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“Deferred delivery? What’s the problem?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Production machinery equipment we ordered from France Schneider Electric Co., Ltd., but because the lithium air battery is a brand new battery technology and the manufacturing conditions are different from ordinary lithium batteries, it needs to be redesigned on the equipment.” Bi Bosi explained.

“In this way, we have lost a lot of time.”

“Well, this is a problem.” Lu Zixin said that understanding, the real thing to do, the troubles will always be more than expected, especially if it is a technological revolution, then there are more troubles.

Lu Zixin is not a god. He can’t predict everything, and he doesn’t have the energy to pay attention to everything. What’s more, the problem is from France Schneider Electric. As for people who think in advance that they can think about everything – 99% of entrepreneurs fail to think so.

When you encounter problems, it is the right way to find a solution.

He also inspected the side of Kun Peng Battery Factory, and there was no problem in other aspects. At present, the entire Kun Peng Battery Factory has been acquired, and the main personnel structure has not changed greatly, but it is completely controlled by Red Letter.

The first batch of lithium-air batteries must also be supplied to Red Letter for their own use.

However, the facts are a bit worse than expected. France Schneider Electric Co., Ltd. delayed the first batch of equipment after a full delay of half a month.

With this batch of equipment, Kun Peng Battery began to try to produce lithium-air batteries, but found another problem. Because of the equipment configuration and some other reasons, the lithium-air battery has a low product qualification rate and a large loss of raw materials, so that normal production cannot be performed.

“This is done!” In the company conference room, Tang Gang said, “The production plan has been delayed for more than half a month. Now the equipment is in trouble. When I am completely done, I suspect that I can’t complete the planned production this year!”

Su Zhirong sat next to the conference table and wore a neat, light-colored business attire. The pretty face also wears a G-551 smart glasses full of Science and Technology, a gift from Lu Zixin.

With this, her work can be a lot more convenient.

Some data appeared in her glasses, Su Zhirong said: “Every time we delay production, we will suffer hundreds of thousands of losses. If the HX2 is delayed, other aspects of our company will be affected.”

Red letter company pays employees every month, as well as various venues, equipment, channel cooperation and other expenses, as long as no profit is generated, it is a loss.

Yao Li said: “The current equipment can also be produced, but the low pass rate will lead to low production capacity. And the estimated cost will be doubled!”

Lu Zixin shook his head and said: “The cost is doubled. What else do you earn? It’s not as good as the previous ordinary lithium battery. It can’t be produced like this!”

Tang Gang said: “I have already contacted France Schneider Electric Company urgently. Their engineers and technicians will arrive tomorrow to see if they can solve this problem.”

“But I think the effect may not be great, we can’t count on them.”

“Now we are ready to delay the sale, the factory temporarily suspend production, give workers a holiday. In addition, other parts orders reduce production, so as not to increase inventory pressure.”

“Go to the factory tomorrow,” Lu Zixin said. “This must be resolved as soon as possible.”

Lu Zixin thinks, if it doesn’t work, ask for help from the group.

On the same day, he asked this question in the group. However, except for Red Queen, the others were not online for the time being. As a superhero, you have to save the world, you have to pick up a girl, and you have to study Black Science and Technology. It’s really busy thinking about it.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: deep sigh] owner, I can’t help you for a while.”

Mr. L : “Nothing, I can solve it myself, but it takes a little more time.”

Red Queen followed up with another emoticon : “[emoticon: baby have grievances, but the baby doesn’t say.]”

Lu Zixin asked curiously : “@Red Queen, what’s wrong with you?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: wow, can’t help it] Doctor Isaacs limited some of my authority. He controlled the umbrella factory’s machinery factory and used it to make weapons.”

“You said that the battery manufacturing equipment, the umbrella company is not so low-level, so it needs to be re-manufactured. But I have no permission, no way to help you.”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: touch the head]”

Red Queen sent a picture of a tyrant’s zombie and a hammer hitting the truck with the text : “[emoticon: weak, helpless, pitiful.]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: black face] This picture and text don’t match at all!”

Red Queen saw him say this, and quickly changed the picture and sent another one. This picture is Alice’s holding a power cord, ready to turn off the Red Queen System, and then “weak, helpless, and pitiful”.

Mr. L : “This is the standard, emoticon package master!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: master face]”

Lu Zixin and Red Queen had a group of waters, and they looked at the group habitually. The group activity was only a little bit, and it was a while since the upgrade.

But the option to invite members of the group is almost ready, and there is only less than two hours left.

He remembered the time, and after two hours, he was on time and ready to invite new members.

Group Tip : “Inviting group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…”

This time, the invitation was longer, and Lu Zixin waited for a long time without any hints. He simply put the matter aside and continued to deal with the company’s affairs.

Until the afternoon of the next day, the option to randomly invite the group members, there is no prompt! Lu Zixin is also strange. Is the signal of Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group lost? Can’t find the plane coordinates?

“General!” Tang Gang knocked on his office door, Lu Zixin shouted: “Please come in.”

He pushed the door in and said: “General, the electrical engineer of Schneider Electric in France and the planes with several senior technicians have arrived. Just Yao Li and Bi Bosi have already picked up them from the plane.”

Lu Zixin nodded and said, “Then go to the factory first and see what is wrong with the equipment.”

Tang Gang looked helpless and said: “I am afraid not to do it now. The French people refused to go today.”

“Don’t want to go?” Lu Zixin said with a brow and said with dissatisfaction: “What are they doing?”

“They said that they are uncomfortable. They have to rest first today and go to the factory tomorrow.” Tang Gang said, “Hey, this group of French people is really black.”

Lu Zixin looked at the time. It is now more than five in the afternoon. Now that I am late, I said, “Let them rest today. But tomorrow, we must urge them to solve the problem as soon as possible!”

Tang Gang nodded and said: “I will arrange it.”

Tang Gang just left, Lu Zixin received the news of Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, invited new members!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Pretty funny double standards in such novels, where Chinese MCs, having gotten technology mostly from alternate worlds’ West, proudly show off their “Chinese tech prowess”. And completely swapped work ethics – for some reason, french/german/Italian specialists don’t usually waste half a day on fancy “company dinners” and showoff tours all around the place. 🤔

    1. A lumberjack only speak about HIS wood, not about the nature who produced it.
      For some reason this frenches take their time (we’ll see why in the next chapter ?).
      Thanks for the chapter.

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