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Teaching Yiyi?

It’s not impossible, anyway, it’s just a little trick. It’s good to teach her to make her happy. The real kung fu is not just a simple teaching. It takes time and practice to hone.

Ye Guang ‘touched’ Yiyi’s little head, “You want to learn Kungfu, okay, I will teach you.”

As he said, holding Yiyi and walked to the shade of the tree, “Come, teach you in the shade of the tree, such a big sun, why are you not afraid of the heat, run around in the yard.” Ye Guang stroked Yiyi’s sweat-soaked hair on her forehead and put her down.

Yiyi smiled, “I want to learn like how you beat Grandpa Wu.”

Uncle Wu face suddenly turned dark.

Ye Guang smiled and said, “Okay, I will teach you, come, follow me.”

Then, Ye Guang took a pose, spread his legs, squatted slightly, folded his arms and stretched out. Yiyi also learns from Ye Guang movements, her movements are not standard, Ye Guang doesn’t correct her, that is, to tease the child, there is no need to be true.

Although Ye Guang now teaching Yiyi Kungfu just to make Yiyi happy, Uncle Wu looked at it with interest. He’s very curious about Ye Guang weird Kungfu.

Ye Guang put on the stance and said, “It’s starting, follow me.”

Yiyi nodded obediently.

“A watermelon is round and round.” Ye Guang hands is in front of his ‘chest’ as if holding a Taiji ball.

“Split it in half.” One hand makes a watermelon-like support, and the other hand makes a knife-like cut down.

“You are half, he is half.” Stroke left and right.

“You don’t want it.” With both palms, he pushed forward to the left slightly.

“He won’t take it for him.” Both palms pushed forward to the right with a little bit of energy.

“Then don’t give it.” Both palms quickly recovered.


While Ye Guang chanting the words and playing Taiji’s moves, but what he said in his mouth made Grandpa Liu and the others very happy.

Liu Chiyan also smiled bitterly and looked at Ye Guang with love. How could there be such a funny husband? But… it’s’very’ good, very cute.

Cute… This word is used in Ye Guang body, it is full of disharmony, right? You are beauty in the eyes of a lover!

Uncle Wu also smiled and thought he could see some of Ye Guang moves. He was very curious about Ye Guang kung fu, due to the rules of the rivers and lakes, and he was not familiar with Ye Guang before seeing it today, so it’s hard to ask carefully. He’s still thinking, when I watched him teach Yiyi, I could see a thing or two. I didn’t expect that Ye Guang really made up some ‘messy’ formulas to coax Yiyi.

If Ye Guang knows what he thinks, he will call it wrong, so let’s be very serious in teaching! The formula… The formula… Although it is a bit funny, it is vivid and useful. This is the formula of Taiji. It is true, true, and true. If fake… I’m your grandson.

Yiyi didn’t feel anything wrong, so she didn’t care whether it’s funny or not. As long as Ye Guang is willing to teach her, Yiyi stayed aside and followed Ye Guang to learn slowly in a very happy way.

Seeing the serious ‘chaos’ of the master and apprentice, Liu Chiyan and the others is laughing happily. Don’t say, it’s hot summer, it’s quite interesting to see how funny they are. Regarding the matter, the smile on Old Father face has not diminished. Unconsciously, Father Liu, watching Yiyi and Ye Guang such amusement, the corners of his mouth were slightly curved.

Uncle Wu also smiled when he looked at him, but now he is a little careless and watched with pleasure. In his opinion, Ye Guang style is definitely not a serious style, and only Yiyi’s, this little child will believe Ye Guang is teaching her kung fu.

After finishing the routine, Ye Guang looked at Yiyi with a smile, “Yiyi is really ‘good’, you practiced so well the first time, come, let’s do it again. Wait for you to be taught, and you will be the second-generation descendant of Ye Family Taiji in the future.”

Ye Guang is just a joke at this time. As everyone knows, many years later, in this world, Taiji was known by the world from his hand, but it was carried forward by Yiyi’s hand!

Yiyi was so boasted by Ye Guang, and suddenly her heart burst a ‘flowers’, nodded happily, “Well! I will be master in the future!”

So, Ye Guang led Yiyi to once again play Taiji’s routine. “A watermelon is round and round, come and follow me.”

Yiyi: “A watermelon is round and round.”

Ye Guang: “Chop it and cut it in half.”

Yiyi: “Chop it and cut it in half.”

Ye Guang: “You are half, he is half.”

Yiyi: “You are half, he is half.”


Looking at it, the smile on Grandpa Liu’s face gradually reduced. He sighed softly and said, “How many years have Feng’er not come back?”

Father Liu and Mother Liu expression became dark. Mother Liu said, “Five years ago, that time, he came back just to send Yiyi back, and then left in a hurry. Counting the first two years, it’s been seven years.” Mother Liu said with a bit of sorrow, “This child doesn’t know what’s going on. He hasn’t sent a letter or news for so many years. It’s a life…” Mother Liu didn’t go on.

Mother Liu got emotional, turned her head and said to Father Liu next to her, “You said you, what is the use of this official? You don’t know where your son is now, what he is doing? When he will come back? He has been away for so many years, how can you be a dad?”

Father Liu flashed a moment of warm and anger, but quickly faded again.

Liu Chiyan looked sad and said, “Mom, don’t say that. Dad must also be worried about my brother. My brother is a soldier. It is his bounden duty to obey orders. He must have his own difficulties when he performs confidential tasks and can’t contact his home. Don’t worry too much, brother will definitely back.” Liu Chiyan comforted Mother Liu, as well as comforting herself.

Aunt Wu also said on the side, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry too much, Feng’er will come back safely.”

Mother Liu’s still couldn’t stop the sadness in her expression. Even so, it was her own son, how can a mother not worried about it? Mother Liu sighed, “This person who has no conscience, doesn’t care about this family at all. I feel sorry for Yiyi. She has never seen her father since she was a child. She doesn’t know who her mother is. There is no father or mother.”

“Yiyi will not suffer.” Ye Guang didn’t know when he came over, just in time to hear what Mother Liu said just now.

Several people all looked at Ye Guang. Ye Guang looked back at Yiyi under the palm trees, there is Yiyi who was learning Tai Chi in a serious manner. He said in a serious way, “I will give it to her what other children have, and I will double it for her. I am here, so Yiyi will not suffer.” Ye Guang tone is not heavy and his voice is not loud, but his look is very serious and his tone is firm.

Mother Liu and Father Liu looked at Ye Guang with complicated eyes. Mother Liu made a little smile and nodded, “Thank you, Little Ye.”

Yiyi is still practicing Taiji, the weather is hot, and many sweats is on her face. Yiyi raised her arm and wiped the sweat from her face… and the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Earlier, Ye Guang and Yiyi practiced Taiji together under the palm tree. Yiyi focused on Ye Guang Taiji, not paying attention to Mother Liu. So, Yiyi couldn’t hear clearly and didn’t bother to listen to Mother Liu talk.

The yard is so big. Although it is a little distance away, you can still hear it. When Ye Guang went to Mother Liu, Yiyi’s attention also distracted there. Therefore, Yiyi heard what Ye Guang said.

Yiyi wiped off her sweat and put on a new pose, with an innocent and brilliant smile on her face.

“A watermelon is round and round.”

“Cut it in half.”


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