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The first wave left was Espada #2 six-subordinate and six Vice-Captain Shinigami have each found their own opponent. In the six Shinigami, Abarai Renji’s opponent is Choe Neng Poww, and Choe Neng Poww is a height close. The four-meter giant man weighed more than a meal, with a green pattern on his face and a mask on the bottom his face.

He stood in front of Abarai Renji and his voice shook. “Are you going to be my opponent?”

Abarai Renji, taking his own Zapnakuto, said, “Yes.”

“Although I am very disappointed, but kill you, then go kill other people.”

Choe Neng Poww shook his head, suddenly lifted his right arm, lifted it up high, and then slammed down.

Choe’s arm is very long, which is higher than Abarai Renji.

His Strength is very big, not Resurrección, and Ikkaku is defeated only by physical Strength.

Although Ikkaku did not use Bankai, Ikkaku could not beat Choe in accordance with the battle scene of the original work.

This is also why, Xia Yan let Abarai Renji to face him.


Choe’s arm was parked in the air, and Abarai Renji blocked with his hand in front of the strange fist.

“Strength is very big. If it was the former me, I would be knocked down to the ground.”

Abarai Renji said softly that he had been practicing in Dangai for nearly 30 years, especially after Xia Yan blocked his Slash with a finger and increased the training time.

Now he, Strength is extraordinary, and Strength is huge.

“Oh? blocked?”

Choe had some accidents, and his left hand directly hit Abarai Renji’s abdomen.

“Too slow.”

Abarai Renji had a toes move and escaped Choe fist. He came to the back of Choe and Zanpakuto cut the thick neck.

But in midair, a huge fist came, Abarai Renji left hand come to the front of his body.


Abarai Renji was directly punched and flew out, rolling in the air, both legs and left hand supporting the ground.

He blocked in time, no injuries, but the next moment, the thick legs of brothers bent slightly, hehe, Choe flew out, appeared on Abarai Renji head, punched out again.

So fast.

Looks like a huge body, but has a speed that is not inferior to his own.

The speed of Choe is very fast. In the original work, he was shot by Komamura, and the whole person flew out and plunged into the rubble. Only the body legs turned over and the whole person returned to its original position.

In the face of Choe Fist, Abarai Renji also lifted his fist and punched it out.


The two fists collided, and a ripple spread around, and the surrounding trees broke.

Abarai Renji snorted and vomited a blood, left arm hanged weakly.

“Only this?”

Choe shook his head and looked a little disappointed.

“Too big.”

Abarai Renji thought that he could beat him with his physical Strength, and the result was not enough.

“Of course not just like this.”

Abarai Renji shouted softly: “Roar! Zabimaru!”

With his voice, the Zanpakuto in his hand turned into a sawtooth chopper, pointing to the strange.

“Is this your Zanpakuto? It looks too weak.”

When Choe voice fell, Zabimaru suddenly extended and shot toward the thick face.

Choe lifted his left arm and swept it to Zabimaru, but at this time, Zabimaru suddenly folded horizontally, avoiding his sweep, flying into the sky, and then shooting down again.


Choe cheek was marked with a blood mark, leaving a wound.


Zabimaru returned to Abarai Renji, and his Zanpakuto could only be three times long Attack. Once it was three times, it had to be recovered.

But at the moment of recovery, Zabimaru attacked again.

Choe move little bit, sideways dodging, Zabimaru is in the air, leaving a blood mark on Choe body.

“Give up, you can’t hide.”

Abarai Renji once again waved his Zanpakuto and Zabimaru shot again.

But this time, Choe no longer tried to dodge or block, but rushed to Abarai Renji, and a fist to Renji.

“Who said that I want to hide?”

The thick fist of Choe fist to Abarai Renji, the latter’s arm has been unable to hang down, as long as it is hit, Abarai Renji’s right hand holds Zanpakuto, timely Attack, the damage caused by the opposite side will seriously injured him.

But at this time, Zabimaru reversed back and suddenly wrapped around Choe body and pulled him down from the air.


Choe on the ground, Zabimaru entwined his arms and waist, sawing his teeth into Choe body.

Choe slowly stood up and wanted to break free, but as his arms were hard, the serrations grew deeper and deeper.

“You can’t break free.”

Abarai Renji said with a smile.

But at this moment, awkwardly, Zabimaru broke and the blade fell to the ground. The bloody look at Abarai Renji said: “Unfortunately, I destroyed your Zanpakuto.”

Abarai Renji looks at his own broken knife, eyes glimpse, said: “Is it?”

“Resist Zabimaru.”

Abarai Renji said softly, and suddenly the broken sword in the ground.

Along with his movements, slowly flew up around the edge of Choe, and surrounded him.

“Higa Zekkō.”

Phwap! Phwap! Phwap!

The six blades were shot at a strange moment, and the violent impact sounded. Choe was instantly cut out of the Six Path blood port and fell heavily to the ground.

This was a move that he has when faced Aizen, but it didn’t cause him a little damage.

Abarai Renji breathed a sigh of relief and Zabimaru turned into a long sword and returned to Abarai Renji.

Shikai is destroyed, as long as it becomes Zanpakuto, it will be restored.

“This is over.”

Abarai Renji took a look at his left arm and seemed to need to go back for treatment.

But at this time, a voice sounded, “Breathe! Calderón. ”

Accompanied by this sentence, a Zanpakuto appeared in the hand of Choe on the ground. He pulled the sword out of the scabbard. The next moment, the body quickly became bigger and became a giant shaped Monster.

At a height of 20 meters, the shadow cast will cover Abarai Renji.


Under the huge fist, Abarai Renji was submerged in an instant, the surrounding trees were instantly broken, and a huge pothole appeared on the ground, filled with smog.

“To deal with a miscellaneous fish, I have to use Resurrección.”

Choe lifted his fist a little disappointing, but after the smoke dissipated, Abarai Renji was unharmed.

Choe saw it around Abarai Renji, surrounded by a huge snake. The head of the snake is white, with red fur, and the snake is a section of snake bone joint.

Hihiō Zabimaru surrounds Abarai Renji, and the snake head opens it’s mouth in the air, and the snake tail is in the right hand of Abarai Renji.


Abarai Renji swung his right arm, and the huge long snake flew toward Choe, and instantly wrapped his body in the air. The blade on snake bone joint pierced the huge body and then rotated.

The whole long snake continued to rotate on Choe body, leaving a trace of blood.

“Give me a disconnect.”

Choe screamed, his arms propped up, and Zabimaru around his body broken and fell around the body.


Choe is coldly snorted, lifting up his fist, it is going to punch Abarai Renji.

“Hey, why do you always forget the lesson?”

Abarai Renji sighed and shouted softly: “Higa Zekkō.”

Accompanied by his low snoring, scatter flew up the bone joints of the ground and shot toward the thick body.

Seeing this scene, Choe both hands in front of his face.

Phwap! Phwap! Phwap!

The impact sounded, and Choe was submerged by the bone joints, but after the smoke dissipated, the thick body was covered with wounds, and the arms left a bloody mouth and the bones were visible.

But there was no death, not even let him lose his ability.


Choe suddenly opened his mouth, and the green light gathered in his mouth, aiming at Abarai Renji.

But at this moment, there was a huge snake head in the thick neck, and the singular neck was directly crushed.

This huge snake head can open up to three meters.


Abarai Renji sighed and said: “It has finally been solved.”

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