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1/3 of the week

Hearing the answer from the person in charge, Qin Zhijie was completely speechless! In fact, he also understands that inferior game of the Death Game Company is simply not comparable to this “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

But he was not satisfied with it. Lu Zixin left from him and beat his face before he left. It’s only a month now, is Lu Zixin company stronger than him? Then he hasn’t been white for so many years?

What’s more, he has been bragging with Ding Yu and degrading Lu Zixin.

Qin Zhijie was upset and thought: “A small game company, no matter how good it is, no one can see it. Sooner or later, you have to rush to the street.”

“You must go ahead, our game will be launched tomorrow, don’t go wrong.”

“Yes, Qin total.”


In university dorm, four junior Oil Stick positive Lie in bed playing mobile games, and it is chicken.

“I can’t play anymore, I am dizzy in this picture!” said one of them.

“Well, this chicken can’t be used. Let’s try another one?” The four are going to change for a new chicken.

“These are all brushes on the leaderboard. The above two are not bad. See if there are any new ones.”

“Hey, today there is a new chicken game, “Desolate Battlegrounds”, try?”

“”Desolate Battlegrounds”? Listen to this name, it is a garbage pirate game!” One of them disdain, “Look at the publisher, Red Letter Game? I have never heard of it.”

“Well, I think so too. Hey, Tencent The hand-to-hand games were launched only next month. I think they are still making it!”

“I have downloaded it, give it a try.”

Ten minutes later, the student who was the first to download was surprised: “The trough, the discovery of the New World. Is there wood?”

“You see, the operation is simple, the picture stability and clarity are particularly good, and you can carry out various operations!”

“I look!” The rest of the people gathered around him to see his operation, and found out.

“Conscience! There is finally a conscience eating chicken in the country! Just play this!”

“I have been dizzy in the shooting game, this picture is particularly stable, I feel not dizzy!”

“Do not explain, hurry to download black! ”


A forum for eating chickens, “Desolate Battlegrounds” bought a week of advertising space here.

“Another chicken game is released? Who played it? How?” This forum is a big fan of this game, so I am very concerned about it.

The second floor: “No, it is estimated to be a junk game, no need to play, wait for Tencent.”

Third floor: “+1.”

Fourth floor: “I will try.”

After a while, someone posted: “Try the “Desolate Battlegrounds”, this landlord with the guarantee of the festival, this is definitely the most worthwhile chicken hand tour so far, the details will be updated immediately!”

Second floor: “Look, what’s on the ground? The grounds of the landlord!”

Third floor : “Advertising?”

Fourth floor: “I don’t care, I just don’t believe, I don’t want you to hit me!”

Although there are a lot of gags, some people have been attracted to this, and they have tried “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

Unsurprisingly, as long as the demo, it is attracted to this game.

New posts: “! Niu Niu children too chicken to say I have done you!”Desolate Battlegrounds”, making conscience ah!”

“Do not blow not black, this new game is really!”

“Fertile groove, it really Is it a mobile game? Is it too sloppy?”

So many people posted, naturally attracted curious netizens to download the demo. Anyone who likes this type of game is left behind.

Time passed a day.

The next day, employees of the Red Letter game came to work as usual. The first thing they want is to know the download data for each platform, and the player traffic.

Yesterday, it was too bleak, and they were a little nervous.

“Data, how is the data today?” Zhu An hurriedly asked one of them.

The man refreshed the back-end management system and then showed a surprised expression.

“This data… too…”

“What’s too? Is it a street?” Zhu An and other employees are very nervous.

“It’s too exaggerated!” said the man. “As of an hour ago, our registered users have turned over ten times and over 10,000! And the growth rate has been increasing. Every hour thereafter, the number of players has increased geometrically. ! ”

“What?” everyone was shocked, only a few hundred people to play yesterday, today, tens of thousands of? And grow so fast? Is it going to fire?

But soon, they found themselves wrong. This game is not about fire, but to explode!

At noon that day, the download of “Desolate Battlegrounds” doubled, and the number of players has reached tens of thousands.

And because of the game’s excellent quality and innovative gameplay, word-of-mouth promotion has begun to ferment.

B station, eating chicken prince is the site’s famous one to eat chicken game video UP, fans have nearly 100,000 people.

He updated the latest video and is a review video of several chicken games. Commented on the ten chicken-handed mobile games currently on the market.

Then in the second half of the video, all the comments of “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

Eat the little chicken prince: “This “Desolate Battlegrounds” was recommended to me by fans yesterday. After I played a game that day, I couldn’t wait to make this video.”

“It can be said that this is the most perfect chicken game in the game market. The vulnerabilities, plug-ins, etc. that we often complain about do not exist in this game. And the operation is very user-friendly, and various judgment systems are simply It’s black technology!”

“I personally like this chicken game, so I recommend it to everyone. Interested friends can try it.”

The video below is a fan message. “Is it really hanging? Say, is it closed? the advertising? ”

“I went to try water! ”

“test the water back, very pleasant surprise! I’ve always felt inferior to end when the chicken hand travel tours, travel thought the hand can do so well! ”


micro Blog, there is also a famous game review number mentioned this game.

“Amway, everyone a new chicken game – “Desolate Battlegrounds”, this is a chicken game released yesterday, the production party is a newly established small game studio. But the game production is simply a domestic hand The conscience of game!”

Then, someone asked: “Does the game of “Desolate Battlegrounds” break the layout of the Tencent game about eating chickens?”

The answers below are naturally mixed, but without exception. The reason is that many people are beginning to pay attention to this game.

In the background data of Red Letter Game Company, the download volume and current registration volume of each game platform are growing rapidly!

In Internet age, information dissemination is very rapid. Once the word-of-mouth effect is formed, the propaganda will be much more powerful than the tens of millions of ads you put into it!

On the third day of the release, the download volume of “Desolate Battlegrounds” has already rushed into the top five of the chicken game, and on the rankings of the major mobile games platforms, it also rushed into the top ten!

This record is for a newly established company. Undoubtedly very amazing!

In Red Letter game company, there has been no duplication in the previous two days, and all employees have some excitement and joy on their faces. The achievement of this achievement has exceeded the expectations of most of them.

In the office, Zhu An and Liu Tong were happy and reported their data with Lu Zixin.

Zhu An said: “General Manager Lu, the current situation is enough to prove that our game has achieved initial success. As long as the operation is stable, it will generate a lot of profit!”

Liu Tong agreed: “As far as the current player feedback is concerned, this The game is set to fire. As for how hot it is, you have to look at the next week’s rankings!”

Lu Zixin nodded: “Not bad. But not enough, our goal is to rank first!”

“First?” The two looked at each other and some could not believe it. Can make the game the first in the rankings, it is simply exaggerated!

Liu Tong stayed in the game for so many years, and the game inside the game did not dare to say that the game he launched could reach the first place.

What’s more, is it still the same game that so many big game companies compete? On the leaderboard, the products of the major game companies are still dominated by the list! Moreover, several penguin games have to be launched, and at that time, the popularity is not good.

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