BSI Chapter 168 : Experiment

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A blue and black figure instantly staggered, and the black figure kicked out a dozen kick in an instant. Her feet and calves were covered with white armor, and the blue figure was shrouded.

Blue figure pulled out a long sword, his arms waved, and instantly cut out a dozen knives, interwoven into a piece of knife net.

Clang, Clang, Clang.

The long sword and the white armor collided together, and the armor was intact, but a black shadow broke through the range of long sword and kicked the opposite side.

The blue figure was kicked out, rolled down on the ground, and then stood up, and the left hand was unnaturally bent.

“If you don’t use Resurrección, you are not my opponent.”

The black figure is Tristan, her feet are lightly glimpsed, and the white armor on her feet disappears.

After she was blurring, there was no mask. Mask became the white armor on the boots because of the fusion with the boots soul, covering the position of original boots.

After the blur, Tristan is stronger than the un-Resurrección Arrancar.

Grimmjow shook his head and said, “But once I use Resurrección, even if you and Kutsuzawa add up, it is not an opponent.”

After all, Tristan’s Strength is flawed. Even if it is blurred, it is also limited. It is probably in Captain level or Vice-Captain level.

And Grimmjow is at least Captain, and it is still a bit better.

Tristan shrugged and said: “There is no way, and you are not willing to fight against Ginjo and Tsukishima.”

Grimmjow’s face was gloomy and said: “The two Monsters.”

Ginjo and Tsukishima have Captain-class combat power, and the unresolved and unrelenting battles of Harribel, Nelliel and Ulquiorra can be tied and have an outcome.

But against Grimmjow, they can beat it without ambiguity.

After the blur, even if Grimmjow use Resurrección, it is not their opponent.

Grimmjow knows that this so-called support team strength, seems to be able to do only what support team.

“I am going to have a drink, do you want to go?” Tristan yawned and looked at Grimmjow.

Grimmjow frowned and asked, “Do you invite me?”

Tristan said with anger: “Crap, is there anyone else besides you?”

Grimmjow was stunned and said, “Well, I will also have a few drinks.”


In the lab in Las Noches, Xia Yan sat in front of test bench, and Hōgyoku was placed in the white porcelain bowl in front of him. The two Hōgyoku’s were tightly attached, but they were not fully integrated.

“Need to break the boundaries of each Hōgyoku formation.”

Xia Yan took a tube of blue medicine in his hand and poured it into Hōgyoku, and the strength of Hōgyoku slowly and harmoniously.

Aizen’s Hōgyoku is a fusion of hundreds of Shinigami and the souls that have qualify to become Shinigami.

Kisuke Urahara’s Hōgyoku, perhaps not using this method, but also contains a lot of soul power.

Hōgyoku is a variant of the collection of souls. It contains extremely formidable energy. Whether it is Aizen or Kisuke Urahara, there is an initial that makes people realize their dreams.

However, after Hōgyoku is completed, Hōgyoku will be bound because of its own changes.

So if you want to merge two Hōgyoku into one, you need to constantly break the boundaries and lead the fusion of Hōgyoku’s Strength to form the perfect Hōgyoku.

Now, Xia Yan has been experimenting with the two Hōgyokus for a month, and it takes at least one month to fully integrate them into one.

Even if it is fully integrated, it needs to be reconciled again to make Hōgyoku a perfect structure.

Xia Yan waited until the blue dazzling light in the potion disappeared, and the left hand controlled Reishi to wrap Hōgyoku, and the right hand was in the air for a few times.

Click, Click, Click.

The Level 1 layer space-time barrier appears, enclosing the Hōgyoku group to form a cube.

This layer of time barrier is the anti-membrane, and the two membranes are completely different outside the membrane and inside the membrane.

Xia Yan grabbed the cube formed by the anti-membrane and put it back in his arms, looking far away.

“Can you please don’t lie there, it’s my test bed, what do you look like?”

Xia Yan looks at Nelliel, who is kneeling on another test bed, and asked with anger.

Nelliel is still there, her hips are wrapped in a white skirt, showing a beautiful curve.

She curled up a pair of long legs and said with a smile: “Standing too tired, no chair, still comfortable here.”

“You are really lazy, there are guards like you.”

Xia Yan has some helplessness. Nelliel’s character is somewhat lazy. Like an antelope, most of the time she likes to stay at a certain place to eat grass, and occasionally migrate, which is a less active creature.

However, the antelope is very alert and responds very quickly in the event of danger.

This is also why Xia Yan chose her to be the police team Captain, at the same time responsible for her daily policing.

Nelliel yawned and said, “Nothing, I don’t know what to do.”

Life is too calm now, no enemies, no danger.

Xia Yan did not take care of her, and picked up his own test tools. After the end, Xia Yan picked up a white coat and put it on his shoulder. Then he said, “If you are bored, then go with me.”

Nelliel jumped off the test bed and followed behind Xia Yan, leaving the lab.

Walk along the long corridor and finally pass through one of the underground passages and leave Las Noches.

“What are you going to do?”

Nelliel asked curiously.

Xia Yan said: “I am going to catch Menos Grande and continue the Arrancar test. The previous Arrancar test has failed. I hope this will be successful.”

Nelliel was puzzled and asked: “Are you not successful with Dondochakka and Pesche?”

“That’s not the same.”

Xia Yan explained: “Dondochakka and Pesche are recovering the strength after losing their Strength, and these Hollow are given the strength, which is essentially different.”

Xia Yan said, while speeding up the speed, but where the two passed, all the hollow fled.

Xia Yan said helplessly: “Nelliel, convergence your Reiatsu.”


Nelliel’s little head converges the Reiatsu, and the two slowly move forward. There are a few Hollow in the distance, but they are all ordinary.

Xia Yan frowned and moved forward, suddenly, his eyes narrowed slightly.

He saw the ruined wall not far away, a group of hollow killing each other, to be precise, four or five hollow besieged a single hollow, and that hollow is animal-shaped, Xia Yan is no stranger.

That hollow is the first hyena to attack him after Xia Yan entered Hueco Mundo.

“It’s a Adjuchas.” Nelliel stood by and said softly.

Although it is not Vasto Lorde, but Adjuchas is already a rare hollow. In Espada, the Nine Espada are just a special base. The subordinates of Grimmjow used to be Adjuchas, but were eaten by Grimmjow. When he went to a part of the body, it degenerated into Gillian.

Being able to meet a Adjuchas is no small gain.

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Just take him as the experimental object.”

At this time, the hyena has killed all hollow, he just planned to enjoy his own spoils, suddenly felt a pain in his head, fainted.

Xia Yan picked up the dog and said, “Okay, go back.”

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