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“Shit, shit, shit!” Seeing the unstoppable Jiang Hai, Faraday is really in a rush. While cursing, he opened his car’s trunk with shaking hands and pulled out the M16.

Currently this M16 is unloaded, but that is not a problem as the magazines are nearby. Hastily grabbing the 5 shot magazines, Faraday hurriedly loaded the gun. Although these guns are for civilian use, but no one can doubt their ability to kill.

Having loaded the gun and cocked the chambers, Faraday’s eyes are now blood red because his last buddy has just been ko’d by Jiang Hai. Now Faraday has no other thoughts but to get rid of Jiang Hai. If he really killed Jiang Hai here then that is all to bad luck. After all, the cocked arrow must be fired, so with a humph, he brought up the gun and aimed to finish Jiang Hai off.

“Go to hell!!” Hearing the yell, Jiang Hai immediately turned his attention to Faraday.

As soon as Jiang Hai saw the barrel of the gun, he is clearly shocked. Although his body is at human limits, it still can’t go head to head against bullets. If he is shot then he will die. But he never would’ve thought that these average gangsters came prepared for firefights.

Time seemed to have slowed down as Jiang Hai thought of many possibilities. If he attacked Faraday now, then he will be shot at. Without any bullet dodging skills, he really has no confidence to evade them; hence this possibility is out the window. Then the next possibility is to attack him from a long distance to remove this threat. But if you want to attack from a long distance, then the best solution is to use guns. Sadly he didn’t bring any with him, so he can only make do with something else.

At this moment, he glanced around and saw a motorcycle with a motorcycle helmet on top. Seeing this, Jiang Hai’s eyes brightened and he rushed towards it. Quickly arriving beside the motorcycle, with a quick flick of his foot, the helmet is already in the air. Without any hesitation, it is sent flying with a kick. Although everything that happened might seem long, but all these actions were done in less than 2 seconds. It can be said that in a flash, just as Faraday brought up the gun, the helmet was already sent flying towards him. When he was aiming and searching for Jiang Hai, he didn’t find him. Rather, what he found is a bright red helmet in his sights.

Without much rotation, the helmet kissed Faraday’s face with a bang. As a result, there is blood everywhere, you can also find a couple of knocked out teeth hidden in the nearby grass. Faraday only felt dazed, he randomly fired a shot and collapsed.

Seeing the last one of the bunch collapse, Jiang Hai let out a deep breath. Close call. During the high pressure situation before, Jiang Hai felt nothing. Now that he has time to relax, he felt pain throughout his whole body. Not only that, but also the tiresome feeling that comes after an adrenaline rush. The spots that were hit before also began to hurt. This time, he was really careless.

“Now what? Call the cops?” Seeing all the people collapsed on the ground, Jiang Hai is stuck.

But without the need for him to call the cops, the tell tale sound of police sirens can be heard from the distance. Comparable with the police in China. American police also generally show up only when everything is settled. In a row, 6 to 7 police cars stopped in front of the encirclement. As these police got out of their cars and saw the disastrous scene in front of them, the originally relaxed cops suddenly became serious.

“Kneel, hands on your head.” Different from the police in China, where they need permission to use guns, the police in America will use them in almost all situations. Immediately upon seeing the scene, the police already pulled out their weapons and aimed at Jiang Hai and the group.

“Cop! Cop! Help, call the ambulance!” Seeing the arrival of the cops, the originally scared shitless group finally woke up from the nightmare and started to scream cries of despair.

Hearing their cries, the cops walked up immediately. But upon seeing everyone lying on the ground and the sitting Jiang Hai, they became extremely serious.

“Don’t move. Hands on your head.” The majority of the police first checked out the surroundings then went to report everything and call for ambulances. 3 other police officers slowly walked up and pointed their guns at Jiang Hai, just in case he resists.

“Exhausted, do as you see fit.” Seeing the approaching cops, Jiang Hai stated.

Upon hearing that Jiang Hai is out of strength, the 3 cops first looked at each other, then one of them put away his gun and cuffed Jiang Hai. This time, Jiang Hai did nothing, but it’s not like he is willing to be caught, rather, he is seriously exhausted. And he if really were to run, then there is no telling if the police will actually fire. From the very beginning, he can’t be blamed for this matter. Everything was just self defence. Furthermore, it was 1 vs 10 and they used guns, so even if he were to kill someone, then everything is still self defence not excessive self defence.

Essentially he is the victim here, so of course he isn’t afraid. After being cuffed, Jiang Hai was escorted away by 2 officers. Not long after, 7 ambulances all arrived at the same time. After packing everyone away, the police took Jiang Hai for a ride back to the police station.

Soon, Jiang Hai was stuffed into an interrogation room with two investigators. These two investigators actually appear pretty young for what they do. A man and a woman. The woman appears to be in her late twenties, probably just hired. The man on the other side appears to be somewhat older, but the looks he gave the woman, well he is always staring at her, you can tell that he has thoughts for her. However the woman chose to ignore him completely.

“Name.” The female officer gave Jiang Hai a look then went back to procedures and asked.

“Jiang Hai.”
“Citizen or green card?”

“Green card, investment green card. Otherwise I won’t even be here.” Jiang Hai replied as he look at the woman.

“Be honest here, moron. Answer when asked, we don’t need other shits.” Hearing the reply, the woman is clearly unhappy. Seeing the expression she is making, the male officer forgot everything and scolded Jiang Hai first.

Hearing the scolding, Jiang Hai is stunned. Before, he had always heard how civilized american police are, uhh, relatively. However, from the looks of things, they are actually pretty easy to anger. If Jiang Hai was any normal citizen then he would endure this, but now he isn’t a normal citizen. Hence, he sat back and gave off a look that says try me.

“Don’t say extra stuff when we don’t need you to. You look after him for a bit, I’m going to do a background check on him.” The female officer clearly is even more unhappy with what her partner said. As for why she was unhappy before, it was mainly because of what Jiang Hai said. That he is an investment immigrant.

From the looks he is giving off, he clearly isn’t a white collar worker in Boston. After all, when they caught him, only the ATV belonged to him. If he really lived in Boston, then there is no way he can reach there with that vehicle. This proves that Jiang Hai is a resident here. However, the east coast is different from the west coast where most of the chinese investors are gathered. There aren’t many investment immigrants near Boston. Especially in the Winthrop area. From what she can remember, recently the only chinese investment project is only at Green Forest.

If this Jiang Hai here is really the owner of Green Forest then they really need to curb their attitudes. Since in America, the group of people that you never want to mess with are the wealthy. And the owner of the Green Forest is clearly one of them.

“Alright, go ahead.” Hearing what she had to say, the man happily replied, then followed her out with his eyes. After she left, he sat back down and stared at Jiang Hai with a look full of ridicule. Seeing that Jiang Hai isn’t old and not wearing anything expensive, he quickly thought of something fun to do.

“Do you understand how grave your crimes are?” The man asked full of disdain.

“Nope.” Hearing this, Jiang Hai straight up replied. He really want to see how far this person will go.

“You don’t? Haha, then let me tell you. You injured 11 people, within these 11 people, almost everyone has serious injuries. Em, to be specific, 3 of them has their arms broken, 2 have broken legs, 4 have broken ribs, and 2 of them are seriously injured. The light one is only concussions plus some broken bones, while the heavier one has concussions, internal bleeding in the head, broken face bones, and 7 broken teeth. Hehe, you were really ruthless there. Just these crimes are enough to send you away from several decades.”

In America, it is very rare to be sentenced to the death penalty but it’s not impossible. Most of the time, it is just imprisonment. However when compared to sentencing in China where death sentences are 15 years and indefinite sentencing are 10 years, the time period sentenced in America is much much higher. Several decades, several centuries and even several millenniums are all possible. This is truly sentencing for life.

“That was all self defence. They even brought their guns into this. Even if I were to kill them, that is still within legal bounds.” Jiang Hai continued. Yet when Jiang Hai said this, the man is clearly delighted.

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