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The contents of document are divided into two parts. One is the new car information. The magnetic suspension car of Pengyun has been successfully manufactured, and some new car information has been sent.

Yu Kang just looked at the parameters a little and showed a shocked expression. When he saw the projection video, he was amazed.

“Fast, convenient car! The magnetic suspension car actually came out so fast, unexpected!”

He continued to look at the second piece of information, which was the head office’s response to the order problem.

“The company has urgently dealt with the situation of recent inventory emergency. It has resumed production in 3rd of this month and opened the order… Please rest assured that the production standards and quality standards of each series have not changed. The order price will not change within three months, will make appropriate adjustments after three months…”

“Finally open to order!” Yu Kang was overjoyed. He was waiting for this news. There is no car to sell in a car sales service store, this is the most nonsense!

He had been worried before that the company and foreign parts suppliers did not talk properly, resulting in a long period of no supply, that is, the head office can drag, they can’t afford to drag.

It’s good now, I can finally order it again and the quality has not changed, one can earn a dollar, he can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“Dad, good news, the head office said that you can place an order now!” Yu Kang immediately told the news to his father.

“I said no problem. How? Is there any change in price and quality?” asked Yu Lang.

“No, it stays the same.” Yu Kang said, “We are going to place an order now, so we can order it earlier so that it won’t be out of stock again!”

“Yes, order soon.”

The father and son immediately began to prepare, mobilizing the liquidity in the store and rushing to the head office. This time the order was very smooth and it was passed quickly.

“Okay, I am relieved.” After placing the order, they can start to maintain the previous customers and prepare for the work.

“Right, this maglev car looks so good, when can it be sold?” Yu Lang asked.

“This company did not say, but with the efficiency of our company, it is estimated that it will take a few months!” Yu Kang is also full of expectations, this is a unique black Science and Technology product in the industry, there is no need to talk about it’s competitiveness. Because it has no competitors!

If such car starts to sell, won’t it make a lot of money?


Pengyun Automobile Industrial Park, Pengyun Automobile announced that it will present a new car conference with cross-age significance here. It will invite people from home and abroad, automobile industry and machinery manufacturing related industries to participate in the introduction of Pengyun Automobile’s latest magnetic levitation vehicle and magnetic levitation intelligent roads, and answer questions about the recent outages of Pengyun Automobile, and give consumers a satisfactory reply.

Pengyun car has been silent for so long, finally has respond, and there is news of magnetic levitation car, the media smelled unusual questions, and they are crowded.

Other car companies do not dare to take a nap. Although Pengyun Automobile is still a young enterprise, behind it is Red Letter Group that has created countless miracles. Therefore, large-scale car companies at home and abroad have expressed interest in this and are ready to send representatives to visit.

Germany’s Bosch Group, China’s president of the district of China, Di Pingfan and the executive of Germany’s Headquarters, Fran, were invited to Pengyun Automobile Industrial Park.

Previously, Bosch Group was once a large number of accessories suppliers for Pengyun Automobile. Since EU’s mechanical restrictions, the two sides have suspended some important spare parts transactions.

Fran said in French: “Last month, representatives of Pengyun Motor also personally visited our Headquarters factory. I think this time, they will accept our conditions!”

Last time, he proposed an agreement that some parts could increase the price and was rejected by Pengyun.

“There is a great possibility.” Di Pingfan nodded. “There have been rumors in the industry recently that Pengyun cars seem to be back to production. They should be unable to withstand the pressure, or accept our conditions. Compared to suppliers of United States and Japan. Our products are more competitive – even if they are more expensive.”

“Look, this time they have to develop a cloth meeting, but they still have to show the magnetic levitation car.” Fran said softly. “This outdated gimmick also took out hype. It seems that they are really anxious. Our conditions can be improved.”

The two reached a tacit agreement. In addition to them, other visiting guests also had their own thoughts. Really look at the car, but not a few, except for some fanatic fans.


“Hello everyone, welcome to live broadcast of car home. Now we have already arrived at the industrial park of Pengyun Automobile. Today is the new car conference of Pengyun Automobile, Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai take you to watch!” In Pengyun Automobile Industrial Park. In addition, one male and one female, two young live broadcasters are being broadcast live with the assistance of several staff members.

They are one of the invited media. A professional on a car website has some popularity on the Internet because it often does some car reviews and related small programs.

This time, Pengyun’s magnetic levitation car attracted a lot of fans’ interest, so they specially prepared this live show.

They went to the industrial park and they were stopped. The staff informed that the conference was held here.

“Nani? What is the situation? We haven’t gotten in yet? Just outside? Have you made a mistake?” The man named Xiao Hei asked the staff.

“Hello, please rest in our rest place. This time the conference will be different because of the difference, so please stay here, please don’t worry, there is free drinking water, food available.” The staff patiently replied .

The long-legged girl Xiao Bai said silently: “It was the first time I saw this development meeting, so let us advanced the venue! It still started in half an hour. Wouldn’t it be confusing to go in together?”

The netizens who watched the program were also speechless and said: “What is this? After watching it for a long time, nothing has been seen, not even a venue!”

“How do I feel that this is a roadside! Looking at the press conference on the side of the road?”

The place where they are is indeed next to a road. Except for the rest of building, there is nothing else in the building.

The two chatted with the audience for ten minutes. Finally, the staff began to arrange and asked them to go to the basement.

“There was still a basement here? Is the conference held underground? Isn’t this underground parking garage?” Xiao Bai said curiously.

They came to basement. It was not the conference site they expected, but the parking lot! But not an ordinary parking garage, but a smart garage!

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