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In front of Komamura, a beautiful figure stood there, a light ball appeared in the right hand, and shot at Komamura.

After the ball of light fell to the ground, there was a violent explosion. After the explosion, the owner of the figure clapped her hands and planned to leave.

But suddenly, there was a voice behind her and asked: “Would you like to go?”


The female Quincy turned around and saw that not far away, a sexy figure appeared there.

She wore a black high-heeled tights and long boots, revealing sexy long legs, and at her feet, there were two shadows, Komamura Sajin and Iba Tetsuzaemon.


The female Quincy eyes shocked, and at the moment when she releases the light ball, she rescues two people at the same time.

The tall figure smiled and said: “You are very powerful, even Komamura Captain is not your opponent.”

“I am Bambietta Basterbine. ”

Bambietta said: “How fast are you, Captain?”

The tall figure smiled and said: “I am not Captain, but I am entrusted by others to kill you.”

“Kill me? Your speed is fast, but my ability, just to restrain all melee ability User. So you die.”

Bambietta raised her hand and a light ball appeared in her right hand.

But at the moment when the light ball appeared, the electric light flashed, and the right hand of the opposite side penetrated Bambietta chest, and her Heart was pulled out.

“If I am faster than your explosion, how can you hurt me?”

Yoruichi sighed and slowly left here.


Kira Izuru and Hisagi Shuuhei stepped forward to the other Shinigami, clenched the Zanpakuto and attacked at them .

But at this moment, a figure blocked Kira Izuru and Hisagi Shuuhei.

“Is it controlled? This can be difficult. ”

Aikawa Love, the man with sunglasses and a green sports jacket appeared in front of the two.

“Hey, can’t you go? Then let them kill you.”

Pepe, sitting cross-legged on the white wooden plate, said with a smile, Kira Izuru and Hisagi Shuuhei flew towards Aikawa Love.

“Come on, I am afraid I will hurt them.”

Aikawa Love waved Zanpakuto in his hand, resisting the attack of the two, but did not dare to fight back.

Accompanied by the words of Aikawa Love, a voice sounded, “Give it to me.”


Pepe was slightly surprised, the next moment, surrounded by golden dancers.

“Bankai, Kinshara Butōdan. The first ring: Sea Drift. ”

The dancers leaped, and Pepe’s side emerged with an endless stream of water, coming to him.

“Useless, my love, can control any object with soul, including Zanpakuto.”

He took a heart-shaped gesture and aimed at Sea Drift.

Pepe shot his heart and touched the water, but there was no change.


Pepe looked awkward and somewhat puzzled.

In the distance, the sound of Otoribashi Rojuro, sounded. “The water you see is not my Zanpakuto, but an illusion.”

The water hits Pepe, and it keeps spinning, and the blood is flying.

“The second ring: Prometheus.”

Otoribashi Rojuro baton waved, and the dancers around him pointed at Pepe, shooting a giant big fire flame and shrouded it.

“This is Illusion Technique and won’t damage me.” Pepe screamed.

But only in an instant, Pepe was turned into ashes and burned.

Although Flame is an illusion, it will feed back the burning effect and cause damage to the enemy.

This kind of Ability is formidable, even if it is Muguruma Kensei, is also in the downside.

But to solve the problem is very simple, smash your own tympanic membrane.

But obviously Pepe did not think of this.

After Pepe’s death, Hisagi Shuuhei and Kira Izuru also got out of control and sat down on the ground with a lingering fear.


Giselle controlled three Quincy who were killed by Zaraki Kenpachi, looking for Shinigami, and finally found Ikkaku and Yumichika.

“Take you down and grab you.”

Giselle controlled the three Quincy’s to attack the two.

“This is the three people killed by Zaraki Captain, just give it to us.” Ikkaku held the Zanpakuto in his hand and rushed toward the highest figure.


A huge sound wave appeared, and Ikkaku, in the midair, was in a stagnation, and the other two Quincy had been simultaneously attacked.

The blood is shining, and Ikkaku is heavily on the ground.

“God damn it!”

Ikkaku looks ugly and wants to hold up his arms, but the pain is coming.

“Then you should be there, I will not kill you, but will turn you into zombies when you are alive.”

Giselle looked at Yumichika and Ikkaku, and the three figures walked toward Yumichika.

“I can’t win three.”

Yumichika bowed and held Zanpakuto, and felt a little bit annoyed, but he couldn’t help but beside his own friend, he didn’t dare to step back.

When Yumichika bowed to the zombies, the two figures fell and were blocked between the zombies and Yumichika.

One of them, wearing a white shirt black vest, black trousers, and a blindfold in the right eye.

Another figure is a tall, black woman wearing a motorcycle leather coat.

These two people are Kutsuzawa and Tristan.

“Who are you?!”

Ikkaku looks at the two, puzzled.

Tristan said softly: “We are Xia Yan’s men, to save you.”

“Xia Yan? Then rest assured.”

Ikkaku sighed with relief, and he let go of his heart, not only because he believed in Xia Yan’s decision, but the people he sent were enough to cope with the immediate crisis. What’s more, Xia Yan did not betray Seireitei.

As one of Xia Yan’s friends, Ikkaku is very angry with Xia Yan’s betrayal, but there is nothing to help.

He can only practice hard and look forward to seeing Xia Yan one day, asking him why he should betray.

But now it seems that Xia Yan has not betrayed, he is back.

Tristan looks at Yumichika: “You send him to treat.”


Yumichika carried Ikkaku and left in a hurry.

But not far away, Giselle’s voice came, “I let you go? kill them!”

The three Quincy rushed toward Tristan and Kutsuzawa, the next moment, the three people spontaneously flew out, the two were cut in half, and one was smashed by the body.

These three Quincy couldn’t add up to Zaraki Kenpachi’s with eyepatch, and after the three Quincy died, their strength was greatly reduced and weaker.

If one-on-one, Ikkaku also has a chance to win.

In front of Giselle, there is a huge lizard and a huge red-crowned crane.

“What a ghost thing.”

Accompanied by Giselle’s voice, the red-crowned crane was shaped like a glittering, long crane legs crossed the body of Giselle, and the Giselle body split into two, and fell to the ground.

Then Tristan and Kutsuzawa changed back to the original, and left here, rushing toward the huge Gerrard in the distance.

At this time, Gerard has been beaten into a powder, but he has recovered again and recovered in Vollständig form.

No matter how to kill him, he can recover in the form of Reishi, and more formidable.

This is Gerard, the King of Spirit.

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