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“President Lu and President Tang, in addition to the maglev car, we also have some gadgets.” The staff introduced them and took the “small gadgets” they said.

“Small magnetic suspension spherical car, which is ellipsoidal overall, small and light, suitable for single or double rides.”

An ellipsoidal small magnetic levitation vehicle came from the road and was suspended in front of everyone.

Tang Gang and Roy Rupert couldn’t help but experience the car. Although the space of this small magnetic suspension ellipsoid is relatively small, it is also very good in terms of travel speed and intelligent driving.

“There is also a magnetic levitation skateboard. This commercial possibility is relatively small, purely a Science and Technology toy.”

“Maglev trucks are larger, unmanned, safer and faster in terms of speed.” The magnetic levitation truck completely abandoned the passenger space, which is equivalent to a magnetic levitation mobile container, which is more convenient for transportation.

Based on magnetic levitation devices and induction roads, various vehicles can operate.

These products have also strengthened the confidence of the top executives of Red Letter Group in Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd.

In the room, Lu Zixin was anxious to work with RI-8901 and Dongfang Hao, and gave them the next stage of the mission.

“High-precision working machine, built in the fastest time! Revitalize our automotive industry chain.” Lu Zixin confessed.

At the beginning, Optimus Prime gave Lu Zixin the basic mechanical structure diagram, Lu Zixin has let Dongfang Hao completely learn.

RI-8901 is an ultra-modern industrial robot that is especially good at the manufacture of working machines.

RI-8901 has no opinion, but Dongfang Hao is not satisfied.

“These silly big ones will do it? I have to go on holiday! I want to go out!” Dongfang Hao said, “I have just developed a magnetic levitation car here, and there are still a bunch of problems that have not been processed.”

“Make the work machine first, then take a vacation,” Lu Zixin said. “And the main work is done by Zhang Qiang, to complete this task and let you take a vacation.”

“Oh!” Dongfang Hao shrugged and unloaded his two arms directly. He said, “This hand is really not used.”

Lu Zixin calmly looked at this “shocking” side and continued to discuss the problem for the working machine with RI-8901.

RI-8901 offers several working machine designs, industrial masters with a completely ultra-modern Science and Technology level, and high-precision CNC machines with modern multi-axis machine tools.

Lu Zixin weighed the pros and cons and said: “Our main purpose is to improve our automotive industry chain and make mechanical parts meet the needs of magnetic levitation vehicles. So do this first!”

He clicked on a solution in the projection, and the virtual simulation diagram of the working machine was immediately displayed in front of Lu Zixin.

Zhang Qiang introduced: “Universal CNC machine tool module, advanced machine manufacturing machine. With 360° mechanical operator without dead angle, it can be mechanically manufactured in the nano-precision range. The whole process can be operated by quantum computer numerical control design and manufacturing mechanical production equipment.”

Lu Zixin magnifies the simulation of universal CNC machine tool module, which is a huge mechanical device, including mechanical lathes with different functions.

It starts to run in simulation, various mechanical components are grasped by the robotic arm, processed and manufactured, and then assembled into various industrial machine tools.

The working machine is a machine for manufacturing machines and machinery. This kind of universal CNC machine tool can not manufacture individual parts, but industrial machine tools for manufacturing parts!

As long as it is manufactured, the problem of parts that restrict Pengyun Auto will no longer be a problem!

“Well, just choose this, how long can it be made?” Lu Zixin asked.

Today, Zhang Qiang has a clear understanding of the industrial capabilities of Red Letter Group. After a quick calculation, he said: “If it is a ‘top secret’ manufacturing, it only takes 15 days!”

The so-called “top secret” level manufacturing is a top-level research and development model within the group established by Lu Zixin.

In this model, the main participants are only Lu Zixin’s absolute trust, regardless of the current limitations of Science and Technology on the Earth, using the help of RI-8901, Dongfang Hao or other Black Science and Technology Chat Group group friends, develop ultra-modern Science and Technology products to ensure they are not perceived by others.

“It’s made with ‘top-secret grade’ and it’s made first.” Lu Zixin said, like the equipment of the working machine, China has not been able to catch up with foreign countries for more than a decade.

Lu Zixin can only use this method to quickly reach it’s goals.


These days, Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. and many industrial enterprises in China are facing tremendous pressure. The market value of several major domestic auto companies and some industrial enterprises fell sharply.

The declining voice of Pengyun Automobile is also growing. Because Pengyun’s latest new energy driverless car is almost completely out of stock.

The new production and sales plan, Pengyun car has not been announced, leading some agents, already thinking of ways to get out of the pit.

Yu Family and his son, who had previously opened the 4S store in Pengyun, were also anxious.

In the 4S store of Science and Technology’s full-featured Pengyun car, the virtual projection car salesman still smiles and introduces Pengyun car products to customers.

However, in the end, these customers often leave with complaints, because now they can’t get a car.

In the office, Yu Lang and his son were also worried about this matter.

“The head office has been out of stock for half a month. We don’t have any inventory at all. New orders don’t dare to pick up. What can we do if we go on?” Yu Kang sighed. “The shop is burning money every day!”

Yu Lang has no good way, but can only comfort: “Reassure, during this time, the mechanical restrictions of various countries have a great impact on the head office. It is estimated that the company is responding. It will be fine this month.”

“That’s too slow. It’s been half a month. The company doesn’t have any movements.” Yu Kang is dissatisfied. “I don’t mean, let’s lower our car configuration, or increase the price, and a large number of people buy it!”

“You must have a stable mentality, the people above naturally have their considerations.” After all, Yu Lang has been doing business for decades, and his mentality is still calm. “In any case, in just two months, we have already made money completely. When I came back, I also made a lot of money. It’s okay to not make money for the past two months.”

“In this time, we must do a good job in all kinds of after-sales services to appease the mood of our customers and not to bother the company.”

“It can only be like this…” Yu Kang sighed.

The two talked for a while, and suddenly Yu Kang quantum computer began calling him.

“The head office sent me confidential documents! The company’s decision has come down?” Yu Kang’s look changed to read the confidential documents transmitted through the internal quantum information network of Red Letter Group.

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