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Even if he’s angry again, Peng Zhengge couldn’t let the Russians retain this cooperative research and development project. Fortunately, there is good news from Red Letter. They plan to set up a new aero engine research, which is better in terms of power and performance.

According to the performance of this engine, not only CR929 designed in the plan can be driven, but even a larger passenger aircraft can be driven. Therefore, the wide-body passenger aircraft with more loads also listed on the manufacturing list of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company.


After half a year, China Commercial Aircraft Aero Engine Research Center.

As the most complex mechanical system in aircraft, the research difficulty of aeroengine is quite high. Therefore, this research center occupies the area of ​​two football fields, covering everything from the material laboratory to the mechanical structure design.

“Combination!” Outside a new type of aero engine, an assembling robotic arm combines the aero engine. This is a sophisticated mechanical power unit, using new aerospace technology materials. The mechanical structure has repeatedly improved by researchers and quantum brains. It can be said that it is the most powerful aero engine in the world.

This aero engine of model “HF001″ is mounted on a magnetic levitation transport carriage. It will be installed on the CH939 large wide-body passenger aircraft of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company for test flight.

CH939 is the first fully autonomous commercial large aircraft launched after the cooperation between China Commercial Aircraft and Red Letter Group. Its load capacity has surpassed Boeing and Airbus’s most popular wide-body aircraft.

939, which represents the general model of the ch939 wide-body large aircraft, has 390 seats! Moreover, the distance between seats is larger than that of other large commercial airplanes. With other equipment, it means that to drive such a high-weight large airplane into the sky, it must require a super powerful power system!

At the test airport, company executives and R&D personnel all looked at the behemoth on the tarmac with a look of expectation.

HF001 has been equipped on CH939, the next step is test flight time!

“Everything is ready! Please give instructions!” the captain shouted in the cab.

“Take off!” Peng Zhengge shouted.

The plane started to start, it approached on the runway, the powerful impeller began to rotate, the air whistled, and people felt the wind blown by the big plane.

Everyone’s gaze looked at the behemoth on the runway, and the captain calmly controlled the plane, looking straight ahead.

Soon, the plane began to rise, the wing tilted upwards in the direction of the blue sky, driven by the airflow.

After a few seconds, the entire CH939 big plane has vacated all the way to the sky.



The people cheered, clapped excitedly, looking up at the figure above the blue sky.

“Report, everything is normal, the current height is 308 meters, still climbing.” The crew’s voice rang in the communicator.

“Okay, keep going.”

“It’s done!” Peng Zhengge still raised his head. Even though the plane’s shadow had become smaller and smaller, gradually disappearing into the clouds.

“From today, we can completely manufacture commercial large aircraft. For more than 30 years!” The chief designer of CH939 said with emotion. From the first commercial large airplane project to the present, they finally achieved everything from screws to engines. From materials to mechanical equipment, completely self-manufactured, a few lines of clear tears swirled in his eyes.

For this day, how many researchers have been working in obscurity for decades?

“From land to the sky, and the ocean. Everything will be rewritten!” Lu Zixin looked into the blue sky. His line of sight seemed to penetrate the clouds until the starry sky.


The matter of the aero engine has not ended here, but just started. After the successful test flight of Ch939, National Aeronautics and Space Administration became their first customer. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration didn’t want to purchase civil aviation aero engines, but want their help to design and manufacture aero engines used in large-scale heavy-duty rockets.

This type of load rocket is part of the national moon landing plan.


The main body of future city has been completed, and a high-tech city on the edge of the desert is growing rapidly. From here, the Red Letter Group has traveled to all parts of the world, Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia, and even the frozen Antarctic continent.

Microelectronics, Optoelectronics, Electronic Information, Space Science, Aerospace, Materials Science, New Materials Technology, Life Sciences, Bioengineering, Energy Science and Technology, Ecological Sciences, Ocean Engineering, Earth Sciences, Basic Materials, Radiation Technology, Medical Sciences, biology……

Both basic science and applied science have been developing at an astonishing speed in the past ten years since the appearance of Red Letter Group. Scientists and sociologists call it the 21st century technology explosion! Also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

The fourth industrial industrial revolution, dominated by artificial intelligence, clean energy, robotics, quantum information technology, virtual reality and biotechnology, brings people not only the advancement of Science and Technology, but also the changes of biology. With socio-economic structure has undergone earth-shaking changes.

This change is not only has good part but there’s also bad part.

Fully automated factories have gradually replaced the traditional manufacturing industry. Artificial intelligence has enabled some low-tech job news and unmanned traffic to occupy the transportation industry. Even the art and entertainment industry has also seen a large number of virtual idols and artificial intelligence art designs.

There is an old Chinese saying, the steps are too big and it is easy to get involved. This is the case in current society.

Future City, Science and Technology Tower.

Lu Zixin sat at his desk and watched the latest news reports.

“On July 14, local time, more than 30,000 French people took to the streets to protest against the latest “Regulations on the Application of Industrial Robots” signed by the President. The scale of this demonstration has doubled from the previous time. It’s reported this activity has spread to others European countries. Economists at Cambridge University have called for slower technology advancement. We are not yet ready to enter the era of intelligence!”

“The latest report shows, the latest wave of unemployment in the United States has shown signs of getting out of control. People gather in front of White House to express their dissatisfaction with the president. According to the survey, the president’s approval rate has dropped by 15.4% in the past month.”

“Famous international companies xx announced bankruptcy today…The stock market has dropped across the board, and a new financial crisis has arrived…”

“A wave of protests against technology companies represented by Hongxin Group has been launched on the domestic Internet. They believe that technology has deprived them of their jobs opportunity, let a lot of traditional industry news make people unemployed.”


“It’s just a mess!” Su Zhirong walked into the office and said, “I went for an interview today, there’s many reporter said our Red Letter Group is the chief culprit for this global economic turmoil!”

Lu Zixin didn’t say a word, pondered for a moment, and said, “The changes are too fast, and the world has no time to prepare.”

“If you want to talk about the economy, from the perspective of big data, the global economy has increased by 30% over the past decade!” Su Zhirong said.

“But the unemployment rate has also improved!” Lu Zixin said, “The industrial structure of various countries can’t adjust with the current technological progress. So, this period must be experienced.”

“Now whether it is the media or the governments of various countries have raised doubts and warnings for us, even small countries have decided to temporarily suspend high-tech technology.” Su Zhirong said.

“What era are you thinking about shutting down the country?” Lu Zixin smiled and said, “In this new era, most people are at a loss and they can’t find a way. Since we have led the advancement of science and technology, we should also let this society become better.”

“Help me prepare, isn’t there a World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Future City this month? I’m going to participate.” Lu Zixin said.

“Are you sure? By the time, those reporters and colleagues will never let you relax.” Su Zhirong said that social contradictions are now in the process of intense, and Lu Zixin is absolutely indispensable if it is open to the public.


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