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Although no one robbed him, Lu Zixin still quickly rushed to the computer.

Group Tip: “Congratulations on getting the red envelope from the red queen, recieved the perfect computer version of the “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds” , “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds” Vulnerability Patch, “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds” Mobile Edition (divided into Android and Apple version), and the “Programming Language Skills Book.”

A large amount of programming data was stored in his mobile cloud file, not only that, but there was also a book in his chat group collection.

“Skill book? What is this?” Lu Zixin clicked on the picture of the book and immediately came up with a prompt: “Do you want to use the Programming Language Skills Book immediately?”

“Yes!” Lu Zixin chose to agree, and suddenly a large amount of information was pouring into his brain, storing some information that he did not have previously.

That information is about the computer and programming field. Originally Lu Zixin had some of this knowledge, but most of it was the bare-basics.

In the red envelope from red queen, the information was not only comprehensive, but also a high-end version!! It can be said that he was mastering this knowledge, therefore Lu Zixin has become a top software engineer! (Feja: I took 3 years of programming in school, could have used this.)

With his knowledge, let alone staying in this little Death Game company, its good enough to go to Tencent, Alibaba or to the foreign Apple, Microsoft or other companies!

Lu Zixin heart was ecstatic, he was like a hungry traveler on the riverside in the story. God took out a fishing rod and fish, and did not let him choose one, but instead gave him both!

For this game software, the resale price is measured in millions. The knowledge in his mind made him feel as though he had been reborn.

Lu Zixin was ecstatic and his whole person was filled with an inexplicable confidence. With this skill in hand, in this era full of opportunities, he will be able to make a grand future!

“Ha ha ha…” Lu Zixin couldn’t help but laugh.

“What is so funny?” Zhu An sighed. “Show me.”

“Nothing, think of a story.” Lu Zixin try to looks calm, but he was unable to cover the happy expression on his face.

He quickly thanked Red Queen in the group: “Thank you, Red Queen.”

Red Queen: “You’re welcome. I want to ask you, how does the function of the red envelope work?”

Lu Zixin naturally does not know, this is automatically issued by the chat group. At this point, the group prompt appears again.

“Group membership benefits are paid by the group owner.”

Red Queen: “I understand, there is a very powerful terminal behind you, in addition you are the person in charge.”

Mr. L: “It can be taken that way.”

She only talked for a minute, and then went offline again. Her time online was very unstable. Lu Zixin originally wanted to ask her, if her world biochemical crisis was already happening or not, but it seems he could only wait for the next time.

Exiting the chat group, Lu Zixin mind suddenly became active. Now that he had the vulnerability patch and mobile version of “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds”. What should he do?

This vulnerability patch, the company that needed it the most is definitely the Blue Hole company. Because of these loopholes, Blue Hole Game Company was being greatly affected by the loss of reputation and economic interests. (Feja: Can’t stop the power of word.exe)

The mobile version of the chicken (pubg), is a game that can surpass the original version, and is definitely a money maker.

Many game companies would be rushing to pick it up, and their own Death Game company would also want it very much.

Sell it to the Death Game Company? Lu Zixin was hesitant, as the death game company was not kind to him. After a few months of internship here, it was simply squeezing his labor force.

“Forget it, let’s think about business first. If I miss this opportunity, I won’t be able to let it go.” Lu Zixin thought in his heart.

At noon, taking advantage of the lunch time, Lu Zixin contacted the official of Chinese District of Blue Hole Game Company.

“This is Blue Hole Game Company, how can I help you?” The sweet voice of the customer service lady came.

“Hello, I am a programmer at the Death Game Company. I want to talk to your company’s manager about a cooperation.” Lu Zixin said.

“Okay, please provide some information about you to verify your identity, I will report to the leader.”

Before the verification, the customer service personnel would not believe Lu Zixin casually, lest he be a prank?

Lu Zixin provided some identification documents, and his employment information which can be found on the Internet. Soon, the customer service sister transferred his call to a responsible person.

“Hello Mr. Lu, my surname is Li , the secretary of Zhang Xiaofeng the business manager of Blue Hole Game Company in China. May I ask you about your business?” There was a male voice on the phone.

“Secretary Li, I have a patch for “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds.” I think your company should need it…” Lu Zixin said.

At the other end of the phone, the man frowned, he thought “Was that it?” It turned out to be a boring guy. Since the “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds” has become popular, a variety of people or companies that requested cooperation have emerged endlessly.

Good to invest in cooperation scams, evil agencies that want to maliciously annex (Take over) their company. For example like this self-righteous guy, he knows how to use technology, and wants to sell it to their company to make money. There are even some hackers that are developing cheats, and they want to use it to blackmail them, he clearly understood!

“Sorry, we thank you for your call, but we don’t have any intention to cooperate at the moment.” Secretary Li was not in the mood to listen to Lu Zixin to continue, he was a busy man, how can he have time to listen to what patches he mentions?

Lu Zixin said quickly: “No, Secretary Li, I think you misunderstood. My patch can solve all the loopholes in your game so far, and can be used to completely protected from those cheats circulating on the internet at the moment!”

After listening to him, Secretary Li felt it was more funny. No one knows how many cheats there are in the chicken (pubg) game. The technical division of the entire Blue Hole company has been helpless for a while, but a small programmer can fix the game? What a joke!

Besides, this guy doesn’t have the data of “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds” programs. How did he make a bug patch? He is definitely a liar, who wants to swindle us for money.

Secretary Li’s tone was no longer polite. He said, “I’m sorry, I’m very busy right now. If you have something, please call customer service.”

“Wait, you if you can’t believe it. I have sent the patch to your official email. You can test it, it’s definitely a bug-free version! Goodbye.” Lu Zixin finished talking and hung up directly.

“Crazy!” At the other end of the phone, Secretary Li shouted, “A waste of my time.”

Regarding what Lu Zixin said to him, he didn’t believe even a single word! It’s simply impossible!

In fact, even Lu Zixin did not expect to get the co-operation of the other party. In order to sell the patch, he must take some extreme measures – for example to hack into their official mail server.

Although this method isn’t very legal, sometimes it is needed for people to do it in order to  obtain something. After Lu Zixin learned the “programming language skills book” from the red envelope, it wasn’t difficult for him to hack into their official mail server.

He quickly broke through the firewall, secretly set up his mail to the official mail server of the Chinese District of the Blue Hole Game Company, and duplicated three hundred copies of it, all with special reminders.

In the mail, there is a perfect version of “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds”. I believe that the other party will pay attention to it.

After doing this, Lu Zixin felt that his heart became more relaxed. Now he just has to wait for the blue hole game company to find the patch of the game, then come to his door,  and meanwhile he can just relax and wait to sell the bug patch.

“How much should I sell for? Three million? Five million? Or ten million? Such a good thing. It isn’t worth it if I don’t sell it for millions !” Lu Zi thought in confidence, his face was full of joy while whistling in a cheerful mood.

“Lu Zi, how are you so happy today? Did you win the lottery?” Zhu An asked.

“No, today I’m in a good mood.” Lu Zixin actually wanted to tell him what he got, but suppressed the impulse in his heart.

“That’s a good mentality to have, my mentality has been blown up because off work again! I heard that I have to work overtime this evening, and I won’t even be paid for work overtime, fuck!” Zhu An complained.

“Who would want to work overtime if there no overtime pay? No one!” Lu Zixin said.

“Nothing can’t be done! What if they threaten to fire you?” Zhu An sighed.
“It’s hard to find a job this time of year. We have been working for more than two months. After this month, we can obtain tenure and so we can only endure it.”

Lu Zixin did not intend to endure it, he actually wanted to resign. It’s just that Ding Yu hasn’t come to work yet. He is going to talk to Ding Yu about this.

After all, Ding Yu  could count as being his half girlfriend so he would discuss things with her, to see if the two of will leave together.

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