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“This is a great victory! This time our company not only guaranteed the credibility, but also punished the conspirators, and the products are still have big order!” In Red Letter science and technology company, Tang Gang laughed and said: “This is all General work. The credit is really great!”

Everyone nodded and said, “If it’s not General, you can’t turn things around when it’s critical!”

“Don’t hold it, this time it’s a good luck, just a friend who gave me this information.” Lu Zixin said, “but this event everyone should take it for granted!”

“From the ‘Old Bear Incident’ we can see that our company’s public relations ability is not enough! This may be because our company was established for short time, no experience, but it must be improved in the future!”

“General said that I have to talk specifically with them about this matter!” Tang Gang nodded and remembered on his office notebook.

“And, the problem of commercial espionage!” Lu Zixin stressed. “Now our company has more than one leading technology, and it will inevitably be shackled by people with ulterior motives.”

“Any technology, even a small production process improvement, can’t be revealed, and the total loss to us may reach hundreds of millions!”

“So from now on, we must strengthen the protection of related technologies, production and research sites, and conduct strict verification of employees in important positions before they can be employed.”

“Remember it.” The director of personnel department nodded. “I will arrange the inside of department again, and then re-examine it again, check and fill the gap!”

“Is the second production line of battery factory laid?” Lu Zixin asked Yao Li, and the battery factory was shut down for a few days. The Kun Peng battery factory was not idle, and the second production line was simply started.

Thanks to the guidance of industrial robot, Zhang Qiang, there are re-customized equipment, and the progress is very fast.

“It has already completed more than half, and it will be fine until the equipment adjustment is completed this week.” Yao Li replied.

“Well, it is already possible to start taking orders. As for how to pick up orders, Su Zhirong is responsible for this, you discuss it specifically.” Lu Zixin said.

“Yeah.” Su Zhirong nodded.

To explain the general things, the next step is the management’s own decision-making, Lu Zixin continues to control the direction.

In October, after the Red Letter smartphone experienced a storm, it sold more. In the second month of the sale, we won the sales champion of single smartphone of the month and reached 3,8 million units.

However, Lu Zixin did not swell because it was only the sales of a single mobile phone. And it is still a long-term hot event to sell so much, and soon sales will fall. In the domestic mobile phone brand sales list, the red letter can not enter the top five.

Rice, which has the highest sales volume of mobile phone brands in the month, has a total sales volume of over 8 million units! The second Huawei has reached more than 7 million units, and Rice and Huawei have developed rapidly for the company. They have already gone abroad, and the sales overseas can add up to the absolute suppression of Red Letter.

What’s more, these companies are richer in products than Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology. Just mobile phones, they have a lot of models, and multiple series. Other tablets, computers, routers, drones, multi-mode base stations, energy products, etc., add up to the red letter is not enough to see.

What Lu Zixin wants to do now is to enrich the industry of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology and diversify its products. In this way, a company’s benign development can be guaranteed, and the company’s focus cannot be placed on one or a series of products.

Countless precedents tell him that it is by no means a qualified Internet Science and Technology company!

At night, at home, Lu Zixin rests on the slippery thigh of Su Zhirong. On the coffee table next to them, there are virtual projection beads positioned in the triangle, and the living room is projected like a spring breeze and a wild flower.

Su Zhirong massage Lu Zixin’s head, and said to the virtual projection scene: “If our company can commercialize this technology!”

“In the future, we will become a world-class high-Science and Technology company!”

Lu Zixin’s heart is moving, virtual projection? He is trying to get this technology. It is a pity that the complete virtual projection technology is far from the current level of technology. In particular, the technical reserve of Red Letter is still zero!

He said: “The future may not be made, and since you have said it, it must be made. We can prepare first.”

“Hmmm?” Su Zhirong was a little confused and looked down at him and said, “How to prepare? Do VR?”

Looking up from Lu Zixin’s point of view, just like Su Zhirong’s eyes, seeing her clear eyes, he said with a smile: “Building a laboratory for light and electronics, studying air projection and interaction, laser beam, there are also sensors in this respect. This is the basis of virtual projection, but also the ‘eye’ technology of smart devices!”

“You mean, we have to develop the technology of the camera independently?” Su Zhirong thought that the mind was quick and she thought of the key points.

“Yes!” Lu Zixin buried his face directly into her lower abdomen, feeling the softness and faint scent of her body, saying, “It’s the camera.”

“Now the cameras used by our Red Letter smartphones are all products of foreign manufacturers. Therefore, in terms of camera functions, we have never reached the level of developed countries such as Japan, Korea, and United States.”

“If you want to do a better job, you have to master your own camera technology.”

“Based on camera technology, future research on virtual projections will also have a certain technical reserve.”

“You have thought about it for a long time!” Su Zhirong exclaimed. “This is another money-making research and development project.”

“Not afraid, we have money now!” Lu Zixin said. Red letter games and Red Letter software development are all profitable, and the sales of several million units of Red Letter smartphones are not blown, and the turnover reaches 10 billion. After deducting the cost, it can still make a lot of profits.

As for putting money in the bank, it is impossible. It is the right way to invest in research and development.

“Honey, since you have this idea, this is also handed over to you?” Lu Zixin said.

“You want to be lazy again!” Su Zhirong stunned him and said, “This is too important. It can’t be done in a month or two, and the investment is estimated to be hundreds of millions.”

“So I will give it to you, I believe you can do it well. You are a talented female president!” Lu Zixin praised.

“I found that you are actually not honest at all!” Su Zhirong said. “The rhetoric! You are gave me all your work, what about you?”

“I have more important things to do.” Lu Zixin suddenly sat up, holding her hands on the sofa and looking at Su Zhirong.

“What?” Su Zhirong was a bit flustered and apparently expected.

Lu Zixin leaned close to her ear and shouted: “little SuSu.”

Upon hearing the nickname of this shame, Su Zhirong pretty face immediately became red-light, and there was no resistance involuntarily.

On the desktop, the virtual projection beads reflect the fullness of the spring and the scenery is fascinating.

One night, the next day, Su Zhirong was a little tired, and Lu Zixin was in good spirits. The change H1 serum brought to him is too big. Lu Zixin has also forgotten to ask Red Queen, she said that the H2 serum research was not good.

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