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Mr. L : “You can look at your blood vessels, is the color darker? Or take out your Spider-Man suit and see if there is any change. Have you not worn the suits these days?”

Peter Parker : “Yes, I have been staying at home. I will try it.”

In the room, Peter Parker picked up his sleeve and observed his veins. He saw the color of the blood vessels. It seemed to have become a bit deeper, even some black!

Before, he always thought that he had a virus, so it would be like this. Lu Zixin’s statement has given him new suspicions.

He rushed to take out his Spider-Man suit hidden in the ceiling, when he opened the lockbox and was ready to take out the suit and put it on. From his pores, a black liquid material flows over the Spider-Man suit.

The original deep red Spider-Man suit, suddenly turned into pure black! There seems to be a deep and evil atmosphere. When Peter Parker puts on it, there seems to be a voice in his head to guide his actions.

He wants to eat! I want to eat more toxins, I want to eat the human brain, I want to kill crazy…

Peter Parker’s eyes turned into blood red, like a mad bullfight, Lu Zixin asked in the group : “@Peter Park, how? Found something?”

Peter Parker tried to calm down some minds and said in the group : “It’s almost the same as you guessed. The suits turned black. It’s very annoying! I can’t wait to tear everything in front of me, there is a desire for gluttony!”

Lu Zixin understands, and sure enough, Peter Parker is not infected with a zombie virus, but an alien organic life symbiosis!

Mr. L  : “You take off the suit and calm down, I will continue to tell you.”

Peter Parker was not affected by the alien symbiosis, so he could control himself for the time being. After he took off the black suit, the consciousness was clear.

He quickly asked in the group : “The owner, what is going on here? Do you know anything?”

Lu Zixin sent him the information he had learned. He said: “You are not infected with a zombie virus. It is probably an alien organic living symbiosis called ‘venom symbiosis.”

“This symbiosis is presented in a liquid state. It is not a liquid, it is also thoughtful! It is also cruel and violent.”

“When it is attached to you, you are the host of it. It needs energy and nutrient growth from your body, so you are back influenced by its thoughts, become cruel, want to eat crazy, even Devouring the same kind!”

“Similarly, you can also benefit from it. For example, your strength, speed, endurance, agility, self-healing ability, etc. will be greatly improved! The most important thing is that this venom symbiosis can also copy your superpower!”

“For example, if you use spider silk, it can also use this ability by imitation. So after you become a symbiosis with it, you don’t need a spider to use a spider that is stronger than the original.”

“Of course, the stronger the ability, the more energy you need to replenish.”

Lu Zixin said this, Red Queen said : “[emoticon: I want to catch to play.]”

Peter Parker felt a lot easier, saying : “It turned out to be like this. I didn’t infected by zombie virus. It’s great.”

“And it seems that this symbiosis is good! When I put on the black uniform, I felt that I was at least twice as strong! With this, who are the criminals can be my opponents?”

“If you are too big, add more food.”

Peter Parker is not the poor student of the past. Under Lu Zixin’s advice to him, he has been more lenient, but he has not started his own company. It is completely achievable to eat a little.

Mr. L  : “Look carefully. I want to emphasize that this is an alien symbiosis with ‘thought’! It means that there is another thoughtful soul in your body! Although its wisdom is only instinctive Survive, but it will affect you subtly.”

“This is a double-edged sword. Are you sure you can control it?”

After Lu Zixin finished, Peter Parker realized the seriousness of the matter. Think about it, there is another thought in your body, and the decision you make is no longer entirely your own subjective opinion. How terrifying this is!

However, the venom symbiosis gives him a powerful sense of power, just like drugs, as long as you taste it, you can’t help but taste it for the second time!

He was caught in a contradiction. Lu Zixin saw that he did not speak and continued : “You can think about it carefully and temporarily seal it up. Don’t let your thoughts interfere.”

As an organic life symbiosis, venom ontology has a strong desire to survive. It doesn’t easily leave the host, and it constantly wants to use the host to enhance itself.

For a moment, Peter Parker asked : “The owner, it lives in my body. How can I separate it?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Of course it’s sliced! My forty meters long knife will rust!]”

Mr. L  : “You can try high temperature or ultrasound, which has a negative impact on it. But I want to remind you that this symbiosis will evolve and make up for its own shortcomings. This method is much more used, it is not afraid.“

Peter Parker : “I know, thank you, the owner.”

Mr. L  : “If you are confused, you can ask Mr. Bruce Wayne, I believe he can give you some correct guidance.”

Peter Parker : “Well, okay.”

The little spider went offline, and Red Queen said : “Hey, another experimental material was wasted by the owner. [emoticon: my smart programs are tired!]”

Mr. L  : “Don’t think about it, in case you can’t control it? Let the venom symbiosis and zombies be combined, it will become what no one knows. Maybe you can change a big BOSS, it can destroy the umbrella company.!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: shock!] The owner, you are really awakened the brain! Yes, such a dangerous thing can not get to the lab.”

“The people at the umbrella company have started experimenting on themselves. If they make them amazing, don’t they smash me? [emoticon: smart fear!]”

Mr. L  : “Okay, pay more attention to yourself. Don’t play off, I have to go offline to research materials.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: the owner, your mother called you to go home to eat!]”

After Lu Zixin finished the science class for the little spider, he began to study the information that Red Queen sent him, and tried to make these things early.

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