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HX2 mobile phone battery explosion, rapid fermentation on the Internet. A lot of media have been reprinted, causing heated discussions among netizens.

Péngpài News: “Users broke the news, the latest hot red letter HX2 smart phone battery explosion, Red Letter mobile phone response is under investigation.”

Tencent News: “The first battery explosion occurred on the HX2 mobile phone. The injured were injured in many cases. The reason has not been ascertained!”

Mobile home: “HX2 mobile phone battery is also blown up? Is the lithium air battery really safe?”

Headline news: “HX2 has a battery cell explosion accident, which has caused great concern in relevant departments and is ready to intervene in the investigation!”

Phoenix Information: “Another phone has been blown up, this time because of the battery?”


Red letter Electronics Science and Technology, when they saw the news, Lu Zixin immediately became angry, called Yao Li, and asked: “What is going on? Is there an unqualified product leaving the factory?”

Yao Li was also frowning deeply. When this happened, he got the news and suddenly became chaotic. He knows that if this matter is true, then the signboard of Red Letter mobile phone and the signboard of Kun Pen Baterry Factory can all be paralyzed!

In these projects, the company invests less than a billion yuan, and definitely can’t make a mistake! But now, the Internet actually broke the news, making him restless.

“General!” Yao Li took a deep breath and said: “We are still unclear about the cause of the accident. The company has urgently sent personnel to contact the victim to investigate the matter. In addition, the public relations department is working hard to deal with the news.”

“I asked about the battery!” Lu Zixin sternly said that, the eye cast a kind of majesty, let Yao Li heart startled, General rarely lost his temper, today looks like a real bad mood.

He quickly said: “I can guarantee that there is no problem with the lithium-air battery that has been shipped from the battery factory! It is absolutely in line with safety standards!”

“And there are many factors in the battery explosion, most likely due to battery explosion caused by improper operation by the user.”

“I have to go to the factory now to investigate the quality inspection of this production for more than a month.”

Lu Zixin listened to him, relieved his mood and said: “Let Zhang Qiang come to me.”

“Know it.” Yao Li went out to do things.

A few hours later, RI-8901 industrial robot Zhang Qiang came to Lu Zixin’s office. He is still had cold-faced expression. When he sees Lu Zixin, he says hello: “General, Zhang Qiang came to report.”

“Zhang Qiang, you have been in the battery factory. I ask you, is there any genuine inspection of the factory battery, will there be safety problems in performance and structure?” Lu Zixin asked, the industrial robot completely listened to him and will not lie.

Zhang Qiang said: “All the lithium-air batteries that have been manufactured are subject to quality inspection. There is absolutely no problem before leaving the factory.”

Lu Zixin asked: “What about the battery explosion? What do you think?”

Zhang Qiang replied: “There are many factors that cause the battery to explode. The lithium-air battery is no better, it is just a battery. If you receive an ultra-high temperature burning or other accident, the explosion is very normal.”

“Yeah.” He said that Lu Zixin was relieved. Now it is very likely that the battery explosion caused by improper operation of the user can solve the problem if the investigation is clear.

Red letter company was in urgent need to deal with the accident and sent personnel to contact the victim, but the other party did not respond at all.

What makes Lu Zixin feel bad is that although the company’s public relations department has been working hard, there are times when the media repeatedly reports on the Internet.

On the second day, the Red Letter Company not only did not contact the victim, but the netizen named “Old Bear” again uttered his voice and said: “24 hour has passed, and the Red Letter mobile phone has not given me a statement.”

“But I won’t give up! The rights of our consumers cannot be so encroached. I am going to sue Red Letter Electronics and Technology. Are there any good friends who can provide legal aid?”

Seeing him say this, netizens are even more angry and filled with indignation.

“@Red Letter Official, are you too shameless? Is this irresponsible?”

“Tell it, I support you!”

“Everyone likes me, we are the law firm who is willing to provide legal assistance to this gentleman for free!”

“Why is HX2 still available online? This product should be banned! All recovered!”

“Looking at your business, I have already retired the HX2 I ordered. Performance is good, it is not safe.”


Soon, the Red Letter official responded: “After learning about the netizen’s affairs, the official of Red Letter has been trying to contact the gentleman to try to investigate the cause of accident. But the gentleman did not respond, but continued to denounce us.”

“I suggest that everyone should look at this matter rationally. If it is our responsibility, we will certainly bear it. But if there is artificial shackles, we will also use legal means.”

The official response of Red Letter made everyone suspicious, but the netizen continued to send Weibo and wrote: “The red letter has never contacted me, they are afraid to say so!”

Immediately afterwards, Red Letter official posted a certificate of contact. The official staff of Weibo also said that Red Letter did try to contact the “old bear” in a corresponding way.

However, the old bear shied away from this matter, and he announced directly: “Hello, I have found a lawyer from Zhengfan Law Firm to help, and I am collecting materials to file a lawsuit against Red Letter.”

“I have to say here, everyone should not be deceived by red letter, their mobile phone is rubbish, and it may be the end of my use! I hope everyone will learn from it!”

In the conference room of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, Tang Gang said with anger: “This bastard is clearly intentional!”

“We contacted him at the beginning, he did not accept it. We expressed goodwill to him and expressed willingness to investigate and pay for some losses. He did not care. Now we must go to court with us!”

“There is greasy thing behind this incident. I don’t believe in killing me!”

“Yes, there is someone behind the battery explosion!” said the director of public relations department. “Now, from time to time, there are some information on the Internet that smears us.”

Su Zhirong’s look is also not good, she said: “Affected by the battery explosion, our HX2 smartphone shipments have dropped sharply these days. Many sales channels indicate that there have been a large number of user returns their order recently, and for our products Express a doubts.”

“Kun Peng Battery Factory has also stopped production in the past few days. According to the requirements of the relevant departments, the direct losses have reached several million, and the indirect losses are more.”

Lu Zixin said after thinking: “If the other party deliberately discredited us, we will suffer a lot of losses no matter how the lawsuit is played. Unless we have a way to investigate the matter clearly and prove that the accident is not due to our battery.”

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