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It took a lot of time to set up and run the team. These are not important. After Lu Zixin saw the previous work of robotics research team. He instantly felt this task was arduous.

The first is balance. Their previous works, four-legged machines were difficult to maintain balance. Although he can “walk”, Lu Zixin prefers to call it “crawling”!

That’s right, Lu Zixin felt like he’s watching a turtle, he just saw the robot grinding and crawling on the ground. Compared with the works of Boston Dynamics Robotics, the balance is still a bit short.

Then there is the load. Due to the old design of the power system, the load capacity of the machine is not high, and it can only carry light objects, which has low practical value.

And machine coordination, that is the more difficult technical field. Want to let robots not only walk, but also mimic humans to make jumps, climbs, tricks and so on, each of which needs to be integrated into the overall balance and stability system.

“Call Dongfang Hao and Zhang to come here.” Lu Zixin ordered, “Robot design still depends on them.”

RI-8901 itself is an industrial robot and has upgraded. Lu Zixin asked him to design a more convenient industrial robot, mainly for industrial production.

Dongfang Hao is responsible for construction and technical guidance and improving other robot designs.

In less than two or three days after this order. Lu Zixin received a complaint from Future City Intelligent Robotics.

“President Lu, it’s not that we don’t cooperate. It’s that this little leader is too unreliable. He directly denied all of our designs and insulted us. He said our designed is garbage.” In the company, The researcher from military research team complained about Dongfang Hao in front of Lu Zixin.

“Dongfang Hao, he doesn’t speak a lot… but in mechanical design, his philosophy still relatively advanced.” Lu Zixin said roundly.

However, the researchers present didn’t appreciate it. A doctor of mechanical dynamics said directly: “We can’t accept his leadership.”

Because this company is researching and developing in cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense. These researchers who originally belonged to military is very arrogant. But when Dongfang Hao is leading the team with “unruly” and seemingly unreliable young people. Their hearts is even more reluctant and strongly demand Dongfang Hao to be replaced.

“Well, I already understand the situation, I will coordinate.” Lu Zixin said.

“Don’t do it, don’t do it, a bunch of idiots, don’t listen to me at all!” At home, Dongfang Hao opened his mind, took out a part and put it in the refrigerator, and went on strike: “A bunch of silly and popular parts are about to burn. I quit, I’m not doing it, just let them play by themselves!”

Lu Zixin said: “Can you speak tactfully? You are directly speaking to the experts of 60-70 years old experts and say the others are designing garbage. Whoever isn’t going to be angry. This problem is not once or twice. It hasn’t happened before. because it’s our Red Letter Group’s own people.”

“Why should I be euphemistic, Autobots never euphemistic!” Dongfang Hao said flatly.

“Robot research still has to continue… Since they don’t want, just let them make parts.” Lu Zixin can’t get used to this group of researchers. Since they don’t listen to leadership, then go to do some miscellaneous work and make some parts.

Lu Zixin’s arrangement made the researchers more angry. They thought they were the main body of the design robot. It should be the people from Red Letter Group to cooperate with their research. Who knew the team from Red Letter Group completely ignored their design and developed by yourself. Then let them design and improve some insignificant parts.

Therefore, they applied for independent projects and developed their own projects. They only used the intelligent system from Red Letter Group and others still designed by them.

Their R&D funds all come from military investment. So, Lu Zixin does not matter and the company’s leadership directly approved it. In this way, two independent robotics research teams appeared in one company, which is very strange.

In the newly built robotics research center in Future City, both research teams have already begun to work.

The military team, code-named “Iron Arm” Research Group, means that robots will become a strong and powerful steel arm for humans.

The Red Letter team, code-named “Heavenly God” research group. This code is naturally decided by Dongfang Hao. He thinks their team is like a god, giving the machine a “life”.

The Iron Arm Research Group and experts from the military have begun to get busy in an orderly manner. Before, they had already achieved results, now they constantly improving and overcoming difficulties.

“Although the trouble with team leader before is very annoying. Red Letter Group smart brain and sensing equipment is really good. It’s directly solved some problems we encountered before!” A senior researcher in Iron Arm team said.

“Yes, now I’m more confident. We are correcting the balance system and redesigning the power system through the intelligent system. In a few months, our robot could be finished and it would definitely more than three times from the current performance!” the colleague said confidently.

“At that time, they couldn’t even make a robot toy.” Someone said, he naturally referring to “Heavenly God” team. It’s really ridiculous, a group of amateur who have never worked on robots still want to direct them!

The Heavenly God team is also busy. The members composition of Heavenly God team is more complicated. There are researchers from Red Letter Intelligence, Pengyun Machinery, Pengyun Battery and quantum brain researchers.

In the past few years, Red Letter Group has invested more than 10 billion Yuan in research and development, which has indeed produced a group of reliable researchers. And because of high benefits and high technology from Red Letter Group, top talents from all over the world flow here.

As long as you have stayed in a certain laboratory of Red Letter Group, you will definitely be a top-notch talent with high salary after returning to home.

“Module power group didn’t come out, simulation will use it!”

“Come out! Three versions, two versions still being modified!”

“Balance system debugging ready yet?”


The R&D scene here is completely different from the other side. Although they have no basic knowledge for robot design before. They used very advanced research method and it can greatly improves the efficiency – that is, the virtual simulation experiment.

Each team enters their own data into Hong Xiaoxiao intelligent system and used the intelligent simulation experiment system to conduct experiments. In this way, all experiments completed in instant and without wasting time. Also, Hong Xiaoxiao can directly find out the problem from the data that tens of thousands of top researchers worked at the same time.

Here, they also use the latest technical achievements from Red Letter Group. 3D precision parts printers and  3D printer can directly manufactured the robot parts. If there is a suitable design plan, they can directly print out all the components of the robot and complete the assembly. It’s not a problem.

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