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“This is a simple search, and a more complicated search, which needs to be used after communication with the network side.” Song Yue explained Lu Zixin and then asked Red Cloud: “How about studying the road conditions of Jiangcheng Nine Road?”

The intelligent information processing system was obviously delayed for a few seconds, saying: “Jiangcheng nine roads are crowded at present, and traffic jams may occur.”

Han Jia asked some questions: “General, how do you see it?”

Lu Zixin doesn’t have any excitement. This feature may have been ahead of the game a few years ago, but now it seems that many companies already have it.

“Yes, these human-computer interactions are too simple and complicated.” Lu Zixin said, he went up and asked Red Cloud, saying: “Thirty minutes later, I will start from here to Jiangcheng New Science and Technology Development. The district handles official duties and helps me plan the route.”

This time, the Red Cloud System reaction is slower. “There are nine planned routes, walking plan, starting from Red Letter company building, walking to the central square… riding plan… ride plan…”

Red Cloud has planned several routes, but Lu Zixin is dissatisfied. He said: “Look, it has planned nine plans. It seems to be a lot. In fact, many are ineffective. Among them, the walking plan and riding plan are too bad, the subway and Self-driving is obviously better.”

“My goal is to handle official duties. According to our thinking, this is a matter that has clear requirements for time and efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to save time and convenience. The bus plan takes too long and should be eliminated… The solution Red Cloud should be analyzed, the invalid solution should be removed, and the user should be provided with an effective solution. This is intelligence.”

When he finished, Han Jia was awkward: “It is still difficult to analyze these with the IQ of Red Cloud.”

“What about life and office?” Lu Zixin asked. “Google’s artificial intelligence has been able to initially implement smart home regulation, low-level manual driving, personal health monitoring, financial analysis, chess, and even the creation the works of art. What about us?”

He said that not only Han Jia, but even Liang Song felt that Lu Zixin was too demanding.

Liang Song said: “General, your request is too high. People companies have been researching artificial intelligence for many years. It is good that we can achieve this level.”

“It’s too slow!” Lu Zixin ruthlessly criticized, “Keli’s ET artificial intelligence has begun to develop into the urban brain, conducting intelligent analysis, estimation, and adjustment of urban traffic. There are other functions, such as a simple auxiliary office function, page design, can we do it?”

The artificial intelligence that can be made in it, has a function to personalize and automatically design the pages of webpage or APP, and can design tens of millions of different pages at a time. In this way, the work that would have taken a few days or even weeks of page design can be completed in one second!

“No. Every function requires different algorithms and a lot of data to add. We still need a lot of time to try.” Han Jia shook his head.

In this respect, the red letter is too far. The cutting-edge Science and Technology companies are doing artificial intelligence and are involved in various fields. And Red Letter, even a mobile smart assistant has not done well.

Lu Zixin expects to give them a few years, and it is not necessarily better than other companies.

He said: “Well, I will stay here this month, and I will give you a template for smartphone voice assistant. It is some algorithm framework, and then you rely on templates for algorithm filling and function improvement.”

“What? General do you?” Han Jia suspected that he had got it wrong. Genera actually said that he would make a template for everyone! This is not a cake, it will be completed in a moment. Even with their assistance from the entire project department, the Cloud host calculates adjustments, and his conservative estimate is more than half a year! And the real performance is still uncertain!

Song Yue was surprised to ask: “Genera, do you know this?”

“Crap!” said Liang Song. “I can pack the ticket and say that in this aspect of technology, Genera is a top ten, and it’s no exaggeration!”

Han Jia and Song Yue did not believe that when they entered the company, Lu Zixin had already gone to Pengcheng, and the company was always Liang Song. They don’t know Lu Zixin’s computer technology. They only know that Lu Zixin understands this and participated in the design of the “Desolate Battlegrounds” game.

Liang Song itself is also a computer technology, with a high level. To talk about the development of Liang Song, they can still believe that the level of this young CEO Red Letter Group can be higher than their professional level?

He even said that a person to complete such a software design.

“It sounds too sci-fi.” Han Jia still did not believe, said: “This is not a simple procedure!”

“Not much nonsense,” Lu Zixin said. “I am not going to design complicated, it’s basic voice input, conversational response, weather forecasting, scheduling, data search, smart shopping.”

“With Red Letter Cloud host as the knowledge base and data center, intelligently analyze the user’s language and behavior, open the corresponding System function or download the commonly used software functions. The most important thing is to learn function, learn different languages, habits and data processing method.”

“This is not complicated? Genera, you are even stronger than Apple’s SIRI! Their level of artificial intelligence, the world’s top ten!” Han Jia no words.

Song Yue also said: “Our current progress, want to reach this level, at least one or two years?”

“This is the case.” Lu Zixin no longer explained. “You will sort out the project information before you get off work tomorrow. It is not a necessary project, pause first, wait for me to re-plan.”

Han Jia is the first time to see such a boss, isn’t this a plan to upset them? He turned to Liang Song for help, hoping that he would stop Lu Zixin’s “indiscriminate guidance.”

However, Liang Song not only did not see it, but also took the initiative to say: “According to what General said, other people in the project department can also call me.”

“Mom, I don’t think Liang is also a person who pleases his boss!” Han Jia said in his heart. “General’s plan is so unreliable. He actually cooperates fully. It will definitely affect the progress of the project and even make a mess.”

“Oh, not only is this month difficult, but I have to clean up the mess later.”

Lu Zixin didn’t know his thoughts, but played with a song with a smile: “I will stay here to work this month, do you want to eat?”

“Of course!” Liang Song said with a smile, “There is no overtime pay.”

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