BSI Chapter 159 : Nelliel

Edited: XiaXue

This is the start of Fourth Arc : Hueco Mundo

The Garganta (Black Cavity) is the gateway to Hueco Mundo. It is similar to Senkaimon. After entering, it is Dangai.

However, there is no Kototsu in this Dangai, and there is no complete passage. It is incomparably dark.

So after entering Garganta, you only need to form Reishi under your feet to form Spirit Road, and you can reach Hueco Mundo by moving forward.

Xia Yan concentrated Reishi at his feet, forming spirit road, and then ran forward.

A minute later, Xia Yan see a light in front of his eyes, and he rushed out of the dark area and fell into the sand.

“This is the desert outside Las Noches.”

Xia Yan looks at the infinite white sand around, only one of the directions has a high dome.

His purpose is Las Noches, where Aizen left the information, and went to Las Noches to wait for Ulquiorra and Quincy division.

Xia Yan got Hōgyoku, but he still hasn’t mastered the method of Hōgyoku fusion. Xia Yan got the when he traced Aizen rebellion.

However, the specific experimental equipment is also required to come to Hueco Mundo.

Xia Yan moved in one direction, and the view in front of him was mostly white desert. In addition, there were some ruins.

Xia Yan’s foot move little bit, and the body rises high and embarks on broken wall.

But the next moment, a residual image flutters.


Xia Yan raised his hand in front of him to block and stepped back three or four steps, and then Xia Yan only looked at his own arm.

This is a hyena, with long forelimbs, short hind legs, and a sturdy appearance with white armor attached to it.

At this moment, the hyena is biting Xia Yan’s arm, of course, the latter is not hurt.

“Fuck off!”

Xia Yan suddenly dissipated the formidable Reiatsu, the next moment, the hyena was scared to let go of his mouth and fled, and disappeared in blink of an eye.

In addition to hyena that ran out, there were a few figures in the distance, and they have fled towards the distance.

Xia Yan shakes his head and continues to run towards Las Noches.

Xia Yan’s speed is extremely fast, the toes move are a little, and the body is flying out.

Occasionally he encountered a Hollow, opposite side has not yet reacted, it has passed by him.

Xia Yan went a long distance, but at this time, the ground suddenly bulged, and a figure rose to the sky.

Xia Yan’s move a little, slightly avoiding the attack of opposite side, and the figure is thrown on the ground and chased away in the distance.

Xia Yan saw that the owner of the figure was a long strip of Hollow. In addition, there were three figures in front, chasing each other.

The figure in front of the head, short, wearing a burlap cloak, fled.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan frowned, his body disappeared and appeared in front of the opposite side, reached out and grabbed the opposite side in his hand.

At the same time, the left hand flicked, and all the three figures behind were flew out by Xia Yan.

“You are?”

Xia Yan mentioned a young figure, put it in front of him and look straight into her face.

This little girl with a white mask on her head, a short green hair, and a lovely face with peach red.

The little girl stared with mouse eyes, looks at Xia Yan, and there was some fear in the eyes.

“Let her go.”

With a loud bang, a figure rushed over, tall and thin, with long legs and hands holding a sword and heading towards Xia Yan.

Xia Yan just extended two fingers and clamped the sword, but then snorted. “This sword is a bit strange.”

The sword was formed by Reishi, and the highly condensed Reishi gathered together and the sword was sharp.

“There are flaws.”

Just as Xia Yan thought this way, a figure appeared on Xia Yan left side, pulling a hammer from the huge mouth and coming towards Xia Yan.

But Xia Yan just turned his head slightly and hit the hammer with his head.


The hammer is broken in an inch.

“How was this possible?”

The hollow with huge faces is amazed, the dull look at the scene.


The other Reishi sword was also pinched off by Xia Yan.

Seeing this scene, the two hollow faces showed the color of despair, and they threw themselves to the ground and shouted: “I beg you, let’s put Nel.”

“You are called Nel?”

Xia Yan looks at the hollow in front of him and asked with a smile.

Xia Yan naturally knows who she is, former Espada #3, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck.

The two hollow are her subordinate Dondochakka and Pesche.

However, because Espada #5, Nnoitra sneak attack, their mask was destroyed, and all three people had different degrees of degradation.

Nelliel’s figure is shrinking and can’t be returned, and Strength is weak. Dondochakka and Pesche lost the Arrancar state.

Xia Yan had hoped to find three people, especially Nelliel, who used to be a Espada #3. As long as the power is restored, there is a strong strength.

In the original work, she went to Soul King palace in the Millennium Blood War, but there was no follow-up description after portraying the image.

Therefore, in Xia Yan’s plan, Nelliel is an important part.

“Yes, I am Nel.”

Nelliel pointed on her small head, looks at Xia Yan, and looked a little afraid.

“What about them?”

Xia Yan looked at the other two hollow, and the hollow that was hiding in the sand.

Nelliel whispered: “They are Dondochakka, Pesche and Bawabawa, they all is Nel friends.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “The energy you have within the body is very formidable, giving me the feeling that you seem to have experienced a degradation.”

“Hey, how can you know it?”

Dondochakka looks at Xia Yan, the eyes are full of surprises.

Xia Yan said: “Of course, not only her, but also two of you, should have been Arrancar. What have happened to you all?”

Nelliel said with amazement: “What are you talking about? Nel has not degraded.”

Nelliel had forgotten what she had ever had, and because they was afraid of reminding her of her past, Dondochakka and Pesche never called her full name Nelliel, but called Nel.

Dondochakka also said: “Yes, our three brothers and sisters were like this when they were born. We don’t know what you are talking about.”

Xia Yan heard this and smiled and asked: “So if I can let you restore the previous Strength?”


Dondochakka stared with big eyes, can’t believe looks at Xia Yan.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Let Nel restore the original Strength and let you re-Arrancar. I can do this.”

Pesche asked excitedly: “Really?”

Dondochakka stopped Pesche, looks at Xia Yan, said: “You have Zanpakuto, there is no mask on your face, that is to say you are Shinigami, will Shinigami help us to do this?”

Xia Yan did not speak, but placed Nelliel on the ground, his left hand on his face, and a mask appeared on his face.

“This is a hollow mask?” Dondochakka shouted with some surprise.

“You are a hollow?” Pesche was also a little surprised.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I am Shinigami who has mastered Hollow Strength and can help you regain the former strength.”

Dondochakka and Pesche looked at each other with a look of emotion and asked: “What method do you intend to use to help us regain our strength?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “How can Aizen do it, I can do it.”


Upon hearing the name, Nelliel grabbed her head and said, “I seem to have heard that name.”

Pesche asked the letter suspiciously: “Can you really do it?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Of course, as long as you follow me to Las Noches.”

“No, we don’t go to Las Noches.”

Dondochakka shook his head and said, “Go to Las Noches, we will be dead. Las Noches is the area where Aizen lives, as well as Arrancar from generation to generation, and people who have lost Arrancar Ability.”

After Nelliel was attacked by Nnoitra, it was Dondochakka and Pesche who took her away from Las Noches.

Then the three of them lived in white desert until Kurosaki ichigo and the others in the original work went to Las Noches before returning there again.

“It seems that you still don’t know.”

It has been seven days since Aizen was attacked, but Aizen and Arrancar live in Las Noches, and Las Noches even has its own circumstances.

These hollow outside of Las Noches are unlikely to know where Aizen is going.

“what do you know?”

Dondochakka reveals the color of guard.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Aizen led Arrancar to attack Soul Society, and there were countless deaths and injuries. Aizen was also left behind, and most of Arrancar died.”


Dondochakka and Pesche face were astonished, and they looked at each other and felt a little ridiculous.

“No way?”

At this time, a clear voice sounded in everyone here.

Xia Yan followed the sound and saw that not far away, Nelliel has become a sexy Beauty.

A green long hair, mask on her head, plump chest and slender boss legs.


Seeing this form of Nelliel, Dondochakka and Pesche are a little excited.

Nelliel said: “What you just talked about reminds me a lot. You just said that Aizen was caught, this is impossible.”

Xia Yan smiled and asked: “Why not?”

Nelliel sighed and said: “I used to be Espada #3. I don’t want to say that there are two more Arrancar above me. I said that instead of me, Harribel Strength will not be weaker than me. Coupled with the other Espada’s Ability, I can hardly imagine who can beat them. Even if Shinigami defeated them, they couldn’t beat Aizen.”

Speaking of this, Nelliel’s eyes flashed a trace of fear, “Because Aizen is invincible.”

As Ichimaru Gin said, Aizen was able to become the leader of Arrancar not because he was able to give these Arrancar a stronger Strength, but because he had a more formidable strength than Espada.

The same is true, after Harribel Resurrección, Aizen can easily instant kill her.

The other Arrancar was defeated by Shinigami, while Shinigami and Visored Legion were defeated by Aizen.

Nelliel has Resurrección, which is given by Aizen and has also been listed in Espada.

So she saw Aizen’s formidable strength, so she said it was impossible.

Xia Yan heard this, smiled and said: “It turned out to be the case.”

Nelliel said: “I don’t know what you have planned. If you are Shinigami, but have hollow Strength, you have betrayed Soul Society?”

Xia Yan smiled and touched her nose and said, “Okay.”

Nelliel said with a strong heart: “Then I advise you not to go to Las Noches, you are strong, but not necessarily Arrancar opponents. In the face of Aizen, there is no counterattack.”

“Do I?”

Xia Yan suddenly laughed, and then the smile converges, followed by a sturdy Reiatsu.


The huge Reiatsu was pressed against Nelliel’s body, and Nelliel became child again.

The other two fellows, Dondochakka and Pesche, were completely on the ground and shivered.

The mounts of the three people put his head on the ground, and then he sneak into the ground and don’t know how deep.

As for the hollow in the distance, it has already fled.

The ninth-class Reiatsu, the apex of Shinigami, is too formidable.

In Menos Grande, the most formidable is Vasto Lorde, known as have the formidable Reiatsu with a Captain level.

But compared to Xia Yan’s Reiatsu, it seems a little weak.

“This is?”

Although Nelliel became smaller, she recovered her memory and did not forget what she had just done.

Such a formidable Reiatsu, even in her peak, is not she can fight.

And his Zanpakuto has not been used yet.

Nelliel looks at Xia Yan, she don’t know if this guy who looks like a 13-year-old has such a strength.

“No problem.”

Xia Yan said softly, the terrifying pressure disappeared without a trace. He smiled and said: “Now can you follow me to Las Noches?”


Nelliel nodded, and Dondochakka and Pesche also climbed from the ground.

Xia Yan’s strength is farther than them, so he don’t have to ask their opinions, so they choose to follow.

Xia Yan turned and left, but did not take a few steps, Nelliel climbed on Xia Yan back.

Xia Yan’s body was slightly stagnation, and Nelliel’s voice sounded. “It’s still a long way to go to Las Noches. Bawabawa is scared away by you. I can’t run there myself, so you can only carry me.”

Upon hearing this, Xia Yan nodded, carrying Nelliel, with Dondochakka and Pesche, and the four went to Las Noches.

With Dondochakka and Pesche, Xia Yan could not speed up, only slowly.

In Hueco Mundo, there is no blue sky and Sun, only the darkness of the sky and a bright moon.

The light cast by the moon and the white light reflected from white desert make Hueco Mundo not dark, and can see the distant scene, but it is white.

The four men walked in the direction of Las Noches. As the distance from Las Noches was closer, Xia Yan’s heart became more and more horrified.

‘So big.’

The huge Las Noches stands tall, and the highest point is higher than Sōkyoku Hill on Seireitei.

This is the Las Noches built by Aizen.

Although before the arrival of Aizen, Hueco Mundo had the owner, Espada #2 Baraggan, who was known as the king of Hueco Mundo.

But the place where he lives is just a simple palace with the sky above Hueco Mundo.

After the arrival of Aizen, such a huge Las Noches was built.

According to legend, in Las Noches, there are artificial blue sky and white clouds, a huge palace where Espada lives, and a staggered passage.

In Las Noches, there is also information about the synthetic Hōgyoku left by Aizen and the experimental setup.

Thinking of this, Xia Yan stepped up and flew toward Las Noches. As he approached Las Noches, the body’s Reiatsu spread.


A few formidable Reiatsu broke out in the distance, and when Xia Yan came to Las Noches, several figures appeared in front of Xia Yan.

Harribel, Ulquiorra, Ginjō, Tsukishima, Kutsuzawa, Tristan, and the two subordinates of Espada #2.

Plus Nelliel on his back, and Dondochakka and Pesche.

They will become their own men and become more formidable.

This is my second goal after obtaining Hōgyoku, the Strength of Arrancar and Fullbring.

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