looking for, prepared to drunk and dream, and enjoy the last days of life.

No one knows this except him, and the people around him even think he is crazy. But this mysterious Mr. L actually knows and said such a strange sentence.

He looked at the architectural picture carefully, and the faint appointment seemed to be aware of something.

“Javis, zoom in!” Tony Stark yelled.

The structure of the building was enlarged, and Tony Stark mind flashed, and he said: “Remove all the extra decorations, leaving only the backbone structure!”

The intelligent system did, and what happened next to Tony was a strange structure. It looks like an atomic structure diagram that have conceived.

“Atomic structure map? Is this a brand new element?” Tony Stark shouted. Isn’t that what he is looking for?

Unexpectedly, the secret was hidden in the picture left by his father. The father had already discovered it! This is the most valuable legacy he has left for himself. If it is not the reminder of Mr. L, he estimates that he will not find it at all.

His eyes are hot, and if this element can be synthesized, it can solve his palladium poisoning situation. If there is a hope of living, who is willing to give up?

At this moment, Tony Stark is full of spirits, hope, just in front of you!

He quickly said in the chat group: “It’s incredible, buddy, if this is true, I mean if this element can be synthesized! I owe you a big favor!”

After that, his avatar went offline, obviously can’t wait to do research.

Lu Zixin also got a hint from the chat group.

“Complete the mission: win the trust.”

“Get the mission reward: group space is open.”

“Get it!” Lu Zixin breathed a sigh of relief. In any case, Tony Stark would not be hostile to this group at least.

“Can make Iron Man owe a person, haha, developed later.” His heart is dark, is it necessary to find Tony to play a steel mech?

However, Iron Man seems to regard his mech as a taboo, only friends who are born and died together are eligible to open one. If you blindly find him, I am afraid it will be rejected.

Tony Stark has been in offline for the next few days. Even with an atomic structure diagram, it is very difficult to synthesize a new element, and he is still thinking of a solution.

Lu Zixin is also continuing to be busy with the company. The popularity of “Desolate Battlegrounds” is getting wider and wider, and all work is underway. Company personnel must also expand their enrollment, and the office space is not enough.

Fortunately, I have already signed a few advertising contracts, and I have got a part of the advertising costs first, otherwise Lu Zixin really has no money to do these things.

These inputs are worthwhile, as expected, after more than a month, when the fees of some channels of “Desolate Battlegrounds” were received, and the growth of value-added services. At that time, Red Letter Company could reach tens of millions of water every month. At that time, it was the beginning of making money!

The company is developing, but competitive pressures are inevitable.

Other game companies have some moves, but it doesn’t matter. Only Tencent game is ready to beat them.

Tencent game released a news, and will release two good quality chicken games in advance. One of them is a genuine agent, and the other is a work of improvement. Under the control of both, it is ready to attack the “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

Not only that, Tencent also refused to cooperate with Red Letter games in any way, for reasons of review. They have removed the “Desolate Battlegrounds” on several of their game platforms.

The platform of Tencent has always been a big player in the flow of players, so that the popularity of “Desolate Battlegrounds” has been greatly affected.

In the office, Lu Zixin meetings were all serious, and the suppression of Tencent game has greatly affected them.

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