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10 Chapter to welcome this new year 😀

Happy New Year~2020

“How much? Supervisor, here is too busy to come, and send a few more people to come over…. Hello, the exhibition area of ​​thunderstorm appliances, there, the one with the most queues, have you seen it?” In the intercom, sound to noisy.

“More? What happened? How did you go to Hall 3?” the supervisor asked.

“Thunderstorm appliances! Everyone is waiting in line to experience their smart home!”

“Thunderstorm appliances?” The supervisor thought, isn’t this a “small brand” that he didn’t care about before? How can it attract so many viewers?

“What are they doing?” the supervisor wondered. He called several staff members to come and said, “You go to the third hall to help and see what happens.”

Not only him, but also those home appliance companies in Hall 1, have found this situation. Obviously, as time goes by, there are more and more tourists looking at the smart home appliance fair, but the number of people in the first exhibition hall has decreased.

A manager of each electric appliance couldn’t help but curiosity, and he slipped into the third hall to see the situation.

As a result, in Halls 1 to 3, he suddenly stopped. The booths of other brands are still good, there are so few people in sporadic.

But in front of Thunderstorm Home Appliance’s smart home experience museum, there is a long queue, and there are a lot of people around a smart voice robot, once again using the language to “tune” it, while holding a mobile video.

“Xiaoyu, can you talk to each other?”

“Yes, everyone, I am  Xiaoyu, I will give you a name for the first time. Let’s have a big guy to eat today. What’s the difference? There are steamed lamb, steamed bear’s paw, steamed deer tail, burnt duck, roast chicken. ……”

The speech synthesis of Xiaoyu was very smooth, and with the sound of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the audience was amused, and they took photos with their mobile phones.

“ Xiaoyu, can you sing?”

“Yes, everyone can sing a song.”

“ Xiaoyu, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?”

“Of course – great mother!”


All kinds of wonderful problems were put forward one by one, and Xiaoyu intelligent voice can respond more appropriately, so many people doubt whether there is a staff behind the scenes.

After they entered the smart home experience library experience, they began to believe that this is true voice intelligence, not real-time intercoms behind the scenes.

The various experiences in the smart home experience museum also make the audience refreshed. This is the new ecological home experience! With one instruction, you can complete 80% work, and you can really feel comfortable.

While queuing, Xiaoyu intelligent robots communicated with the audience while promoting Thunderstorm Appliances and Smart Home Management System. It also has a large QR code attached to it, which can be scanned and downloaded at any time.

Fan Peng, a former media worker, is regretting this time. He wants to experience the mystery of it early, and then write first-hand information.

However, because he has not paid attention to Hall 3 and Thunderstorm Appliances, when he was shouted here by his companions, the team has already turned a few turns!

In the background, many dealers, real estate, decoration businessmen came to the door to ask agents Thunderstorm appliances or related cooperation. Obviously, they are very interested in the smart homes displayed by Thunderstorm Home Appliances!

Not only they, Haier, Muli, the United States, Siemens, Panasonic and other big brands have also secretly sent people to experience, waiting for them to experience the smart home system of Thunderstorm appliances, one by one with a look back.

“How? What are their names?” asked an executive in the exhibition area of ​​each force.

“Too… too powerful!” the staff member who came back said, “They actually did a completely intelligent home, and all orders can be controlled remotely or by voice!”

He also showed everyone the video he recorded. After reading it, everyone was amazed: “Thunderstorm appliances have been able to do this?”

“Is this not going to be fake?”

“Really, don’t forget, their smart system was developed by Red Letter!”

At Haier booth, the staff who just experienced the Thunderstorm Home Appliances Smart Home Experience Hall quickly called the boss and said, “Zhou, I sent you the video. You saw it, their smart controllers cooperate with smart home managing System is simply God!”

“The smart home system we are researching can’t do their 10% intelligence!”

The voice came from the phone and said: “I know that the intelligent controller of Thunderstorm Appliances is not simple! It used to be like this! Didn’t they say it last time, the partners can also provide their smart home system, find them? The person in the company asked.”

The staff of foreign brands such as Siemens and Panasonic have also felt tremendous pressure: “I don’t think there is such a smart technology in China! In the future, our market challenges in China will be even bigger!”

The area of ​​Hall 3 was originally small, crowded with people, and the scene was a bit confusing. The organizer’s executives are now teaching the organizers of the area: “How do you arrange your arrangements?”

“Why don’t you arrange thunderstorm appliances in Hall 1? Now it’s so messy that affects the image of our company. Those big brands are not satisfied, complain with us!”

The supervisor pleaded: “You agreed at the beginning.”

“I don’t know the situation, don’t you know the specific adjustment?” The executives scolded, “Hurry, there are two days in the Expo. Thunderstorm appliances now require another booth. You should arrange them, preferably one. Go to the showroom!”

“The exhibition hall No. 1 is no longer in place!”

“Is there no way? to find a way?”

The Smart Home Expo was held for three days. On the first day, the smart home experience museum of Thunderstorm Home Appliances was famous for its small size. On the second and third days, more and more audiences came from.

At the same time, the media also seized the opportunity to report on the situation of the Expo, especially the smart home system displayed by Thunderstorm Appliances.

CCTV, when it was broadcast in the evening, specifically mentioned the China Smart Home Furnishing Expo held in Shanghai. It mentions that China’s smart home industry is developing rapidly and smarter, more Science and Technology products are entering people’s lives.

It also used a small video, which is a video of the experience of the reporter experiencing the Thunderstorm Home Appliances Experience Hall.

Seeing the video, the intelligent home appliances, the humanized control system of pure voice commands, suddenly the masses were amazed.

Before the TV, a grandfather said to his wife in amazement: “The development of the times is really too fast. You see, the current home appliances are really amazing, and you can understand people.”

My wife wondered: “Isn’t that perfect?”

“Grandma, that’s not a fine, it’s called Voice Intelligence System!” explains the grandson next to him.

“What do you mean?” The old man did not understand.

“That’s what you say, home TV, computer, light bulb, and everything can understand. You can turn on the TV when you turn on the TV, turn off the light when you turn off the light. High Science and Technology!”

“High Science and Technology?” The old man understands this, said with a slight smile: “The high Science and Technology in our country is really more and more. This high Science and Technology has never lived for decades. I have seen it.”

Grandson said: “Grandma, I will get a smart home back in a few days, so that you can experience this high Science and Technology!”

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