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A few days later, in the foreign guest reception room of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, Anderson Fergus, the representative of Honeywell International in the United States, and Kelly Hall, the representative of Rolls-Royce in the United Kingdom, were discussing and waiting.

Their purpose is the same, they are all to sell the manufacturing technology materials of engine blade materials to China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company as soon as possible. The two sides are competitors, and it is inevitable that they will test each other and find each other’s bottom line.

“Two, I have kept you waiting for a long time.” Peng Zhengge walked from the door and said.

“General Peng!” The two stood up and shook hands with him, both eagerly wanting to know the decision of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

Generally speaking, this kind of thing should be discussed separately. Because, no matter which side you reject, it will hurt their face. But, today, Peng Zhengge will not worried about this problem, because he doesn’t need to reject either party. So, the other party will naturally understand.

“Before talking about cooperation, I would like to invite two of you to visit our Institute of Aeronautical Materials. Today is our day to test the latest low-pressure turbine engine blades. Please the both of you to visit.” Peng Zhengge said.

“That’s just right, I am also very interested.” Anderson said.

“It’s a great honor.” Kelly also expressed his interest.

On the road, Kelly Hall has always emphasized the importance of their blade material technology to Peng Zhengge.

“Rollowers now uses this new type of titanium-aluminum alloy blades for all aero engines manufactured by Rolls-Royce for Airbus. Its improved fuel efficiency greatly enhances the competitiveness of commercial aircraft. Airbus A350-800, A350- 900, A350-1000 and the A350-900ULR under research and development will all use this blade material to make aero engines.”

“And Airbus relies on this fuel-efficient model to obtain a large number of orders from around the world, competing with the Boeing 787-9 and 777-200ER aircraft for the market. If China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company can use this new material instead of nickel-based alloy blade materials, the market competitiveness will definitely be more than doubled!”

“Mr. Hall is the same as we thought. Our idea is to apply this new material to the aero engine as early as possible. Therefore, the purchased aero engine also uses this new material.” Peng Zhengge said.

“Yes.” Kelly Hall continued to sell and said: “If we can cooperate on the manufacture of such materials, your company will no longer have to spend a lot of money on this material, but you can manufacture and produce it yourself.”

After Kelly Hall finished speaking, Anderson also said: “We at Honeywell also willing to carry out this kind of cooperation.”

“Two, after visiting the material testing of the Institute of Aeronautical Materials, let’s talk about this issue.” Peng Zhengge said in a mysterious tone.

When Anderson heard his tone, and inexplicably had a bad feeling. Just like the large-area molding technology of carbon fiber composites before, did they tinkered with it again this time?

Impossible? If before Red Letter Group has long developed carbon fiber composite materials for the manufacture of other high-tech equipment. But this time, the materials only used for aircraft engine blades! It is unlikely to have R&D technology in advance.

As for Kelly Hall, he even felt that Peng Zhengge is playing the game of heart-war. So that Rolls-Royce can compete with Honeywell International to reduce prices.

At the Institute of Aeronautical Materials, the manufacturing process of engine blades is underway.

Zhong Bing, technical representative of Red Letter Group, said: “The blade rotates at high speed. Any small, hidden metal breaks may cause the blade to break. Therefore, the blade must be one time casting, there’s no second or third casting process!”

Gao Wei nodded and said: “We also made one-piece design, but there is a problem. In titanium aluminum alloy, titanium is too active, almost reacts with all metals and ceramics. In one-piece molding, we must find a suitable shaped container!”

Zhong Bing carried a spherical quantum computer with him. He opened the projection and said: “There are three kinds of ceramics that don’t react with titanium. One is thorium oxide, which is radioactive and can’t be used as a shaped container. The second is calcium oxide, which absorbs moisture and can’t stored. Only yttrium oxide can be used as a shaped container.”

“We have considered this.” Gao Wei doubted, “Using Yttrium oxide as a shaped container, its surface is powdery, it is easy to drop slag and pollute titanium aluminum solution. So that, the precision of the formed titanium-aluminum blades is not accurate enough.”

“Yes!” Kelly Hall happened to hear this and interjected: “We used computer simulations in the German Aerospace Materials Laboratory to calculate it. If it’s longer than 200 mm, the titanium-aluminum alloy blade can’t be completely formed. No matter how you do it, you will encounter the problem of yttrium oxide slag affecting accuracy.”

“That’s not necessarily true. Computer simulations will also make mistakes.” Zhong Bing said.

Kelly smiled and said: “I just remind you that if you fail, we are willing to sell some technical materials to help you complete the manufacture of titanium-aluminum alloy materials. As for the blades longer than 200mm, I advise you not to waste time.”

“Today, we are going to manufacture more than 200mm titanium-aluminum alloy blades.” Zhong Bing said directly.

Kelly Hall shrugged and didn’t talk anymore, but the expression on his face already showed his thoughts. He was waiting for a good show.

“Get started. Prepare titanium aluminum solution and yttrium oxide solution.” Zhong Bing shouted, and the working groups began to act.

“President Lu, can it work?” Peng Zhengge asked Lu Zixin in a low voice, “Today I called the representatives of Rolls-Royce and Honeywell. If we fail, I can’t hold it!”

“Don’t worry, today, you can see the appearance of titanium aluminum alloy blades, and definitely exceed 200mm.” Lu Zixin promised.

There is no problem with the titanium aluminum solution. The most important thing is the manufacture of yttrium oxide container! As long as the yttrium oxide-shaped container is made. Then a titanium aluminum solution is poured into it, it can be integrated.

Gao Wei has always worried, because they have done similar experiments countless times. Each time it failed for various reasons, especially the slag drop of the yttrium oxide shaped container, which caused the accuracy of the titanium-aluminum alloy blades to fail to meet the standard. So far they have not found a solution.

It’s time to make a yttrium oxide shaped container. When smelting the yttrium oxide solution, Zhong Bing asked to bring a bucket of sealing solution.

“What is this?” Gao Wei asked curiously.

“A Molecular Adhesives, specially used for yttrium oxide, can make its surface smooth and stable without slagging.” Zhong Bing said, letting people add Molecular Adhesives to the molding of yttrium oxide shaped containers.

Not long after the solution has cooled, the shaping container appears! Different from the results of many previous experiments, this time, the yttrium oxide shaped container no longer appeared in the state of surface particles or powder, but as smooth as a mirror!

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