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After finally endured the huge weight on the back and the pain caused by Acupressure Mat at the foot. Lan Bao finally reached the end. Finally, as long as he ate the small snack on the horizontal bar, he completed the challenge.

But… The horizontal bar is too high, Lan Bao is too short, Lan Bao has jumps up and is not enough.

Everyone laughed. “Hahaha, can’t reach it! Haha, height, Lan Bao height is flawed! Hahaha, I laughed to death.”

In the end, after Lan Bao tried many times without success, Shang Shan announced their group failed.

The second group in the game is Ye Guang group. The first one to play is Ye Guang.  He tried Acupressure Mat. It’s really painful, but he could barely endure it.

But when he needed to skip twenty ropes, he suddenly stopped, jumping and shouting, “My feet, my feet, pain! Pain! How could I get this crazy thing out, ah ah ah, It hurts.”

Lan Bao, Zhong Jing and Mu Huang, three of them had just received the torture and they immediately gloated, “You deserve it! You are self-sufficient!”

Heavenly King Liu also smiled happily, “It’s really self-sufficient. This is designed by Ye Guang, but it’s also good. Chief Director followed us to suffer, it’s better than just our own. Moreover, when he designs games in the future, he will have to weigh whether he can stand it.”

Ye Guang finally passed the rope skipping. His feet almost out of sensation and can’t help but feel annoyed in his heart. Ye Guang swear that he will use less acupressure Mat in the future. This thing is very happy and enjoyable when watching others play, but only know how much suffering when you try it. The most important thing is, Liu Chiyan is still there. Not only does he suffer, but his wife also has to suffer. What is this?

Change! Must change it in the future!

The second player of Ye Guang’s group is Liu Chiyan. After receiving the baton, Liu Chiyan quickly moved forward. She stepped on Acupressure Mat with her bare jade feet. Liu Chiyan also yelled in pain, “Ah~ Ye Guang I hate you!”

The guests who leaned forward and backward with a smile outside also booed, “Goddess Liu, come on, Goddess Liu deducts Ye Guang salary!”

Liu Chiyan could be regarded as complete deportation of Heavenly Queen. Her speed not lost to male guests. After passing the checkpoint, she handed the baton to He Xing.

Like Lan Bao, He Xing needs to carry a super-shaped aunt to the finish line. However, He Xing is much stronger than Lan Bao, but it is also very difficult and slow to walk.

Liu Chiyan cheered him from the side, “He Xing, hurry up, I am faster than you, hurry up.”

He Xing, “It hurts! I feel my feet no longer my feet.”

He Xing finally reached the end. There’s an accident when he jumped on the horizontal bar to eat the snacks. After trying three times, He Xing finally got the snacks. But it has surpassing the time limit, Shang Shan informed they had timed out and the challenge failed.

Ye Guang group was a little depressed, and the other two groups gloated.

The only group left is Heavenly King Liu group. Heavenly King Liu group also full of tricks and laughter was heard continuously. All three of them in this group are men, which is still relatively advantageous, but it’s pity that they reach time limit, so they also timed out.

The three groups have suffered a lot and have not yet completed their tasks. What should I do?

Ye Guang proposed, “Let’s do it again!”

He instantly aroused public anger.

“Again? My feet will be gone.”

“This game is from Ye Guang, you think of it yourself, you are a self-abuse!”

“Everyone, I have a proposal. Let’s beat Ye Guang to get out this breath.” He Xing said this.

Ye Guang was shocked and looked at the male guests who were eager to try, “What do you want to do, He Xing, we are in the same team, you can’t cheat me like this.”

Several male guests surrounded Ye Guang and decisively beaten Ye Guang.

Everyone punched and kicked Ye Guang, but everyone just playing around, it is impossible to fight.

Liu Chiyan laughed on the side and shouted, “Fight, hit twice for me!”

Finally, everyone dispersed, leaving Ye Guang alone in a mess.

After the trouble, the challenge task had to continue. The three groups of personnel challenged again. Heavenly King Liu team had the best performance before, so they took the lead in the challenge.

Because of the previous experience, everyone was much faster this time. Heavenly King Liu team successfully completed the challenge, got the mission reminder card, and went to next location.

Not to be outdone, the other two groups also completed the challenge back and forth and headed to the next mission location.

In the car, He Xing also discussed the clues with Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan. The three men pondered for a while, He Xing asked, “Ye Guang, you are the chief director of this show. You should know all the clues. Didn’t you design the game?”

Ye Guang shook his head, “I don’t know. Most of the games are designed by me, but I only design the approximate. As for the other details, all aspects is done by the staff. So I don’t know, of course, I still have a bit of advantage over you, at least I know how to play the game.” Ye Guang smiled.

He Xing swears, “Shameless, cheating is still taken for granted.”

All three groups arrived at the designated place.

When everyone arrived, they immediately became happy when they saw three dining tables.

“Hey, should there be something to eat? Is such a good treatment?” Lan Bao laughed.

Shang Shan said, “Everyone has worked hard to record the show, so we have prepared a lot of delicious food for everyone.” Then, Shang Shan asked the waiter to serve.

After plates of delicious food is put on the table, everyone was very happy.

Before everyone moved their chopsticks, Shang Shan said again, “Next, we will play a game.”

In addition to Ye Guang, everyone was stunned.

“Wow” the curtain behind the crowd suddenly fell off, frightening everyone. Behind the curtain was a swimming pool. Behind everyone, there is three Flying Chair.

Shang Shan, “Every group sent two players to sit on the Flying Chair. Another team member would eat the six kinds of food according to the order when the waiter served it. If the order is wrong, your teammates will be bounced into the pool. If you succeed, the challenge is successful and you can enjoy delicious food and get the task reminder card.”

Everyone was stunned and screamed for a while. Everyone is not paying attention to the waiter’s order of serving. At that time, they just thinking about eating.

Each of the three groups sent players sitting on Flying Chair and trying to eat.

Heavenly King Liu group is Xu Chen for tasting, Lan Bao group is Mu Huang, and Ye Guang group is Ye Guang.

Lan Bao said on the Flying Chair, “Ye Guang, how do you make Goddess Liu sit on the Flying Chair, yand you eat it yourself, without pity for the jade, how can you bear to let Goddess Liu fall into the water.”

Ye Guang is very confident, “Stop, how can I let Goddess Liu fall into the water?”

Heavenly King Liu laughed and said, “Goddess Liu, if you fall into the water, go back and expel Ye Guang so that he can’t come up with so many abuse games.”

The first challenge begins with Shang Shan order.

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