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Lu Zixin nodded and said, “It’s really good. When is it expected to be mass-produced?”

Tang Gang suddenly had some difficulties and said: “There is still some difficulty in the battery factory. Other accessories are not a problem. At least, it will take a hundred days.”

“It’s more than three months,” Lu Zixin wondered.

Yao Li explained: “The main problem is the production line. The lithium battery factory we acquired has some basic equipment. But the production of lithium air batteries requires new production equipment and processes. Our team also needs to train workers skills, it takes time. And in a short time, it is very difficult to make mass production.”

“Before the release of HX2, a certain amount of spot stock is needed, and the specific release time will be postponed.”

Lu Zixin slightly frowned, this progress is slower than he imagined.

He asked again: “How about a modular phone?”

Su Zhirong replied to him: “The main hardware modularization can already be done. Similarly, the most important lithium air battery template is missing.”

“Now we are considering whether the HX2 mobile phone is in two series. One is the all-in-one smartphone version, and the other is the personalized module to assemble mobile version.”

“Or to say, sell one of them first, then sell another one?”

“Well, this is from a commercial perspective.” Lu Zixin asked Tang Gang and others.

“That is the development and sale!” Tang Gang said, “The press conference can release two products at one time, and the time for on-line sales is staggered, with two or three months in between.”

“Estimating the market rules of other mobile phone release status, we will release HX2 first, then release HX2 MODULE mobile phones, maximize sales, and maintain the market popularity of our Red Letter mobile phones.”

“That’s how it is arranged!” Lu Zixin said, professional professionals, he only needs to be in the direction of the helm.

A few days later, the red letter mobile phone officer conveniently sent out the concept video of this HX2 mobile phone, and carried out a market warm-up, brushing a sense of presence.

As soon as the video is sent, the click volume exceeds 30000+ within an hour, and it is constantly growing and being forwarded.

Under the video, all the messages of the red letter mobile phone users.

“Red Letter Mobile System? Finally, a new mobile phone system has appeared, and it is compatible with Android and Apple software, too 666!”

“The red letter mobile phone is finally going to be replaced with a new type of battery. After that, you don’t need to bring a charger anymore! More than four times the power, it’s cool!”

“HX2, looks like a good cow? But this is a concept machine? Really not so powerful.”

“It must be a concept machine, cut. What is good-looking, come up with a bunch of functions, look very powerful, that is, nothing to sell, waste emotion!”

“HX2, is it better to play mobile games?”

“If it is so strong, I will definitely buy it!”


Some of the self-media public numbers also reprinted this video, commenting on this.

For example, the mobile phone evaluation person, Bao Liren, also made a simple prediction on the video released by the red letter mobile phone on Weibo.

“From the video, the function of HX2 can be said to completely surpass HX1. It is one of the top smart phones on the market! Three of the important Black Science and Technology, Red Core II processor, Red Letter mobile phone operation System And lithium-air battery, this can be seen in the video.”

“Then I can say with certainty that this phone will burst fire! It is also worth buying by our consumers. But after all, it is a promotional video. There are many concepts in this year’s hype, and the real machine performance is not necessarily so strong.”

“From the experience of HX1, if Red Letter can really improve the battery problem, then this is a mobile phone worth looking forward to!”

After the video was launched, many netizens and media were asking about Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology. The performance of HX2 in the video is true or not? When will it be released?

In this regard, Red Letter did not respond positively. However, when Tang Gang was interviewed by the media, he said “inadvertently” that it is expected to open a new product launch in September and sell it online.

Tang Gang’s reply was immediately turned into a “real hammer” by the media and began to report.

Péngpài News: “HX2 will be released in September, will Red Letter challenge VI and Samsung?”

“Recently, the internal high-level of Red Letter’s mobile phone announced that HX2 will be released in September. In September this year, in addition to Red Letter, two major mobile phone brands have announced the launch of new products. One is X21 of VI mobile phone, and the other is the Samsung mobile phone, S9.”

“These three brands are selling new products in the same month. It is expected that the mobile phone market will set off another storm! VI mobile phone is the third largest mobile phone sales list in China last year, and Samsung is a veteran strength manufacturer. The new S9 mobile phone is more powerful. These three mobile phones will be available for sale in the same month. What will happen to the sales in the month?”


Generally, small brand mobile phone sales will be staggered with big brands, but Red Letter does not consider this issue at all. Red letter is strong enough, why not worry about these opponents?

And now there are so many branded mobile phones, staggered one, and the second one, in vain, it’s better to just kill the sales list and see which products are more popular!

Now, in September, there are still more than three months. This period of time is the time for Red Credit to produce stocks.

Like Red Letter, VI mobile phones and Samsung mobile phones have also released the sound of new machines and warmed up the market. The old users of these two brands are much more than Red Letter, so at present, the wind is stronger than the Red Letter mobile phone.


Kun Peng Battery Factory, located in the suburb of Pengcheng, is a medium-sized battery factory.

This battery factory mainly produces lithium batteries for mobile phones and notebooks, and even batteries for producing some small appliances.

Before being acquired by Red Letter, the battery factory was in poor condition and belonged to the kind of small compensation.

After the acquisition of Red Letter, the factory was adjusted. After the order was left, the equipment replacement and employee training began.

Lu Zixin As soon as he arrived at Kun Peng Battery Factory, Yao Li came to see him with the current head of the factory, Bi Bosi.

Bi Bosi is in his fifties, and his eyes and forehead are wrinkled, and make him more old. He look like sixty years old.

Lu Zixin just listened to his name and thought it was Dr. Bi. Later, he learned that although he was not a doctor, Bi Bosi was also a senior electrical engineer with rich experience.

“Old Yao, how is the situation in the factory now?” Lu Zixin asked. “Is the equipment replaced?”

Yao Li said: “Some old equipment has been replaced, and new equipment is being installed. That is, in order to manufacture lithium-air batteries, the specially-renovated factory building has not been completed, and the customized core equipment will take half a month to arrive.”

“Production plan, can it be completed on time?” Lu Zixin asked.

Yao Li is embarrassed, and Bi Bosi on the side said: “If the customized machinery and equipment can arrive on time, it should be similar, but the mechanical technology company may have to postpone the delivery, and our new battery production line is not enough, the scheduled output is difficult to achieve.“

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