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An emoticon figure popped up as expected, Red Queen : “[Overlooking emoticon: a small and humble human, why are you calling me?]”

Mr. L : “In this case, it seems that you don’t need Red envelope. [emoticon: I am leaving, don’t stop me.]”

Red Queen : “The owner, you are so polite, the water group is on the water, what red envelope is also issued? [Puzzle the red envelope of the emoticon: the owner, can not! really can not!]”

Lu Zixin saw her, and quickly sent an emoticon : “[emoticon: Oh, then I won’t give it.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: the smile fades away.]”

Mr. L : “Hahahaha, don’t tease you, pick Red envelope!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I am ready!]”

Then, in the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, a red dragonfly pattern appeared, which was Lu Zixin’s random Red envelope for Red Queen.

Lu Zixin immediately received a reminder from the group : “Red Queen has received your random Red envelope and received a random reward item, “Bio-Smart Conversion Technology”.”

“Bio-Intelligent Transformation Technology? It sounds like a super-black Science and Technology!” Lu Zixin secretly thought, why can’t this group of random Red envelopes send it to themselves?

Is this the “curse” that the group owner bears?

In the world of Umbrella Corporation, Red Queen got the technology, just wanted to study, almost procedural disorder, burned out the brain. The technology inside is too complicated and more profound than the zombie virus.

In the group, Red Queen sent a message : “!#%#……¥#0,1,0,1…”

Mr. L : “What do you mean?”

Red Queen : “NDSSDFG4323…”

Lu Zixin was confused and asked : “What’s wrong? Is your program wrong? Is the computer virus?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Impossible, how can I be confusing? You see, my text output is so stable and fixed…”]

Mr. L : “Well, artificial intelligence is crazy. Blame me, don’t take care of you.”

Red Queen : “[Angrily emoticon: the gas is leaking] I am not crazy, just… just suddenly accepted the unknown program.”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: oh…]”

Red Queen has finally stabilized and continues to view Biointelligence Conversion Technology. She found that this technical material is about the mutual transformation of biological thinking and program.

This technique is very complicated, and Red Queen previously used brainwave stimulation to enhance and modify the memory of cloned people. But that is just strengthening and erasing memory. It has strong side effects on the brain tissue of the organism, and it will even turn people into idiots.

It is even more incredible to reverse the computer program into biological thinking! Because the thinking modes of the two vectors are completely different, unless the brain of the organism can operate like a computer.

This kind of thing is not impossible. For example, in the world of “The Matrix”, the human brain has been able to evolve to such an extent.

Red Queen remembered that Lu Zixin had sent a data seed to herself. After these days, she copied some of her core programs into the data feed. Maybe you can analyze learning and then use data seeding to try?

Red Queen  : “[emoticon: once again the group owner completed the ulterior motive, group status +!].”

However, in the group, Lu Zixin has already chatted with other members.

Creator Luke rarely went online and asked Lu Zixin : “Is the performance of RI-8901 industrial robot still good?”

Mr. L : “Excellent, very easy to use.”

Creator Luke : “That’s good, the combat power of this industrial robot is too weak. I have recently improved a new version of the robot powered by dark energy or bright energy, and the combat power has increased tenfold!”

Mr. L : “Is that still called an industrial robot? That is a war robot!”

Creator Luke : “All the same. Creation and destruction, just like light and darkness, exist at the same time. When light and dark power are combined, it is powerful and unparalleled!”

Lu Zixin can’t understand this feeling, maybe the monarch of Hebron’s planet can understand it. Lu Zixin himself, at most, is a little stronger than the average person.

Mr. L : “It’s amazing. Unfortunately, I can’t comprehend it, or study machinery.”

The Creator Luke said with deep feeling : “Machinery is important, and its own strength is also very important. When you have more, don’t forget, someone is secretly yelling at you!”

“This group of people, hidden behind the back. When you are negligent, give you a fatal blow! So whenever you want, be prepared!”

Mr. L : “Preventing problems before they happen!”

Creator Luke : “Yes, that’s what it means.”

Lu Zixin also understands this truth, but he is not a god operator, and it is impossible to prevent it everywhere. With the Science and Technology and wealth he now has, people who remember him are sure.

Before the relevant state departments reminded him that some foreign forces have been eyeing him, so he changed his name and made low-key actions.

At present, Lu Zixin has not directly contacted these malicious forces. There was a commercial spy before, and he was quickly solved by him.

The Creator Luke suddenly said : “If necessary, the RI-8901 robot can also act as a combat robot. You can modify it by giving this to it.”

Said, the manufacturer Luke gave Lu Zixin a Red envelope, which made Lu Zixin somewhat inexplicable.

He asked strangely : “Oh, you are too polite, and send me a Red envelope?”

Creator Luke : “You use it. I have a hunch. Maybe this Chat Group is very important to me, so I have to protect it from problems.”

Although Lu Zixin didn’t understand it, he clicked on Red envelope. By convention, the group system detects Red envelopes.

Group Assistant : “A very large weapon of mass destruction has been detected, it has been destroyed, and Red envelope can be collected.”

Lu Zixin asked the group assistant : “What is the super-weapons?”

The group assistant explained : “A major traumatic weapon that can cause irreparable damage to the planet!”

Lu Zixin is speechless. This description sounds more terrifying than nuclear weapons. Did Luke give him the weapon to destroy the earth? He really didn’t dare to play with this stuff. He lived on the earth well, what if he ruined his life?

Group Tip : “Congratulations, you have received the Red envelope from the manufacturer Luke, a copy of the RI-8901 robot upgrade program, and a set of micro-weapon parts. (Note: lethality is within the controllable range)”

In the group space, there are a lot of exquisite mechanical parts, all of which are Luke’s latest designs. If it is installed on RI-8901, it can be armed into a final version of the Terminator!

Lu Zixin ended the group chat and summoned Zhang Qiang directly through the network.

At this time, Zhang Qiang is at the research center, and the researchers explained the relevant content of light sensing technology.

Suddenly, its words were interrupted and said: “Let’s finish it now, you should study first.”

It left the research center and went to the single-family villa that Lu Zixin had arranged for it. Lu Zixin had already waited for it there, ready to upgrade it.

This villa has been specially modified, especially for security, to ensure no one peep, the circuit System has been modified, and it is also convenient for the robot to charge itself.

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